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Warning! There’s a Lot of things in this post… I mean a lot. But what would you expect from a beauty junkie like me? I was sent a lot of things to consider including in the post so, in this one, so anything I was sent is marked with a *.

I’ve got body care, I’ve got skin care, I’ve got cosmetics, fragrance and even a set for men! Beauty is a real go-to for so many people when Christmas comes around; even if we’re not considering beauty obsessives it’s quite easy to just pick up some toiletries or something that smells nice when you’re buying for someone and aren’t sure what to get. So, if you find yourself in that situation, or if you just want to get ideas for yourself or the beauty junkie in your life then keep on reading for some ideas.

 I’ve been trying to work out the best order to list these items but I have come a bit stuck – The only one I could decide on is putting this one first. It’s the only men’s set I’ve got but that’s not because there isn’t lots of fantastic ones out there, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

The David Beckham ‘Instinct Sport’* set is a lovely little set to get for any men in your life – I know of both younger, teens who love this ranging to men in their 50’s so this really could suit so many people. The set comes with a 150ml body spray and a 200ml body and hair wash which could give that special man, or boy, that you’re buying for, lots of uses and a great chance to try out this fragrance to see if it’s one they love. It’s £4.99 from Lloyds Pharmacy (It’s showing as currently oos but it’s well worth checking your local store to see if they have it, it’s Such a bargain)

I picked up a couple of my easier to reach Soap & Glory items for this one – I have So much S&G that it was just easier to grab a couple of smaller bits to represent the whole brand. They are a fantastic brand to buy as gifts; quality, value and fun are all there in the one package. They really are one of my favourite beauty brands and be it one of the big sets, or just a lip balm to go in a stocking, lots of ladies would love to get S&G on Christmas morning. You can buy a whole range of special Christmas sets, and lots of individual items, too, from Boots.
Continuing on with sets, and specifically ones which you can get from supermarkets – These Vintage Kellogs sets are available from Tesco. This is the ‘Toast and Jam’ set which has a strawberry scented body wash and a sponge in the shape of toast; I think it’s really cute and rather amusing, it makes a lovely little gift, especially at £6.
I’d never heard of Cheeky before but when I heard that they were the little sister brand to Cowshed I was interested. Cowshed is one of those brands I’ve always wanted to try, but never been able to, so I was intrigued to see what Cheeky products were like.

The makeup bag is really cute, lovely quality (the fabric has an oilskin type feel to it) and is a good size for keeping your daily makeup in, or keeping in your handbag. The slogan is really nice, too, I’m not normally a fan of slogan pieces but I like this a lot and I think it’d appeal to beauty lovers of all ages. The makeup bag is £9* which is a good price for a secret santa gift, or to a friend or someone in your family who’d appreciate the giggle and the good quality of it.

The second Cheeky item I’ve got to show you is their Rough to Buff set* which offers up three, 100g tubs of body care – There’s the ‘Let’s get wet’ shower jelly, the ‘Bright as a button’ dry body buff and the ‘Dare to bare’ body balm. These are great sizes for a set of minis as you’re going to get tonnes of use out of them, I wasn’t expecting the jelly to actually be jelly-like as I’ve tried so many products that’ve claimed to be a jelly consistency but this one actually is! They don’t have a pretty scent, it’s more fresh than anything else (It reminds me a bit of the ocean scent from natural collections back when I was younger) – Very bright and refreshing which is just want you want if you’re the type to have a quick shower. This set would suit so many people and, at £14, is a good way to let someone trial a number of products in one.
In no way was Avon meant to be at the bottom of the list, but this is just how things ended up flowing together – What a fantastic way to end the gift guide, though. I’ve got two items to show you, from Avon, one which is a super bargain that’d be a great stocking filler and another that’s slightly more luxury and would put a smile on many a beauty addict’s face.
The Planet Spa ‘Pamper Treasures Collection’* contains three 50ml products but I don’t seem to be able to find it on the site, at the moment – It’d be worth checking with a rep, if you have one, though. There are a number of other sets that range from £5-£8, though, that’d make beautiful gifts that feel like they’re of much higher a value than their bargain price tag.

The Luxe eyeshadow palettes are a real beauty to behold. I’ve got one of the Rose Gold range to share with you, in the shades ‘Luxurious Nudes’* – I can’t seem to find that on the site, either, but I have found it in ‘Stone Chic’ which looks gorgeous too. There’s also the standard range of Luxe eyeshadow palettes which come in a number of gorgeous shade sets.

The shadows in these palettes aren’t overly dense in their colour saturation but their softness would work beautifully in making them a fantastic way to do a gentler, smoky eye. With the neutral shades in this palette you could contour the eye nicely with the paler, matte shades, and then add a little bit of shimmer with the darker shimmer shade, highlight with the central shade and then line with the black. The two shimmery shades are just stunning and definitely my favourite two, but the other three are fantastic for creating the base for the look. This palette is great at £10, and would light up the face of many a beauty junkie if they opened it on Christmas morning.

I’ve got So many other brands I want to mention such as Makeup Revolution, Lush and The Balm who are all favourites of mine in different ways. But I’d be here forever if I talked about them all, on top of those I already have. Beauty is a real mine field when it comes to gift buying – If someone loves beauty products but doesn’t have a terrifyingly big collection then you’re quite safe. If it looks like they have everything that they could possibly have then odds are there’s more that they want and a gift voucher for their favourite beauty retailer would go down very well!

This post contains press samples (as marked*) – See disclaimer here

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