Fun, Quirky Christmas Gifts from Catseye London

Catseye London is a brand which I’ve loved from afar for a little while, now, their quirky designs, bold images and good quality products are very much to be lusted after when you want something that stands out amongst your collection. They do beauty accessories (makeup bags, mirrors etc), bags and purses, home and desk items of all types with a whole range of beautiful designs emblazoned on them. 

There’s so many wonderful products that it could prove incredibly difficult to decide what sort of design to go for but it’s an animal lovers dream as well as being great for those who love vintage images or cute images and there’s even a range with a print of a satchel on it which is really distinctive. 

It was the animal designs that I was drawn to, when I was asked which item I wanted to review, there’s loads of different kitty pics on makeup bags, cushions and more. There’s also bunnies and dogs of all number of breeds – When it came to choosing the item it was very difficult! Even once I narrowed it down a bit it still took quite some time to pick just one design which I wanted above the others.

And this is the design I ended up going for… The ‘Kitten Green Wash Bag’ from the Bright & Bold collection was just Far too adorable to ignore. We’ve always been a cat family and the big eyes and cute faces of a kitten is always likely to catch my attention; as much as I doubt we’ll get a cat again in the future I will always make silly noises when I see a kitten. I also love the colour, the bright green is really vibrant and just looks lovely as the background for the cat.

The Catseye London Wash Bags come in a grey frabric bag (pictured above) which is, even, something you could make use of again as that’s rather good quality itself. And then there’s the wash bag – I have lots of makeup bags, and wash bags most of them were cheap to buy, and very good for that price, but when it comes to something like this my goodness can you feel the difference in the quality. It’s made of a thick, strong, waterproof PVC and it feels like it’s made to last which is definitely nice when you’re considering something as a gift.

The wash bag is 31cm x 18cm with a depth of 7cm and, as you can see, the capacity is just massive, as you can see above. You could also get a coin purse, makeup bag or glasses case in this design and there’s a number of other designs which have the same variety of products available, too.

A coin purse would be lovely to gift to go with a bag, or maybe as a stocking filler and a makeup bag would be lovely stocked with some cosmetics items that they loved too. Obviously there’s so many other types of items that you can get, too, honestly if you were browsing for gifts on this site there would be So much to choose from.

I can fit So much in the bag, and there’s So much more space in there, you really could pack for a holiday with this bag or use it as a makeup bag or skin care bag if you had a lot that you wanted to keep all together. The wash bag costs £15 which, I think, is really impressive for something which is so big, so well designed and so individual – As a gift it’d be great for a secret santa or for a friend or family member.

I love my bag, whenever I need to pack for an over night stay, or if I go away somewhere (yeah right) I’ll use this one. Whilst it’s at home I think it might become my skincare bag as those items are so much bigger and need so much more space. And whenever I feel down I can look at that cute kitty face and feel cheered up!

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