I’ve been given the chance to let one of you lovely people win a years supply of the Beverly Hills ‘Perfect White – Black Toothpaste’ which is rather cool. I’m not a big fan of whitening toothpastes but you may remember my review of this particular toothpaste and I really rather love it so I’m really glad I can offer one of you the chance to win a years worth (10 tubes)!

Check out my review, here, if you want to see what I thought: http://www.petitmoi-bigworld.co.uk/2014/10/even-toothpaste-can-be-spooky-this.html

Anyway, normal rules, enter via the rafflecopter, the T&C’s will be below and good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

– You must be 18 or over to enter the giveaway
– The Giveaway is open within the UK only
– The winner will be picked, randomly, via Rafflecopter
– I will need to pass the winners details on to the company who I’m running this giveaway with, for them to sort out your prize.
– The winner will have 28 days to respond to my email informing them of the win, if they do not respond another winner will be drawn.
– There will be one winner (of 10 tubes of toothpaste)
– The giveaway runs until midnight on 13th December 2014

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If you asked any beauty addict if they’d like some Clarins products for Christmas, odds are you’ll get a resounding yes! When it comes to Christmas it’s a great opportunity to gift something to someone that they might, ordinarily, have not tried. For some, higher end brands are a little out of budget and, for others, they may have the budget but just not have got around to trying everything they want to (hard to believe, though it is, beauty addicts don’t always own Everything… even if it sometimes seems like it, hehe)

A fantastic way to experiment with a brand is via miniatures and sample sizes – Clarins is one of many brands that offers up gift sets which make the perfect gift for the beauty lover in your life that wants to try things out before investing in a full size.


This Christmas there’s a whole host of gift sets available from Clarins, the majority of which come in a beautiful makeup bag – If the one I’ve been sent is anything to go by then they’re fantastic quality and amazingly well made. I absolutely love the mint green shade of this, and the floral pattern is just perfect. The bag is a good size and would be perfect for your every-day capsule collection, for taking away for a weekend or even for slipping in to your handbag (though I’m rather precious about things that are extra lovely so it might take a while before I get the guts up to let it take its chances in my handbag)
As you may be able to guess, I’ve had a real field day trying out these products – I was sent a mixture of body care, skin care and cosmetics and it was such a struggle to decide what to try out first! (I’m not sure that these are a set, I couldn’t find this as a complete set)

Most of the gift sets available tend to follow a theme; skin care, body care etc and most of the sets will be around 5 items, which gives a really nice variety of things to play with. Though, that’s not to forget, there’s also the possibility of picking up a gift with purchase set – On the Clarins site, at the moment, you can get a Free Luxury Gift Set & Free Shipping With Orders Over £60 this includes a bag and your pick of 5 samples which includes a mix of cosmetics, body and skincare. So if you’re planning on putting some full sized Clarins items on your wishlist or if you’re buying for someone and are confident that you know what they’d like, don’t forget to pop over to the site/point them over to the site and you can get a gift set as well as the full sized items (Always got to tell you about the bargains!)

I’m just going to talk, a bit (or maybe a lot, sorry it’s come out quite long!), about some of the samples I’ve got, just so you have an idea of what’s available in some of the gift sets – Or maybe you’re trying to narrow down selection of what full sized items to go for.

First up we have the body care – Now I’m a big fan of certain body care brands so I’ve rarely strayed in to the higher end level of body care products, so this is rather a nice treat for me. The ‘Smoothing Body Scrub For a New Skin’ contains bamboo powders which is something I don’t think I’ve come across before. It claims to soften, smooth and firm which is exactly what any of us would want from body care products. In its cream base, with scrubbing particles that are rough enough to do some work but not too rough that it hurts my sensitive skin, it’s a really enjoyable product to use. Obviously when you’re using a sample you’ve not used it for weeks and week but I’m not going to complain at having had a chance to try out a high end scrub!

