Makeup Revolution – Golden Sugar Blush and Contour Palette – Swatches and First impressions

 As you may have seen, yesterday, I was sent some rather exciting new Makeup Revolution products – I wanted to share some more in depth posts with you at the time but yesterday was just such a day! I had no chance of getting any posts up so I’ve just kept you waiting and waiting like the nasty person I am.

I was torn between two products to share with you, first, so I’ve decided to show you this one, and then I’ll show you the other one very very soon (hint, Very soon!)

I have one of the previous Blush and Contour Palettes, I don’t think I’ve posted about it actually, which is very very naughty. But I’ll make up for it by sharing this new offering to the range, the ‘Golden Sugar’ palette (it more than makes up for my past wrongs, I promise)

This palette, as you can see above, has a lot more brown/golden toned blushes but it’s a lot more wearable than you might first think. There’s some beautiful pinker shades as well as some fantastic bronzing shades.

Aren’t these just stunning? I think this palette is a really fantastic all in one – You don’t have any shades which are going to be super pink but the soft pinks, the highlight and the bronzed shades mean that this really would work out well if you were off on holiday and didn’t want to take lots of separate products.The formula has a very dry, baked feeling, for the most part though there are some which are softer. Some have shimmers in whereas some have bigger chunks of glitter – When it comes to formula there’s a nice variety in these palettes; though the majority are shimmer/glitter, just the one matte.

So here are the first four shades. I may, just, have built the first shade up a bit as I was worried it wouldn’t show up too well… how wrong was I?! As you can see it’s a very white highlight, it can be applied in a much thinner layer than this but I do think it’s always going to be a more in your face sort of colour. I think this would be stunning as a highlight (light touch though!), as well as for the inner corners of the eye; it’d really brighten a look.The second shade might be more to a lot of people’s tastes as it’s a lot subtler with more of a sheen to it than an all out shine. The soft pink shade, with a gorgeous shimmer to it will make a stunning highlight but that  hint of colour could even make up for a blush if you were just trying to lightly use one product across the cheeks.

The third shade is a much more blush-like shade as it has a lot more pink and much less shimmer to it. I think the colour is rather beautiful and would suit a lot of skin tones – I’m quite looking forward to seeing how it looks on my super pale skin. I feel I could really fall in love with this one.

Lastly, wow, isn’t that beautiful. It looks like a rather plain shade in the pan but once you swatch it it comes to life. As a blush this would be rather ott but I think that, with a light hand it’d go beautifully with a peach shade.

I think that the first of the shades, from this second row, is so beautifully subtle. It’s really not in your face, I think this will be an absolutely gorgeous highlight, one that just adds the slightest hint of warmth to the skin with its honey coloured tones.The second shade is one I wasn’t sure about to begin with but the more I look at it the more I think that it might be a real blow-away one. The warm, slightly pink, neutral tones of it could give an ‘in from the cold’ look whilst also giving a shimmer to the skin (obviously this is based upon my imagination rather than use but I am itching to use it).

This third shade is, probably, the only one that I might not use – But then, it’s worth keeping in mind that I’ve swatched all of these heavily enough to make sure that you can see them so when it’s used more lightly it could well be more wearable. As you can see, above, this one is a gorgeous copper – Obviously, depending upon skin tones, this one might be a rather in-your-face option but I’m still very interested to see how this will do when used more lightly.

Lastly we have the matte shade – It’s quite a warm toned bronzer but I think that it’d work with a lot of skin tones, though it’d need to be used very lightly on pale skin such as mine. It’s the perfect last shade for this palette.

So… what do you think? I really do love all of the shades in this, I think it could be housing some real favourites as well as some more exciting ones to experiment with. As I said above, though, keep in mind that I swatched these heavily enough that you can see them clearly so, used lightly, they could all be much more wearable than they already are (or aren’t)

These palettes are a real bargain, at £6, the variety of shades in each palette, and the different possible uses from the selection of shades is just fantastic. I have the ‘Hot and Spice’ palette, already, but which my favourite is entirely depends upon whether or not this one wears just as I’m expecting. Either way, though, I quite love this! The shades are stunning, absolutely.

This post contains PR samples – Please see disclaimer here


  1. Jessica Edmunds November 19, 2014 / 1:15 am

    Oh wow this is right up my street, BEAUTIFUL colours seriously- I adore make up rev already so need to nab this xx

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