Asda George Clothing Haul – Mostly Boy’s clothing (one adult) – October / November 2014

If you follow me on twitter, or if you know me, you’ll know that, recently, Ethan lost a lot of clothes, some stuffed toys, bedding, some books and toys due to damp in his bedroom – He was a bit upset but I found it really distressing, I’m not good at letting things go. Thankfully he just happened to have too much clothing, anyway, so there wasn’t much I needed to replace, I was mostly sad because some of  his favourite t-shirts were included in the losses (and they were gifts from my best friend). (I bought one item for me, too, which you’ll find at the bottom of the post)

But, there’s always a silver lining and when that silver lining is the chance to shop… well goodness me, yay! I do most of my bargain shopping at Primark but, obviously, that means going to town and I just don’t get to town very often (with my health being as difficult as it is). As such, this particular haul was done with Asda’s ‘George’ as it’s something I can order on the website and my Mum can pick up when she does the weekly shop. They’re quite comparably priced with Primark and they’re fantastic quality and make some amazing things. I bought these things over the period of a few weeks, I’ve checked that at least some of them are still available which is why I’ve put this as November as well as October.

Asda, George, boys, monster, jumper
There was two main groups that I needed to replacing of and that was warm clothing and pyjamas – I wanted to get a lighter weight sweatshirt as well as a heavier knit jumper so that he had enough to start getting him through winter.

In steps this amazingly cute monster sweatshirt, which they’ve listed as a jumper but it’s definitely a sweatshirt. He’s fitting a size 4-5 comfortably so I got these things in a bigger size so that he’d have space in them – This is sold out in some sizes but still available in others. It was only £7 (in his size) so a very good bargain. Weirdly it’s really long on him whereas the jumper that I got him in the same size fits nicely, odd measurements Asda!

Asda, George, Boys, fairisle, jumper
This is the aforementioned jumper. I’m a bit obsessed with fairisle print this year, it seems, and I decided to make sure Ethan had some too. This jumper was £9 and is a really nice thick wool, it’s going to be toasty warm and it looks lovely. It was tough to decide which one to get him as there was so many nice ones available – I may even end up getting him another, he may need a second one as it gets colder but we’ll wait and see first.

Asda, george, fairisle, hat, scarf
His old hat and scarf set didn’t go with the damp but he’s grown out of it, his old set was for 3-4 year olds and he has a very big head. This set I got in age 4-8 so hopefully it’ll last him a while, but the hat is already quite a close fit. I think it’s a lovely set, though, especially for £7 for hat, scarf and gloves – Ethan was itching to wear it so he was very pleased to, finally, be allowed to when Nanny and Tops took him to the park. I can’t let him wear them to school until I’ve put name labels in, mhmm. I can’t find the set on the website, any more, but there’s lots of other great sets available still and they might be in store. 

The other set of items that I needed to add to, for him, was pyjamas as he lost a few pairs and he’s growing out of others. Also I get him new pyjamas for Christmas which he has on Christmas eve and this fairisle onsie seemed perfect – It’s not on the website anymore but there’s a lot of Very awesome onsie’s still on there.

Asda haul boys frozen pyjamas
When my lovely friend Rachel posted a pic of the Frozen onesie she’d bought her boy I instantly went on to the website to order one for Ethan but it wasn’t on the site! Rather than being sensible and waiting (yup it’s on there now!) I ordered him these Olaf pyjamas instead – Thankfully these are really rather awesome but I am still a bit tempted to get him the onesie, too, as it’s awesome! These pyjamas were £9 which is more than I normally spend on just one pair but they’re rather special! 

Lastly, for Ethan, I bought these amazingly cute Reindeer socks! It was really tough to decide what to get him because there was santa ones, penguin ones, christmas tree ones and more but I liked the look of these and I had to. They’re going to be perfect for stocking fillers and for £1.50 you can’t go wrong (the penguin ones might happen too)
So I think I did quite well, really. I may’ve been tempted by slightly more expensive things for the sake of gimmick but I still think it was mostly bargains, really. I’m still sad that we lost so much of his stuff but I am very happy with what I replaced it with! I don’t have much to spend at the moment, but I managed to combine Christmas and necessity so I think I did quite well.
Oh and don’t forget I got something for myself too! I bought a nice coat last year but it’s not very thick or very waterproof and I don’t have anything very waterproof so the search was on! I was very happy when I found this one on the Asda George site as it was only £32 and it’s purple/plum (it’s slightly more red toned as per the site, HERE, but my camera insisted on making it more purple) Of course, since I got it it’s not been that cold, sods law? I love it, though, it’s So warm and it holds up quite well in the rain. I got it in a size 12 because I could see that the fit was very tight and I don’t want a super fitted coat, I want comfort! I like it a lot, very pleased with this purchase.

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    • admin November 2, 2014 / 1:38 pm

      Cute aren't they! There's some cute Frozen stuff for adults in both George and Primark and I've been So tempted xx

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