I was very intrigued by the idea of a ‘Body Serum’ – Facial serums are an absolute norm but I’ve never heard of a body serum before. As you can see, in the bottle, is has a typically serum like formula to it. It’s weird, really, we’re all very fixated on anti-ageing products for the face but I’ve never really thought of them for the skin on my body – Thank goodness products like the ‘Renew-Plus Body Serum’ exist to remind us that we need to care for all of our skin, not just the face! Again, can’t tell you if this will change your life, but it’s a good sized sample which will give you a good chance to decide whether or not you want to try it out longer term.

I love body oils and I love ones that contain essential oils even more – The ‘Tonic Body Treatment Oil’ has rosemary, geranium and mint essential oils in it, as well as hazelnut oil for nourishment – The mint scent is the strongest but you still get an undertone of from the herbal products. I love the scent. This is a balance of ingredients that I rather love, and the fact that it’s in oil form make it an absolute winner. The product is aimed at pregnant people and people going through weight loss – I’m (sadly) neither of those, but I have been pregnant in the past and I would rather like to experience some weight loss so I’m well within the range of people that this stuff would benefit – I love the formula of this, you expect an oil to leave the skin… well oily, but this sinks in so quickly and so well I was amazed.

The ‘Beauty Flash Balm’ is the Clarins skincare item that I’ve wanted to try the most; it’s an iconic favourite so if you get a set with this in, there’s a good chance the recipient will be happy. This is one of those products that there’s not much to say about, because so many people already know about it – It’s cram packed full of natural, nourishing and soothing ingredients which are meant to brighten, tighten and moisturise the skin. In weather like this I’m sure most of us could do with something like this, I know I have done!

The ‘Blue Orchid Face Oil’ captured my attention instantly because Orchid is one of those ingredients I’ve heard about a lot, in face oils, but never been able to try. I know a lot of people are unsure about face oils but I absolutely love them, with the right formula they don’t leave your face greasy/oily and they offer a level of nourishment that other products can’t always do. I love face oils at night time, as it allows them to sink in fully, you can be sure my skin has been loving this before bed.

Lastly for skincare I have the ‘HydraQuench Cream’ – I have very dehydrated skin so I hear the name of this and my skin practically shouts ‘Yay!’. A lot of moisturisers are great but I, very much, feel like we often need something a little bit more to re-hydrate. This product is really light but definitely feels like it sinks in deep and hydrates nicely – I like it, a lot.

If you know me you’ll know that as much as I love skincare and body care… cosmetics make me a bit loopy. I Love cosmetics, love, love, love! These samples of products from Clarins really did make me go ‘oooh’ because, despite being rather amazing, they’re also packaged like proper cosmetics, even though they’re only teeny inside.


Just, look, at, these! I know this pic is a little bit ‘shiny overdose’ but wow! I am in love with the shades of the little, mini, lipsticks – We have ‘Soft Berry’ in the Joli Rouge lipstick, I Love sheer lipsticks and I Love berry shades (There’s a lip collection gift set that’s available that makes me go ooh, though I already have the lip perfecter that’s in it). In the Rouge Eclat lipstick we have the shade ‘Woodrose’ – Rose shades are, probably, my absolute go-to shades at the moment, something that’s on the rosey side of neutral – Both of these are amazing and I definitely want to try more Clarins lip products.

High end mascaras are definitely something you want to try out before you buy it because some become holy grails and some aren’t much better than their high st counterparts.The Instant Definition mascara has, probably, the weirdest wand I’ve seen – It’s a normal, slim wand, at first but at the end it has a super thin part with a few, short bristles; it looks odd but it works so well because the super thin part allows you to get in to the shorter lashes with ease, without having to worry about a different mascara – It goes on, really well. The fact that it’s a mascara for definition was always going to be a winner for me; I have long, quite thick lashes so definition is the ultimate goal for me and this stuff does it well. It’s never going to give you ‘pow – In your face’ lashes, instead it separates beautifully, lengthens a bit and gives some extra colour and a bit of extra volume – It does a bit of everything and it does it really well.

Look, at, that, blush! This Illuminating cheek colour is in the shade ‘Soft Peach’ and it is, essentially, gorgeous. The mixture of tones in it works beautifully to make the overall shade just stunning – These sample pans are only shallow but even the chance to try something like this is fantastic.

