Half-Shell Heroes – Ninja Turtles for younger fans

Ethan’s seen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a few times when it’s been on morning tv at the weekends and he absolutely loves them – I’ve been a bit torn as I loved them when I was a child, too, but with him being four I’m not sure he’s quite ready.

When I was contacted about ‘Half-Shell Heroes’ I was instantly intrigued. The ‘Half-Shell Heroes’ are, essentially, a younger version for 2-5’s, making them more approachable, and the toys less fiddly. The names have been shortened and even their faces are a little less harsh, a little softer looking – Don, Leo, Raph, Mikey and their friends are, ready for their new fans. 

When I was asked if I wanted a Turtles card for Ethan and a ‘little gift’ I just couldn’t say no – Knowing how much he loves them, already, I had to see if this new version would go down as well, what he’d think of the more fun, less angry looking turtles. You can see the change, without a doubt, in the card above.
We were sent a cute, little, Leo figure in a bauble which I knew Ethan was going to love. The figure sets are £7.99 and either come as pairs of figures or as one figure with a vehicle – The only downside of getting Leo in this way is that if I want to get him with his vehicle (an awesome pair of wings) for Ethan in the future then well end up with a dupe. 
The figure is cute with moveable arms and legs and Ethan’s obsessed with him already – He didn’t stay on the tree for long as he had to come out to play. I’ve already ordered Don and his Luge with the money my Nan has given me, for Ethan, for Christmas as I know he’s going to want more of these.

You can get bigger figures, play sets and a whole range of other items – I like this mellowed-out version of the Turtles, I think it’ll tide Ethan by until he’s a bit bigger and he wants the older versions. 

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I was sent this gift to mention in a blog post but all opinions are honest and are my own (I’d hardly have bought another set already if I didn’t like them)

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