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You might already know that I’m quite fond of photo gifts at Christmas – They’re just a lovely thing to gift to someone (or to receive); what’s more personal than something you’ve spent time putting together for someone, and with photos that you know will mean something to them! With digital cameras these images are so much more available to us and it’s a lovely alternative to just having that standard school photo on the mantle piece.


I was thrilled that Photobox wanted to work with me as they’re a company that I associate with quality and fantastic products And they currently have a special offer on (until Thurs 27th which makes them an even bigger bargain for you all if you hurry!)

I have been given a chance to try some of their products in order to recommend them to you – I’ve, actually, only got one that I’ve seen myself to show with you but that has actually led to me being able to think up a lovely idea to theme this post by. I was asked to review a calendar and a diary but I had to explain that I couldn’t review a diary, it’d be a waste, as I have my Personal Planner as well as a diary I bought a few months ago. I did look at whether or not I could order it now, for 2016, but when I was looking (Early Nov) the latest date I could order it for was March.

Photo from the Photobox website

These photo diaries are Such a lovely way of getting regular reminders of old favourite pictures – The photo, above, is of the large diary which, as you can see, has lots of space. In the large diary you have a beautiful picture, every week, even if you got one/gifted one, this Christmas, as the year goes on those photos are going to be of older memories and are going to be so lovely to remember.

The large diary normally costs £16.99 (but is currently on offer, check it out!) and, as you can see, has really big areas for all of your entries and would make a great week-to-view diary. When I first saw them I assumed that you got to put your own photo on the front but finding out that you add a photo every week is just amazing! The book comes spiral bound with a protective, plastic sheet on the front. I can’t wait to get mine next year!


The item that I did get, to show you my version of, is the A4 Wall Calendar – These normally cost £18.99 but are, currently on offer (as well as the additional offer at the moment) so well worth checking out in the lead up to Christmas.

The A4 size is lovely for a family calendar as it means you’ve got a really big photo but also a nice, big area in which to write your appointments, plans etc. We’re going to be keeping ours in the hall way which is where we keep a calendar so that we can all correlate our plans and make sure we don’t overlap plans and the likes (even more important when we live with my parents; they’re happy for us to go to our friends’ for example but obviously they can’t be here whilst Ethan’s in bed if they have plans themselves! Not that we go out very often at all)

As with the diary the calendar has a frosted plastic cover which is lovely, we’ve often had a calendar hanging up ready to open before it’s needed and having a big picture on the front, which is kept nice by the plastic, is great.


There are so so many different colour themes and backgrounds that you can get with Photobox’s products but we’re not in to that and we just went with a simple white background – On the glossy paper, with the large photo in great quality… I think it’s such a classic, perfect look.

I’m really impressed with the quality of the photos, this one was a portrait photo so it had to zoom in/crop it to make it fit in to the landscape view, but it’s done it really well and the clarity hasn’t been compromised at all. A lot of the photos I used were portrait but they worked really well; if you did want to stick with portrait there’s a number of layouts you can have for the photo.

As you can see, I opted to have two portrait photos, side by side, for December – This was inspired by the remembering older photos idea. We didn’t have a Christmas photo for Ethan, last year, but we had the two above for the previous two years and I thought it would be lovely, when December 2015 rolls around for this to be turned over; we’ll be able to remember not one, but two, favourite Christmas pics from when Ethan was much younger – I just know it’s going to be lovely and Ethan’s going to love seeing pictures from when he was a baby.
The quality of the products from Photobox is really impressive and the range of Christmas gift ideas is great – I’ll definitely keep using sites like this because it’s just so, so, nice to be able to make our photos real again, rather than them remaining digital!

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I was sent this product to consider for review purposes – All opinions and words are my own – The photo used from the site was used with permission.


    • admin November 26, 2014 / 6:06 pm

      I'm so thrilled with the quality, big cheeky face shall be shining down from us on the wall all year 😀

  1. beautyqueenuk November 26, 2014 / 12:21 pm

    Aw what a really lovely idea, I should do something like this for my mum with all the grandkids in it x

    • admin November 26, 2014 / 6:06 pm

      Definitely, it's just such a nice gift to give, and receive, really xx

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