Lastly, but by no means least, is the adorable little palette! Look at those teeny tiny little eye shadows and that cute little blush! I love that Clarins go so all out with their sample sizes and, really, turn it in to a small palette. This one has the shades ‘Pink Frost’ and ‘Silver Green’ in the eyeshadows and the blush is called ‘Rose Wood’. These little palettes are just perfect because, when it comes to things like eye shadow, you’re never going to know what shades suit you, really, until you try them on the face. So with things like this you, really, get the chance to try the colours a few times before you decide if they’re the ones you want to buy. A sure-fire way to make sure you won’t regret your full sized purchases.

If you’re planning on getting a gift set for a loved one, or were already getting some Clarins and could get the gift with purchase, then I think you can see, without a doubt, that there’s a fantastic range of amazing sample sized products available with Clarins. There’s so many sets out there, which would please so many different beauty lovers, that you’ll be able to find something for anyone. I’ve loved the Clarins I’ve tried before but, now, I love Clarins even more. Being given the chance to try these samples out has been, just, amazing and I know the post is a bit long but I wanted to give you the best overview possible.

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This post contains affiliate links and PR samples which were sent for my consideration

This post contains two affiliate links, both fit in with, exactly, what I was already writing (I was already going to mention the free gift set for example)

It’s Degustabox time! It’s only my second box but I was really excited once I found out that it was coming – Food is good, and the idea of getting something new, and different every month is just lovely, really exciting. I can imagine that if you’ve got a really simple diet it’d be a really good way to mix things up a bit, and with the boxes being £12.99 a month, with p+p included, hopefully it’d be an affordable way to keep things interesting.

If you decide you want to sub then the code ’03E7G’ will get you £3 off when you subscribe, making the box £9.99! 

OooOooh look at that big box of goodies! There’s a nice mix of kitchen cupboard things, some snacks, some drinks; I like everything that’s come in this month’s box (Though there’s one thing I don’t think I would have much use for, I’ll explain that when I get to it)

First up we have some kitchen cupboard items, this month – A second month in a row for Kent’s Kitchen and then a new addition (for me, don’t know if they’ve been in before) in the form of Holy Cow curry sauces.

The product from Kent’s Kitchen is a pack of 4 ‘Stir in Flavour Shots’ in the Fajita flavour – These come in BBQ, Hot & Spicy, Thai Green and Garlic & Coriander as well as the Fajita. To be honest I’d have been happy to try any of these as they embody the sort of super easy cooking that is one of the only ways I can manage, diced meat mixed with the shot and chuck it with the accompaniment. Ethan has taken a liking to Grandad’s burritos so I think he’ll be able to cope with a Fajita flavouring so we will give this a go. They only cost £1.85 for the four so I’m really impressed, if we like these I want to try the BBQ, Thai Green Curry and Garlic & Coriander too. Impressively, all the flavours of these are suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.

The Holy Cow curry sauces instantly caught my eye – They’re said to be made with natural ingredients, nothing artificial, and are suitable for coeliacs and vegetarians and, rather excitingly, are meant to be authentic tasting! It’s nice to have one that’s more mild and one that’s mild but slightly less so; they’re not going to scare anyone off with this pairing but one is likely to cause a bit more of a kick. I cannot wait to try both of these out, I do quite love a good curry and these should suit all of us. These cost £1.69 each. 

Beverages next; a nice mix of alcoholic, non-alcoholic, a warm drink an interesting, different drink.

The Montano cider, first, looks so nice – It’s got a lovely colour to it, such a beautiful golden tone – This drink has rather an impressive pedigree; being made, only, from apples grown in the foothills of the Trentino region of Northern Italy which, they’ve said, is the highest orchard in Europe and gets sun 300 days a year (I know nothing about cider but that is enough to impress me haha) – This 660ml bottle costs £2.79 which is an alright price and I look forward to giving it a go, we don’t drink much alcohol but cider is something I enjoy.

The sample, for this month, is a sachet of Drink Me Chai‘s ‘Spiced Chai Latte’ – I used to drink this stuff a lot but went off it, for a while, so it’ll be nice to try it again.

