LookFantastic Beauty box – November 2014 – Unboxing / Review #LFBeautyBox

I really liked the September LookFantastic box – I heard a few people weren’t thrilled with it but I assume that’s because they were hoping for cosmetics as well as body/hair care etc. I was really impressed with the items that were in there and the brands were pretty amazing considering the cost and the size of the products. As such I was pretty gutted when I missed the chance to subscribe for the October box so when the November box became available I signed up quickly and then forgot that I had, haha. So rather a nice surprise when a box arrived this morning. 

I was so good, I took a photo Before tearing the tissue paper open this time, haha! 

The card that comes with the box is lovely, very stylish chic, not in your face at all. Each product is given it’s own section that’s the same size as this front part which is great – You can tell the design is really important. I forgot to photograph it but there was a £10 off voucher just under here, for one of the sister sites to LookFantastic – Coggles is a fashion site which has some rather higher end items on it but if you have the money to spend then a £10 off voucher is a nice added bonus.
Even before I opened the tissue paper I could smell the box, I can’t work out exactly which item it was that I can smell, maybe it’s a cumulative thing – But either way it smells good, like good quality, slightly herbal products.

But anyway, smell aside, here’s the products. You can, instantly, see that there’s 6 good sized products here and some rather impressive brands (Obviously, all of which can be bought from LookFantastic)

Firstly we have the Monu ‘Recovery Balm’ which is supposed to help soothe sensitive or stressed skin – This is a 30ml bottle which I expect will last a long time as the formula is very light so a little goes a long way. The scent is floral and a bit fruity which comes together to smell a little light sweet turkish delight, I cant top smelling my hand that it’s on, it’s nice! The full size of this is 50ml, and costs £22.50, which means that the sample is over half the size of the full size; impressive considering that’d make the value of this almost cover the cost of the box.
Next up is a product with a real cult following; it’s a real favourite to many and I’ve not actually tried it  yet! The Glamglow ‘Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment’ is something I read about a lot and have wanted to try for ages (I feel like I have a sample tube somewhere but I haven’t been able to find it when I wanted to try it) – This product is supposed to be the ’10 minute facial’ and claims to leave your complexion refreshed for 3 days which is a very impressive thing to offer. I definitely look forward to trying this out. The tube is 15g which doesn’t seem like much but it’s, actually, about a third of the full size (which is 50g) and the full sized product costs £39.99 so that makes this a rather good value item.
Next up we have one of the most exciting items for me – I Love balm cleansers so this Eve Lom cleanser is right up my street. It’s supposed to be able to remove, even, waterproof mascara as well as the rest of your makeup and whilst doing that it claims to de congest your skin plus tone and exfoliate too! This is my sort of product! (That’s not to say that I am not really pleased with the other items too, mind you) – The tub is 30ml which is a little under a third of full size (which is 100ml and costs £55!).
Some Nuxe next – A little tube of ‘Nuxellence Jeunesse’ which aims to recharge the skin and restore radiance as well as making any other anti ageing products, that you’re using, work even better. I do love Nuxe so am more than happy to see them in this box. The 15ml tube is, again, about a third of the full size which is 50ml and costs £47. Honestly I’m amazed at the value of these products!
The penultimate item is a hand cream with some big promises. The Hand Chemistry hand cream has claims that it’ll produce visible results within 11 days, or less, which is rather impressive. It’s also the best seller, at Boots, in the previous year which is quite impressive, too. I’m definitely interested to see what this is like – The formula is thick and has a sweet scent that I can’t quite place; it’s pleasant though. This 30ml sized tube is available at LookFantastic for £7.99.
And here’s the last item, yay cosmetics! New Cid are a brand that I’ve always wanted to try but  have just never got around to so I was very very pleased to see a product from them in there. Even better, it’s a lip pencil! (And cheeks but I always use this sort of thing for lips) – I love lip pencils. I probably would’ve chosen a different shade if I’d picked, myself, but then I keep meaning to try reds again so anything that gives me a push in the right direction is good! I can’t seem to find these on the LookFantastic website but on the New Cid website they sell for £14 so this is, surprise surprise, another amazing value item! I am really pleased to have got a cosmetics item in the box and the fact that it’s such a good one is an obvious bonus.
As you can see in the swatch it is balmy but it’s got really good colour to it and it’s not one that’s just going to disappear when it touches the lips. I’d Really like to try ‘Rose Tint’ and ‘Plum Cordial’, they’re just my colours (though I get the feeling this one might be, too, even if reds haven’t been for a while).

So, yes, some of these are a little over a third, some a little more than a third and some are full sizes. But, looking at the value, we’ve got around £80 worth of products here which is unbelievable. As long as I’ve done my sums right, I’ve worked the all out as thirds so some may be a little more and some a little less so I thought they’d balance out, plus the two amazing full sized items… Really, really wow. I’m just blown away by how amazing these boxes are and this one is even better than the last.

Very very impressed LookFantastic, VERY impressed – #LFBeautyBox

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      Mm I was expecting it to be good but not this good, a real winner for me xx

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