Some exciting new tea flavours from Pukka (And some older favourites too)

We love tea, I mean Love. Not a day goes by when we don’t drink it, by we I mean myself, my husband, my Mum and her husband. Ethan loves tea, too, but he’s on a tea hiatus whilst we try to sort out his toileting issues (no need for diuretics when going to the toilet is already a problem haha!) We have so so many mugs in our cupboard, it’s a one in one out rule, if I get a new mug that I love I have to take one of my older ones our and package it away for when we move… We all have our own, specific favourites too. I think you get my point here? We like tea.None of the others would drink any sort of herbal tea, though, we’re a Yorkshire gold tea sort of household – We like it strong and sweet. But I do like a herbal tea from time to time, too. Something a bit different, still warm, but not the same flavour I have every day – Additional to that there are the benefits of many herbal teas, starting with a lack of caffeine, for many of them, and including detox, rejuvenation and many more impressive claims!

For me, Pukka is The brand I think of when I think special teas. I trialled their Earl Grey tea a couple of months ago and it was a delicious example of that more traditional favourite; so when the chance to try some more unusual combinations came up, I jumped at the chance.

I was sent two of the new releases, from the brand, the first of which is ‘Chamomile, Vanilla & Manuka Honey’ – I wanted to try this one because I used to drink a chamomile and vanilla tea many years ago and I love all things honey, not to mention the fact that the attributes of Manuka Honey are rather well known, which seemed like an added bonus.

I expected the tea to be mellow and sweet but it was actually rather different than what I expected – Two of the ingredients, which aren’t mentioned in the title, are ‘fennel seed’ and ‘licorice root’ which are both quite strong flavours. They’re listed after chamomile, but before vanilla and honey, which explains why they both come through quite a lot in the flavour.

I did enjoy the tea, but not in the way I expected – It tasted good (which is surprising as I am not a fan of licorice) and I think I’m going to play around with it a bit, maybe add a little more honey to sweeten it up. The tea is supposed to be calming and I can definitely see why, the scent is just intoxicating and the ingredients within it are well known for their calming effects.

The next tea I was sent was 
‘Womankind’ – I didn’t ask for this one but they, kindly, sent it as an extra. The reason I didn’t go for this, in the first place, is because it has rose in it and rose fragrances tend to give me a headache these days, but it was nothing like my expectations.

The tea is sweet but not sickly sweet at all, the cranberry gives it the fruity taste but being a more bitter fruit it keeps it from getting overly sugary. The rose isn’t floral (as I had worried) it, actually, ends up giving the tea a slight hint of rose turkish delight which is amazing from a tea! The sweetness comes from the vanilla, of course, but the other ingredients keep it from going over board – One of those ingredients, again, is licorice but in this one it’s not a strong taste, at all, it is more sweet than savoury and works perfectly in the balance of the ingredients.

This tea says it’s ‘Good for bringing you back to full bloom’ – Now I’m not entirely sure what that means but I will tell you that this tea is a really ‘feel good’ sort of drink. The balance of flavours, and the fragrance, certainly feel uplifting and just make you feel rather nice! Definitely a winner for me.

Due to the fact that the Chamomile tea wasn’t quite as I expected, my lovely contact sent me a couple of extra teas to try out, which I have thoroughly enjoyed! I told them some flavours I liked and then got a surprise, I do like surprises. The ‘Supreme Matcha Green’ was a perfect choice for me as I really enjoy the taste of green tea.

I was really impressed when I read about this one as it has three different types of green tea in it, ‘Chinese Sencha, Indian Oothu and Vietnamese Suoi Gang’, as well as Matcha powder! They call this a super hero green tea and I can totally see why – Green tea has some amazing properties and is believed to be very good for you, as it matcha, so a combination of the two is a match made in heaven.

I have had matcha tea before and it was good but I wasn’t in love with the flavour but balance it with some green tea and the flavour is great and you get the benefits of both the green and the matcha, very impressive. Obviously there won’t be as much matcha powder in this as there would in a drink that’s specifically matcha but that’s fine by me when it means I can still drink it, even in smaller amounts, whilst enjoying my green tea – Not to mention cost; matcha is expensive but these are the same, impressive price of other Pukka teas.

One of the flavours I said I like, when talking to my contact, was citrus flavours – In steps ‘Three Tulsi’. Love isn’t good enough for this one, this may, actually, be my favourite herbal tea! As you’d expect from the name this tea is made of three different types of Tulsi; green, purple and lemon. It’s a herb that’s called ‘Holy Basil’ in India which is intriguing and rather impressive, I think.

The flavour of this is light and citrus/lemony. I really, really enjoyed it, it’s really refreshing and uplifting – I was able to drink it really quickly (after I realised that I had to go Now) and there’s not many things that I enjoy enough to drink that quickly. This one will be being used up the quickest out of all of them.

There’s so so many flavours, with so many different effects, that you can get from Pukka, it’s so hard to know which one to try next, but when the boxes cost around £2 (the price varies depending on where you get them) and you can find them on various websites (including the Pukka site) and in a number of stores, it’s quite easy to keep trying new flavours! If you want to find a local store that stocks Pukka tea then you can use the ‘stockist locator’ on the site.

This post contains PR samples – Please see my disclaimer here


  1. Jessica Edmunds November 16, 2014 / 2:37 am

    Oh wow these sound amazing I love matcha tea but would love to try the woman kind one. not sure about the chamomile one as I am squeamish about liquorice hahah but I am defo a tea fiend xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    • admin November 16, 2014 / 3:50 pm

      There is some licorice in the Womankind one, but it's subtle enough that I still enjoyed it.

      The matcha tea one is great as it's subtler than standard matcha xx

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