The Recovery drinks from Cool Dawn are the items that I don’t think I’ll have much use for – I really very rarely drink and I’ve only Been actually Drunk twice. That said, I do like the concept behind these, they’re a herbal detox drink which is supposed to help you when you’ve had alcohol, you’re meant to drink one before you go to bed and, if needed, one the next morning. My brothers and sister drink, socially, more than I do, so I’m sure one of them wouldn’t mind trying these out. These cost £1.49 a unit but I imagine they’re priceless if they actually work!

I’m rather looking forward to trying the Pip Organic Cloudy apple juice, though I know I’ll have to share as Ethan loooves apple juice and that’s just the crazy coloured stuff you get in a carton, let alone this organic stuff that’s bound to be miles and miles better. These bottles are £1.50, so they aren’t cheap, but as a special treat I’m sure they’re going to be lovely.

Last but one we have a couple of savoury snack items – I’m not massive on Chutney’s but Azii loves the idea of them and we have friends who like them. Mediterranean Tomato does sound like a rather lovely flavour, mind you, so when it does get opened I will give this Branston chutney a go, I expect Ethan would like to try it, too, as he loves dipping things and anything that gave him a chance to dip crisps would be a bonus for him! This jar is £1.50.

I already had a bag of these ‘Salsa & Mesquite’ Kettle Chips as they were sent to me to include in a Christmas post, I have opened these up now, though, and absolutely love them. They’re a limited edition re-release of one of the original flavours of Kettle Chips and I totally understand why people asked them to bring them back, so so nice. The flavours in there are tomato, chillies, peppers and the aroma of barbecues and wow does the combo work. These bags cost £2.19

Lastly we were given some rather exciting sweet treats! I love Lindt chocolate and these Lindor ‘My Melting Moment’ stars are really rather lovely (yes I’ve tried them already!) If you like their chocolates then you’ll love these and if you haven’t then you should try them anyway haha. These cost 65p each and, as you can see, there was 5 in the box, yay!

The box is a good’un this month, as far as I’m concerned. The mix seems to fit nicely between warming foods for the colder weather and good food for entertaining with, a good balance for November, when winter is setting in!

If you’re interested in trying products like this then please don’t forget to use the code I’ve posted at the top, wouldn’t want you all to miss out.

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*I was sent my Degustabox to consider for review purposes. All opinions listed, and everything written is entirely my own opinion – If I didn’t like something I’d tell you*

It’s safe to say that when it comes to Christmas there’s an absolute abundance of gift ideas for Children – I could be here for weeks just finding more and more things which could make your little one’s Christmas that little bit more perfect, at the end of the day, it’s endless! What I have got is a few ideas, some toys, some cuddly toys, some books and some dvds which will be bound to put a smile on the face of many children over the festive period.

Ever since he saw an advert for a chocolate ‘Coin Press’* Ethan has been crazy over the idea – Every time he sees the advert he hits the roof, he just can’t get enough of the idea of making his own chocolate coins! (He’s become obsessed with chocolate coins in general, this year, he’s even said it’s what he’s looking forward to the most this year, maybe we can scrap the presents then haha)

This Chocolate coin press from Tobar is available from John Lewis for £20 and I think it’d easily put a smile on the faces of So many children, I nearly jumped for joy when we were offered the chance to feature it. The set comes with chocolate to melt, foil, net bag and then the press on which you can melt the chocolate, and then after it’s chilled you put it back in and it wraps it in foil and then through again to press a design upon it – I can tell you now that the chocolate won’t last long because Ethan will be wanting to make these endlessly. You can, safely, expect a full, tried and tested, review of this in the future.

