Makeup Revolution ‘Lip Hug’ lipsticks – With Swatches and on the lip photos

The moment I first saw the ‘#LipHug’ lipsticks from Makeup Revolution I just knew I was going to love them – Balmy, moisturising, soft, huge range of colours… Just yes!

They’re, currently, only available on the website so I had to consider postage costs when I ordered, as such I only got four. I already want more. Honestly I love them, they glide on to the lips, they are really pigmented but still sheer enough that your natural lip colour will have an effect on them, so so soft, just beautiful.

The four shades I’ve got to share with you are ‘I think you’re amazing’, ‘We have Come too far’, ‘Saviour Will Come’ and ‘To Get Lucky’ – Originally I had planned to swatch them with ‘Savour will come’ last (as you’ll see in the picture above, but I ended up swapping them around by accident which is why from now on they’ll be in the order I’ve written above)

They come packaged in a red, metallic box with the name written on the front of the box as well as on a colour sticker on the end – This is great for storage and I’m really pleased to see it as one of my only, small issues with Makeup Revolution products in the past is that it’s been hard to tell the shades/names.

Taking that a step further (and, yet, these are in the order they’ll be swatched), there’s a colour sticker on the end of the actual tube which is just perfect as it means that you don’t have to keep the box and you can store them upright and always know the shade names and an approximation of the colour – Thank you Makeup Revolution, perfect packaging!
So, here’s some quick swatches (in the order of the pic directly above), for you, they did not want to play ball the other day and they kept not capturing very well but I think this shows them quite well – You can see their balmy texture but also how well pigmented they are from the paler shades to the darker. Though, I think, you’ll also see how they translate to the lips and how a hand swatch isn’t quite enough for these as the natural colour of the lips alters them somewhat.
First up we have ‘I think You’re Amazing’ – Is it a nude, is it a peach? Well it’s hard to tell. It’s definitely less orange on the lips than it is on a hand swatch, and I do really like it, but I want to get some more pinky nudes for my collection, too, I think. As you can see the colour saturation is great, even though it’s the palest shade, and even though my lips were quite dry you can see the the colour sits on there beautifully and has a lovely shine to it.
Next up we have ‘We have come too far’ – I think this is the shade, out of the four I have so far, that I’ll wear the most as the beautiful rosy pink just works very well for my pale skin tone. I absolutely love this shade and it’ll be an all year rounder.
The last two shades that I’ve got are slightly stronger shades – This is ‘Saviour will come’ and it’s a more brown toned plum. It’s a lovely shade and perfect for this time of year, it’s plum without being too stark – The formula is so lovely that this is amongst my favourite plum shades, from my collection .
You can see why, originally, I had wanted this above the previous colour but photo slip ups are what they are. This is ‘To Get Lucky’ – This shade is hard to describe, it’s somewhere between a darker rose shade with a hint of plum? I love it, though, and I think I’m going to spend A/W torn between which of these to wear.

Honestly I love these. They’re only £2.50 each which is just amazing considering the cost of other balmy lip products that are popular. I definitely want maybe 2 or 3 more shades but it’s going to take a little while to decide which ones I want and these are going to do nicely for now. Definitely a real hit amongst the Makeup Revolution lip products, I love their other lipsticks and glosses but I love balmy lipsticks, anyway, so these were always going to be a winner for me.

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  1. admin November 26, 2014 / 6:07 pm

    I neeeed more! I love them all so much, the feeling on the lips is so good. It's what I hoped from other balmy products but never got xx

  2. Jasmine Stewart November 26, 2014 / 7:12 pm

    I have to say my handbag has been barely without one of these since I got them! Started off with 3 and 2 weeks later I've not got 9 – oops! xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

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