Birchbox UK – December 2014 Unboxing ‘The Sophia Webster Edit’

Last Birchbox of the year, and it’s a special edit put together by Sophia Webster – Oh the potential it holds. When I opened the box I let out a big ‘ooooOooh!’ there’s some impressive products inside.

If the box makes you go ‘ooooOoooh’ too and you cant to subscribe then you can use my code which will get both you, and I, £5 to spend in the Birchbox store. Also keep an eye open for deals when you subscribe, there’s often a couple floating around. 

The box is rather stunning with the gemstone design on the mint green – If you use Birchboxes as storage, like I do, this one will definitely stand out!
First up we have a Birchbox exclusive which is the Eslor ‘Firming collagen Day cream’ – The cream has a nice, ‘good quality skin care’ smell to it, which I’m sure at least some of you understand (or you all think I’m bonkers, either way!) – It’s a 10ml sample and is packaged rather impressively for a sample size. A full size of this would be £50 (fs being 100ml, so this sample is worth £5 already).
Next up is a product that I recognise just from the colour and font of the box – The Trilogy ‘Certified Organic Rosehip Oil’ is a real cult favourite and is something I have a couple of samples stashed away, from, so that I can try in the future. I’m happy to add this to my collection as, when I do use it, I’ll have loads to use, now. It’s 2.5ml but you only use a couple of drops at a time, a full sized bottle is 20ml and costs £16.5 which means this sample is worth about £2.
Next up is our first full sized product and is another Birchbox Exclusive – The Eyeko ‘Fat Eye Stick’ in the shade ‘Smoke’. This item really made me go ooh when I first saw it but, sadly, the shade just isn’t for me. It’s a beautiful charcoal shade but that’s, just, not something I’d use very much. My card said I was due to get ‘Smoke’ or ‘Gilt’ and I really wish I’d got ‘Gilt’ as that would’ve been a colour I’d have used a lot. This crayon can be used as a super thick liner or as a shadow, so there’s a chance I can try it out as a liner before deciding for sure… but super thick liner isn’t my thing so, we’ll see.

Despite it not being the right shade for me, though, this is a fantastic item to have in the box. It’s worth £8 and I think a lot of people will enjoy it.

Next up is a 30ml bottle of Electric Hair ‘Electric Hydrate Shampoo’ – I definitely like the idea of something that’s made to hydrate the hair, especially at this time of the year. It’s nice to try out new hair products and 30ml will last quite well for my hair length, though maybe not quite as long for someone with more hair. The full size is 250ml and costs £17.50 so this sample is worth just over £2.
Sorry about the blurring, my camera insisted on focusing on the glitter in the polish rather than the bottle itself… haha. This was another item that made me happy but, then, turned out to be a bad shade for me. The Models Own ‘Velvet Goth’ range is one that I love but I already have it in the shade ‘Absinthe’ and ‘Amethyst’, the shade above is the former. Had I had Any of the remaining three shades I would’ve been over the moon. Again, though, that doesn’t detract from this being a great item for the box and something that a lot of people would love. The Models own polishes are £5.
The cute little Benefit Christmas cracker is a lovely little addition to the box – I was hoping to see one of the new shades of a product inside. 

What we got, though, is trusty old ‘Highbeam’ – It’s a great product and it’s something that a lot of people love but it’s nothing new for me, I’d have loved to have tried one of the mini tint balms that I know they’re doing, or one of the new shades of the cheek stain. But, again, I think it’s a nice addition to the box and it’ll definitely be good for some people.
And, lastly, to the lifestyle extra. This is the Birchbox Exclusive purse from Sophia Webster. This is listed as an impressive £25 which is something that I wouldn’t ordinarily spend on a coin purse but I’m more than happy to have this. I don’t go for animal print, much, these days, but I actually really like this on the mint green.

Wow, what a box! Ok, so the shades weren’t quite right for my tastes (or my collection) but it’s a fantastic box none the less. There’s a skincare item, a skincare or bodycare item and hair care plus there’s cosmetics in the form of a nail product, an eye product and a face product; all of which would be great for Christmas celebration nights, or maybe the day itself. And to top it all off the cute purse would be perfect for keeping your change safe on a night out whilst looking really, rather cute at the same time.

I’m very impressed, this is a box for the festive time, without being overly ‘festive’ if that makes any sense at all!

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  1. beautyqueenuk December 9, 2014 / 3:49 pm

    OOh I do quite like this box, especially the models own shade x

    • admin December 11, 2014 / 9:26 am

      I just wish it had been Any of the other three, I really want all three of them so it would've been perfect haha xx

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