I’ve got a specific item, here, but I’m going to make a blanket statement and just say ‘Lego’. These little plastic blocks seem to be one of the most timeless toys out there – For his last Birthday I gave Ethan a bucket of my old Lego (we’re talking 20 years old) and it’s been one of his most played with toys since. We’ve not got a lot of sets because most of them are so intricate that they will just be taken apart and not go back together (until he’s older of course) – When I saw this, though, I thought it’d be perfect. Even if Ethan doesn’t keep the structure together it gives him a whole variety of great coloured blocks to add to his collection as well as lots of great mini figures which he’ll recognise from the movie. This particular set, thanks to my best friend, we managed to get in a sale for about £12 but after a quick google search I can see it tends to retail for around £17.99 and it can be found in loads of places including Argos and Smyths Toys.
But there’s So much you can get from lego, you could get a basic bucket of blocks or any range of exciting sets (and this doesn’t just have to be for Children; both my husband and best friend still love lego and my best friend’s collection is getting rather crazy!)
This adorable little guy is a Snuggleasaurs* and I couldn’t say no to that little face when I was asked to feature him in this gift guide – I think he has the cutest, almost sad looking, little face and he’s so so cuddly. Ethan’s seen these on tv, too, and instantly said he wanted one. He used to have a dinosaur cuddly toy but it had to go because it got so bad with the damp in his room so this cuddly guy should offer up a rather good replacement. 
As you can see, it has a spot on its tummy where you squeeze it/press it and, be warned, it makes a very loud noise. The noise is nothing like the cute appearance, it’s very loud and roary – I am sure Ethan’s going to jump when he first presses it, hopefully he’s over his dislike of loud noises enough that the cute exterior will keep him interested.

You can pick this up from Hawkins Bazar for £10

More stuffed toys, from a surprising place this time; this is the Cuddles Time Sitting Dog and the Cuddles Time rabbit, both from Lloyds pharmacy. I wouldn’t, really, have thought of Lloyds Pharmacy as somewhere to shop for Christmas gifts but I’ve learned something this year, these lovely stuffed toys are one of many examples of things they have to offer.
This is the Cuddle Time Reindeer – I don’t have my own photo of him because I wasn’t able to get him. I was supposed to get him, from Lloyds Pharmacy but there was a mix up and they sent the dog instead and, then, to say sorry for the Reindeer not being available anymore they sent the rabbit too haha.

The reindeer is only £3.99 and I can’t find him on the Lloyds Pharmacy website but you can keep an eye out for him in local stores, just look how cute he is!

I’ve got some examples of some books which would make fantastic gifts this Christmas but when it comes to books I feel like it’s more about remembering that books Are a fantastic gift. So many people don’t enjoy reading these days but it’s a real shame, giving a book for a gift is just amazing as you’re offering that person a little slice of a different reality. But I always remember that video clip of the child who cries because he got books… I’m very relieved that Ethan isn’t that child (he’s getting a Lot of books for Christmas) and I hope that lots of other children are lucky enough to get books this year too.

Anyway, on to the books in question – The first set of books I’d like to recommend are these beautifully illustrated stories by a local lady called Caroline H. Green. Her daughter-in-law is someone I’ve known (mostly via other people) for a number of years and she often helps her promote her books and when considering that she thought of me! I’m going to do a more full review of these at a later date but I thought they’d be beautiful to feature in my gift guide  because they’re such lovely stories and I’m in love with the illustration (Caroline illustrates them herself, as well as writing them) – If you’d like to see more about her site and how to get the books then you can see her site here: http://www.carolinehgreen.com/shop.html

I just had to include this when talking about books for Christmas gifts because they’ve really caught our attention in this house. I won’t talk about these, much, as I’ve just reviewed them, but ‘The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas’ would be a really amusing gift, or even something to read on Christmas eve (that’s what we’ll be doing) – I’ve reviewed the whole series of these, and got a giveaway running on my post here: http://www.petitmoi-bigworld.co.uk/2014/11/the-dinosaur-that-pooped-series-by-by.html
As with all of the other categories I’m just showing you a selection of DVDs that you might want to consider for gifts this year – We’ve been sent the newest Thomas dvd ‘Tale of the Brave’ which was just lovely because Ethan’s mostly grown out of Thomas but he’s just started showing an interest, again, and this has helped to fire that along. I really want him to keep liking Thomas for a lot longer, he’s not even 5 yet! The film is lovely, it’s got some worrying moments because it’s about the trains being scared and needing to be brave, but they’re the trains of Sodor Island, of course they overcome their fear!

