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Getting ready for Christmas can be one of the most exciting part of the festivities – The lead up, the planning and the making everything just, right. Sometimes it’s the buying of the gifts that is most exciting, and sometimes it’s the little extras like decorations or things that will help enhance the day.

Getting Personal is a site where you can browse, and buy, personalised decorations, beautiful gifts and those special little finishing touches. It’s a lovely place to spend time clicking through page after page of lovely ideas and deciding which option works the best. I really enjoyed deciding which items I’d like to review and was thrilled when I was offered three things to show to you all.

I dare you to not want to see how comfy these are… Thick, fluffy, warm slipper boots – The ‘Cozy Plush Boots’ are as amazing as you imagined. They are so soft and padded, they almost feel like you’re walking on cushions and when  you microwave them they can cut through that icy cold feeling that your feet get when it feels like they’ll never ever warm up.
They’re really easy to use, you just chuck them in to the microwave and nuke them for as long as the recommended time (I always put them on a plate just in case there’s any left-over splodges of food in there). That feeling of something warm and comfy wrapped around your feet on a cold day is something that you’ll love forever from the moment you’ve tried these. And, even more importantly, once your feet do warm up the boots help them retain the heat.

My feet look a bit daft when I wear them due to the extra ring of microwavable beads around the outside edge, clown feet come to mind, but it’s well worth it for how amazing these feel. When you just want to curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a book these are Exactly the accessory that’s needed. They cost £14.99 and they’d be a good gift for So many people.

Next up is this gorgeous, personalised, stocking. I couldn’t love this more – It’s so beautifully well made and strong and the design has that vintage look but is still modern. It’s perfect for both a boys boy, a girly girl or a child who just likes anything. To be honest I think lots of grown ups would love this, too, if you do stockings in your family.

In our house Father christmas doesn’t bring all of the gifts, he brings the stocking gifts so, this year, he’ll be bringing Ethan a beautiful new stocking too! He does have a stocking already but now that Ethan can read his own name he’ll love that it’s on there and it’ll make Christmas morning that little bit more magical for him (which is what it’s all about). These stockings are £19.99 (and there’s a variety of other designs for a range of other prices too, if this one doesn’t quite fit with your needs).

Firstly, please forgive the big blurry patch on this one – I tried my absolute hardest to do it as subtly as I could but with the basic, online, tools that I had this was the best that I could do. When I asked for this one I saw that it had first and surname on, but I didn’t think about the fact that I probably didn’t want Ethan’s surname on here.

But, regardless, you can see how lovely this personalised hessian sack is. I love the idea of these ‘realistic’ Father christmas sacks and think Ethan’s going to love this. I normally pile all of his presents in their own pile, whist the rest of ours are under the tree; I’ve always kept his separate because it’s lovely to see the look on his face when he sees them and, also, under our tree is very difficult to get to so it’s easier for him to get to his when they’re not under there. This year Father Christmas will be leaving a new bag for Mummy to put his gifts in and it’ll be lovely for him to bring them out one at a time. The sack is strong and will hold So much stuff. Again, he’s going to love that his name is on it. This, as the stocking does, costs £19.99 and will really add to Christmas morning for so many little ones.

I really like this site and I’ll, definitely, consider it for when I want something personalised in the future. They do beautiful baby gifts, wedding gifts and so much more, as well as Christmas, so it’s a good site to know about.

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I was sent these items for consideration for review purposes – all opinions are honest and are my own.


  1. beautyqueenuk December 8, 2014 / 1:39 pm

    Ah those luxury heated boots look delightful, thankfully I always seem to have warm feet x

    • admin December 8, 2014 / 2:22 pm

      I have SUCH a squiffy internal thermostat thanks to my fm that if I get cold it can be really hard to warm back up so these are a life saver some days.

      And soooo comfy… well worth the slight clowns feet look hehe xx

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