Looking forward to 2015

2014 was an odd one. In a lot of ways it was a difficult year – Health was a problem for a lot of people that I love, as well as for myself, money and work things were tough, things that we hoped to move forward have stalled and… well it just wasn’t the year I was hoping for.

But… in just as many ways it was a fantastic year. I got married, for one.

I have had a wide variety of experiences with relationships over the years but I never expected to meet a man like Azii, let alone be lucky enough to marry him. We spend our lives being inundated with idealistic relationships and Disney nonsense and, on the flip side, people making sure we know that it’s not all perfect and amazing, not to expect to meet ‘the one’. But they forget to mention that we Can meet someone who’s perfect for us (not perfect, no ones perfect, but perfect for us) and that they Can love us back and that we can be happy. I’m not saying we’re perfect, just that he’s perfect for me.
We had some amazing people with us on our wedding day (Plus the ones who were there in the evening, and those who weren’t able to make it but sent their love) and we’re so lucky that those people are a part of our lives – This year that was highlighted in many many ways.
This monkey has changed from a pre-schooler in to a proper little boy – He’s not the easiest child. all of the time, but he Is the most loving, sweet, cheeky, clever little lad and he’s learning more every day.
And this little princess was the perfect bridesmaid – She overcame some scary surgery times at the beginning of the year and came out fighting stronger than ever. She’s just such an amazing little girl; Ethan and I, and the rest of the family, are lucky to have her in our family now too.
This year may not have been easy but, thankfully, we have plenty of amazing things to look back on to balance out the difficult. But I’m still hoping for even better things in 2015.

I’m not one for resolutions, the only one I ever really made was at the beginning of 2012 and that was to not pressure myself to blog just because… within two weeks I was blogging daily because without pressuring myself I realised that I Wanted to blog. So I seem to do reverse resolutions if anything.

But, without resolutions, I think it’s still possible to cash in on the ‘clean slate’ feeling that you get from a new year. I have a number of hopes for this year, as well as things I’d like to improve upon.

– I hope for better health and a whole lot less surgery for those I love.
– I hope for better health for myself, too, and more answers about the causes of the bad health. 

– I want to try and loose some of the weight I’ve put on; not all of it, and not in a super diet way, just gently. 
– I want to raise my voice less with Ethan (even if he makes me want to tear my hair out a lot).
– I hope we find some financial stability, of sorts. 
– I hope we end up, in whatever way, in a situation where we can consider growing our family by one more member. 
– I want to try to write. That novel is in there somewhere, I’m sure of it. 
What about you, do you do resolutions? Or do you just have hopes and dreams for the future year without the pressure of rules and goals?

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  1. Sharon Taylor December 30, 2014 / 1:11 pm

    Wishing you a better 2015, although you obviously had some amazing times in 2014 also.

    I'm also hoping for a better 2015, this year was supposed to be a good year after getting over some major surgery in 2013 and my grandad passing away but sadly the year started with more deaths in the family and has ended with yet another death and my dad still in hospital after collapsing in September. I just really hope 2015 is better. I'm only setting myself realistic resolutions like drinking more green tea and sorting out my dvd/blu-ray collection as it's pretty hard to find a film/tv set when they aren't alphabetised (with horror section separate of course), hopefully this is a realistic enough goal for me to sort out, and I finally need to build the IKEA shelving unit I bought to display my collectible figures before it reaches its two year anniversary of when it first arrived!

    Wishing you the best health and the best health for your family in 2015 and a more prosperous year also!

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

    • admin December 30, 2014 / 1:55 pm

      I've not spoken to you in ages, and this feels wrong!

      I think realistic goals are, definitely the way forward – Just the first step towards something bigger, not the whole thing.

      I'm sorry 2014 was hard for you, too, I know lots of people who struggled this year, fingers crossed for a better year for us all xxx

  2. Bek Dillydrops January 4, 2015 / 10:42 pm

    I hope that 2015 is a much better year for you all. Congratulations on getting married 🙂 Love your photos in this post. x

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