Ethan really loved the DVD and it’ll become a regular, I think, I’m so glad he’s had the chance to watch it because, due to his reduction in interest, I wouldn’t have bought it myself but this  has reminded him why he loves Thomas and his friends. You can buy the DVD for £7 from Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Thomas-Friends-Tale-Brave-DVD/dp/B00JZS4GTY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1417107738&sr=8-1&keywords=tale+of+the+Brave

I couldn’t believe it when I saw that there’s a Mike the Knight movie now! I always thought that it was such a lovely cartoon when Ethan watched it and it is one he’s often rushed to the telly to see. In ‘Journey to Dragon Mountain’ Mike has to help his father retrieve a stolen jewel to save Glendragon, it sounds like it’s a Mike the Knight episode in epic format which I’m sure plenty of little ones would love, you can buy it for £5 here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mike-Knight-Journey-Dragon-Mountain/dp/B00JZS4FW2/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1417107828&sr=8-8&keywords=mike+the+knight+dvd+movie

Lastly we have ‘Ocean Rescue’ which is a new compilation of some of the newer Fireman Sam episodes – I encouraged Ethan to watch the traditional Fireman sam when he was younger, but he’s also loved the more modern ones, too, owning a movie and some dvd collections too – Sometimes it’s nice to get a collection of episodes rather than a film as it’ll allow you to turn it on and off rather than being stuck watching the tv for an hour or so. This one costs £8.58 from Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fireman-Sam-Ocean-Rescue-DVD/dp/B00JZS4H8E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1417108125&sr=8-1&keywords=fireman+sam+ocean+rescue+dvd
And that is it for my Children’s gift guide, it’s been a long one, eek! You can expect that I will review a number of these, in full, at a later date (maybe when all these lovely Christmas posts have subsided a little)

Lots more exciting posts to come!

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*I’ve mentioned which items were sent for the purpose of this gift guide/review – All opinions I’ve expresses are honest and are my own*

Just in time for Christmas I have three rather naughty, but also quite clever and very very funny books to show you (and at the end you’ll have a chance to win your own set). Quite some time back I heard that two of the cheeky chaps from the band McFly had put their hand to writing children’s books but never got around to getting them (partly due to my sensitivity to Ethan using words like ‘bum’ and ‘butt’ but we’ll go in to that more a bit later) – I’m so glad we have had the chance to read them, though, as there’s actually much more to them than just poo (admittedly it’s a pretty big part of it).

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the McFly boys due to a school friend being a massive fan – I’ve been in to rock and metal music for as long as I can remember so joining her at McFly gigs, learning so much about them and knowing a lot of their songs word-for-word didn’t come naturally to me. But looking back on it I do still remember those times as lovely and still remember far too much about that rowdy bunch of music makers.

Regarding me and my issues with books about poo and the word ‘butt’… I used to swear quite a lot but, obviously, that turned in to not at all when Ethan was around. I’ve always been very aware, after having worked in schools myself, that it isn’t just swear words that we need to worry about with our little ones – Words like bum, butt, fart, stupid and shut up are all things I’ve avoided with Ethan because I thought the longer until he started using them, the better, partly for my sake, partly for when he started school. That’s not to say I have a problem with anyone else using those terms with their kids (I know some awesome parents who do), I’m just a bit prudish about it, though not really sure why… the end of this story is that Ethan’s been in school for a few months and he uses most of those words now, haha, so I’m not anywhere near as worried about them, now, and as long as he knows they’re cheeky, and not to say them to his teacher… well I’ve read books about dinos pooping, with him, so you can probably guess I’m not as worried now.

Anyway… yes, we’re reviewing books aren’t we!

Honestly, the baubles weren’t placed deliberately – Totally random but rather well positioned don’t you think, hehe.

