Gift Ideas from Snapfish this Christmas

Ever since digital cameras and phone cameras became such a big deal we seem to have, all, become obsessed with putting pictures of our kids, our weddings, our pets etc on various items to personalise them. Now please don’t think I’m saying that’s a bad thing, I quite love the craze, especially as it means that we’re not just confining our favourite images to Facebook, and general internet, we’re printing them out and making them real again!

Snapfish is one of the more well known companies that allows us to upload our snaps and get them printed out in that, mostly, outdated format… the photograph! But they don’t Only offer this service, they also have various other ways in which we can use our pictures, some of which are really, rather Christmas Gift friendly.

Snapfish gave me a code for £40 so that I can share, with you lovely people, some of the things that you can make with your photographs – You might be looking for some stocking fillers, a personal gift for someone special or a new calendar for your kitchen wall… you can get all of these things from the site, as you can see – Yup, all of that came to less than £40.
This is one of their ‘Kitchen Calendars’ – I opted for this one as it’s nice and slim and would fit nicely in the space we have for our calendar in… well… our kitchen actually (good name Snapfish!)

We have two calendars in our house, one in the kitchen, which is mainly for checking the date when we’re working out how long is left on food and things, and then a bigger one for writing on – So it makes sense that the slimmer one would be the kitchen one, less doodling space needed. Am I going off topic again? Sorry!

The Kitchen calendar comes in at an impressive £9.99, when you consider the fact that you get to use 13 of your own images instead of whatever you’d get with a pre-made calendar, well I’m impressed.

You can get various pretty coloured and pretty patterned borders on these calendars but we’re not much in to things like that and simplicity is rather nice when you want the eye to focus on the photographs that you’ve chosen for each month – Needless to say we have a rather self-obsessed little boy who’ going to love seeing which picture of him comes up each month!
All of the other items I got are from their ‘Stocking Stuffers’ section – I opted for a couple of the bigger items from their stocking suggestions, and then a couple of smaller items, too, so that I could show you the whole range. Considering everything I got was less than £10, it’s rather impressive I think.

The Notebook, which you can see above, only costs £5.99 which is a pretty impressive price considering what you’ll pay for a nice quality example from a local stationers. The personalised cover (which could have one, or a number of pics on it) is printed in amazing quality and has a beautiful glossy finish to it – Imagine jotting down all of your notes in something that’s got a cover made up of some of your favourite pictures, imagine giving someone else that same joy for Christmas.

I just had to go for a mug, for the next item. I love that you can get a collage of images wrapped around it, or just one big image – The mug is a great one to get as so many people like mugs, and they’re a much more long lasting item, too, if looked after properly you’ll have that mug for years. These come in at £7.99 and, again, the quality of the images printed on them is great.
Some key rings, next! At £2.99 these make perfect stocking fillers, or a nice addition to a bigger present – They’re just such a lovely thing to have. I know we all have pictures on our phones but to have a favourite image to hand, so easily, is really nice. And how could any of the above fail to put a smile on our faces?!
And lastly, a cute little magnet! How sweet are these! These are also £2.99 and, again, make a beautiful little additional gift, you could even pop these in cards for some people, as well as in a stocking or if you are crafty and make your own crackers you could pop them in those!

I had hoped to get this post up earlier this week but my goodness has it been a week… I shall not bore you with the details but, needless to say, things haven’t gone to plan. As such a lot of the deals that are, currently, on end on the 23rd November (tomorrow) but there’s still some time to pop on and order some nice presents for people, and hopefully they’ll have some other great offers in the future (maybe if you miss the pre-christmas offers you can get something in the sales for next Christmas, planning ahead, oh yes!)


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