Makeup Revolution – Iconic Dreams eyeshadow palette – Swatches and first impressions

I had planned for this post to go live about an hour after my ‘Golden Sugar’ blush palette post but due to a rubbish Dr Appt, followed by a migraine… well it’s gone 9 before I can even start thinking about writing – Grr, not how I’d planned my day yesterday!
But, this one didn’t want to be held back so the post has had to be written as soon as possible and here it is!

And here it is! The ‘Iconic Dreams’ palette from Makeup Revolution! I’ve seen a lot of people get excited about this, on social media, and who can blame them! The shades in here are gorgeous and quite different, it definitely stands out from other palettes in my collection.

As you can see there are a number of mattes, plus a good few shimmer shades, the shades range from super pale white shades to some beautiful pink toned shades, some green tones and some red tones – It’s a really different mixture of shades but it just seems to work together, there’s something very appealing about it. Alright then, if you say so, let’s get swatching!

There’s 12 shades in this beauty so I am not going to describe them all in a lot of detail but I do like to make sure you know how they’re translating on camera.

It’s quite clear to see that the palest shade of the lot is that matte cream, but, to be honest, it shows up quite well for such a  pale matte shade. There’s no hiding from the second shade, you can see it’s a reach cream shimmer in the pan but doesn’t it hit you with the amount of shimmer in it in that swatch? I think I love it quite a lot.

The third shade seems to want to come up a little more yellow in photos, it is very cream, and it’s a yellow cream, but it’s not Quite as yellow as photos make it out to be. Very well pigmented for a matte, though. And anyone who knows me knows I love that fourth shade, a perfect rose gold, love it.

Thought I’d show you these from two angles as the light really does dictate the amount of shimmer you get. A slightly deeper rose gold is the first shade in this one, it’s caught the light a lot but it is a little darker than the rose gold in the first set of swatches. I really love the gold shade, in this one, it’s gold but it’s not too yellow and it’s not Too warm.

Similarly, with the more coppery shade that comes in third, it’s not too orange but it’s still obviously a copper – I think, with my cool toned skin, I’ve got more chance of pulling this off than I normally do with coppers. And looooook at that khaki gold… look look look! It’s massively pigmented, the tone is stunning and the blend of shades is subtle – It’s smokey, it’s shimmery, it’s bold – It’s just very very beautiful.

There’s only a subtle differences in the two different sets of swatches in these photos, but the differences are there, I promise! This first shade is a very clever one to follow on from the previous shade – Rather than it being a shimmery shade it’s slightly darker and it’s more matte, but with some glitter in there to include the gold element (you can see the glitter more in the top pic). The second shade isn’t showing up as massively shimmery but you can see the intensity of the shade, it’s got a good shimmer to it but it’s not crazily so – A deep, dark brown with a hint of burgundy, it’s rather beautiful.

The last two shades are both mattes – The first is a soft brown with the slightest hint of pink, I love these shades and most of the ones I have are paler and more pink whereas this one’s quite different from the ones I already have. The last shade is very impressively pigmented, it’s almost a chocolate brown but that extra hint of red that warms it up nicely.

I really, really like this palette – I think it’s a very mixed and would be perfect to take on holiday as you’d get Such a variety of looks from just one palette. The shades are beautiful, the pigmentation is fantastic (what else do you expect from Makeup Revolution really?!) – For £4 it’s yet another amazing palette on offer from these guys!

This post contains PR samples – Please see disclaimer 


    • admin November 19, 2014 / 10:41 am

      I definitely agree. I've a number of khaki gold shades but none as amazing as that one, it's stunning!

  1. Jasmine Stewart November 19, 2014 / 6:43 pm

    I've been really enjoying this palette and basically bought it for the 2 green/olive shades 🙂 there's only one real dud in my opinion – the really glitter gold I just couldn't get to work for me xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  2. Jessica Edmunds November 20, 2014 / 10:52 am

    This actually has to be my favourite palette of all, I love the olive and neutral shimmer shades, stunning xxx


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