Makeup Revolution – Redemption Palette – ‘Essential Mattes 2’

It’s always an exciting time when I’m sent a new Makeup Revolution palette to share with you all – It’s eyeshadows, again, today and it’s a real beauty. The ‘Essential Mattes 2’ brings a whole new selection of gorgeous matte shades which would suit so many complexions – Some of the palest shades don’t show up on my super pale skin, too much, but they’d make amazing base shades or contour shades whilst the darker shades bring the colour and depth.

As you can see there’s a wide variety in the shades ranging from the palest neutral, almost skin toned, shade all the way to a super dark brown. I’ve had to take some closer up shots, compared to those I normally do, as the paler shades were harder to pick up.
I think you can see them better, here, the pale shade isn’t quite as bright white as it seems in the above picture, and then there’s some other beautiful creamy shades with different undertones to them. And you could probably guess that the dusky pink shade caught my eye… matte pinky neutrals are among my favourite shades in any palette.
A nice mix of darker shades up this end, I like that the palette has a number of similar shades but with different undertones which means that they’re more likely to suit people with different complexions.
As you can see, the creamy shades are incredibly pale against my skin but, then, I have very very pale skin! You can still see them, though, and I love that there’s that almost skin-toned nude that’d be great for just evening out the colour of the lid but then there’s a more yellow cream, a pinky cream and then a peachy cream which can be used for balancing out all sorts of different issues that the eye area can have. They’d also, all, be great for highlighting around the eye area, brightening the whole area up. 

Of course the far left shade is my favourite, it’s the sort of shade I gravitate towards all of the time. The rest of the more medium tones are beautiful, too, though; the middle two would be great for some softer contouring whilst the chocolate brown would bring together a beautiful neutral eye look. 

The shade on the far left is, actually, quite hard to pick up on my skin (I’ve done a close up in a photo below), but I think it’d show up much better if someone had slightly less milk-bottle skin than mine. The red tones in the super-dark brown really warm it up and give it a beautiful appearance and the pinky-brown shade that’s next along is really unusual and I can’t wait to work out the best way to wear it. The last shade is of a similar depth as the earlier dark brown but it’s got that fantastic cool tone to it, it’s not as dark as a black but that dark, cool, brown would work fantastically for those who have cool undertones in their skin. 
A close up of that super pale taupe shade that doesn’t show up too well against my hand. It reminds me of another shade that I have that’s so pale when swatched but, that, once on the eye adds just the softest amount of shadow that it’s stunning. It’d show up very differently for someone with a different skin tone so I’d love to know how it works out for someone else.

This palette is a real essential – I can see myself using it for many softer, easier neutral looks. The shadows are matte so, of course, are a lot lighter than their crazily pigmented shimmering cousins but that’s the beauty of matte shades. The paler ones did take a little more building to make them easier to see on here, but that’s part of the joy of this sort of shadow; you can create something subtle or build it up to something more dramatic.

For £4 this palette is, easily, going to become a staple in a lot of people’s collections – Beautiful.

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This palette was sent to me for consideration for review purposes – All opinions are honest and are my own. 


  1. Charlotte Richards December 17, 2014 / 11:02 pm

    You've convinced me… I have to get this now! Looks like it would just be so useful for everyday looks 🙂

    Great post!!

    Charlotte xx

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