‘The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas’ is the first of the trio of books – Put simply it’s about a little boy called Danny (can’t help but assume that’s a cheeky dig at Tom and Dougie’s fellow band-mate) who’s very greedy and wants more and more for Christmas. So, obviously, Santa gives him a really hungry dinosaur instead! The dinosaur goes on to EAT Christmas, from the decorations and the tree, to the food and his Granny!

Obviously Danny is really sad, and begins to cry, so what does the Dino do to rectify the problem? Well there’s only one answer, he poops it all back out and Danny promises that he won’t be greedy again next year. The story is rather simple, but there’s a good moral in there, don’t be too greedy boys and girls! Of course, the odds of a dinosaur eating their family are low, but still, this way of telling them is likely to stick in their minds, haha.

The thing that I liked, the most, about the book is the rhyme – You can see that the guys have put their lyrical talents to good work in the writing of these pages, and I just Have to believe that there are influences of Dr Seuss in there; the way the rhymes flow and the use of language just screams Dr Seuss to me and that can Only be a good thing!

The second book that was brought out was ‘The Dinosaur that Pooper a Planet’ – As you’d expect, when a Dino eats your Christmas, Danny and Dinosaur are friends now. Mum warns them to make sure to take their packed lunch with them when they do to the space museum but they forget, Oh No!

Of course, as always happens, when Danny and Dinosaur spend their day at the museum they find a space ship with the perfect space in it for a Dino and a boy and before long they’re in space… but Dinosaur gets hungry. It goes without saying that Dino eats the spaceship… and the moon… and the stars and don’t forget some Martians too! Poor Danny gets really upset when he realises that they’re stranded so there’s only one thing that the dinosaur can do… oh yes, all of that food turns him into a giant poo rocket and before long they’re home and that evening, when they gaze at the moon, they see his poop, turned in to a whole new planet!

This is the first of the books that Ethan and I read together and he thought it was fantastic, he giggled along and when it came to ‘What was the only thing that Dinosaur could do?’ he knew, with a resounding confidence, that the answer was POO! (and, of course, he hadn’t read the other books so this proves that he was able to follow the story and guess what’d happen next). When I asked Ethan what he thought about the book he said ‘It was so good because he did a poo’ – I mean, goodness, what better a commendation can you get?

The newest of the three books (it’s only been out a few months) is ‘The Dinosaur That Pooped the Past’ – This is, without a doubt, my favourite of the three books but I’ll explain why in a mo.

In this story Danny and Dinosaur are celebrating Granny’s ‘1008th’ birthday and she cooks themm lots of green and sprouty food. Danny’s not too fond but, lucky for him, Dino loves eat and he eats his own and Danny’s too! After their veggie dinner they pop outside for a play on Granny’s tree swing which just happens to be….  dun dun dunnnn a time travel device! They travel back to the time of the dinosaurs but the swing breaks and they get stuck there, they meet three new friends Dino Dude A, B and C who try to help as a volcano erupts and threatens to extinguish them all…. things don’t go too well but, thankfully, Dinosaur has a plan and all of that green and gassy food from Granny helps him do such a big poop that it gets them moving at 80mph and sends them back to the future! Along the journey Dinosaur’s poop invades various points of history before they end up back in Granny’s garden, but the Dino Dudes have hitched a ride!

Now, many of you may have guessed why I liked this one so much, not sure? Well I love that the McFly guys (Yes, McFly as in ‘Back to the Future’) managed to incorporate time travel in to this one and they even reference the film by noting that Dinosaur reaches 80mph – It’s a really nice tip of the hat to the grown-ups with this one.

The Seuss-like language continues through all of the books and I just love it as it feels a little like it evokes some of the similar magic. The stories are simple but they’re lots of fun and kids are bound to laugh at poop… it seems we all must give in to that knowledge, as hard as it might be. Honestly, though, these are going to be some very popular bed time stories in this house and ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas’ may well have to be our bedtime story on Christmas eve this year!

Now, it’s been a long post, but you may remember that I mentioned a little giveaway? Well that’s right, you can win not one, not two, but all three of the Dinosaur that pooped series in my giveaway!

As always, fill in the Rafflecopter below, t&c’s are underneath and good luck! These really would make a great Christmas gift for a little one in your life!

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