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It’s very hard for me to recommend books because there’s So many books that I love and I read so many in a year. I was sent a few to read in order to consider including them in this and I also fell in love with some of my book club reads from this year which I think deserve a mention and I want to mention a few that I’ve read myself. Obviously I can’t mention many of each, as it’d take a loong time, but there’s just so many books that I love.

Books have always been big in my family, our family holidays were spent reading, it has always been one of my biggest hobbies and I just love books. I’m blessed to have a husband who loves books, too, and Ethan really can’t get enough of books as well – I’m so pleased that it looks like my own family is going to be as book driven as mine was growing up. Over the past few years it’s become more and more evident that so many more people don’t enjoy books so I think it’s important that, if someone does love books, we nourish it and giving books as a gift is the perfect way to do that! (If you don’t know what books to get them, and they don’t already have one, a Kindle is an amazing main gift – I gave Azii his years ago for his birthday and it’s had a Lot of use since!)

These first three are books I was sent for this gift guide: ‘Dead Man Walking’ is a DH Heckenburg novel, I’ve not read any of the previous books but this wasn’t a problem at all as, despite some mentions of the past, this book worked perfectly as a stand alone. In this novel DS Heckenburg is living in the Lake District, which is meant to offer him a chance at the quieter life… which clearly means it won’t. A serial killer, from ten years ago in Dartmoor, seems to have returned from ‘the dead’ and ‘Heck’ and his team are stranded due to horrendous weather.

It’s a well written and compelling thrilled which any thriller lover is likely to enjoy – I am quite thinking I’ll grab the earlier books when I’ve not get anything immediate to read. I liked the Heckenburg character as well as the pace and tension in the story. A good option for many book lovers that you might know this Christmas – It’s only £3.75 on Amazon, here.

‘The Dying Place’ by Luca Veste is a book that you won’t want to buy for the faint hearted – Following the murder investigation when a teenage boy is found, dead, outside a church this book looks in to a dark, brutal story where troublesome boys seem to be being ‘dealt with’ in a merciless manner. The story follows DI Murphy and DS Rossi as they work to find out who is targeting these young men and, more importantly, why.

The book costs £3.85 and has only been out since the 4th December so it’ll be one that your book loving friend, or relative, may be less likely to have read. The book would suit thriller lovers who don’t mind a book being darker. I really enjoyed this book, within the remit of a book that’s as dark as it is, of course. It’s available from Amazon here.

‘The Death of the Poet’, by N. Quentin Woolf is something I was sent for review much earlier in the year – I won’t say much as you can see my thoughts in the original review. This book is very dark, it’s about pain, physical and mental abuse and how people aren’t always as they seem – The book is incredibly well written and the story is utterly compelling despite the darkness – You can get this from Amazon, here, for £9.79 or you could give them a gift voucher and tell them that you want them to get this book as well as others of their choice as, on Kindle, it’s only £4.12. 
‘The Teashop on the Corner’ by Milly Johnson is one of my most recent book club reads – As with the above I won’t go in to it too much as you can check out the original review for more details but I fell in love with this book. There’s so many themes that it’d be impossible to list, in this book, but it’s about friendship and kindness despite death and sadness. The story is beautiful and it’s written beautifully. If someone wants something lighter, more easy reading and less intense, then this would be perfect. You can pick this up from Amazon, here, for £5.59. 
‘Me Without You’ is another bookclub read that I fell in love with – Kelly Rimmer’s novel is about two people who fall in love. It’s a love story at its purest; you see the characters through their very best and through their very worst. It’s a book about people and about how love transforms; warning this book makes me cry, a lot, as I admitted in the original review. You can get this book for £7.99 from Amazon, here.
I haven’t got photos for the other books as they’re ones I’ve read on my Kindle but if you have an epic fantasy lover and they either love Game of Thrones or haven’t been involved in it yet then consider the series in book form (it’s often on offer at The Works and you can get the current books for £32.99). If you have a fantasy fan who enjoys young adult novels then I really recommend the Percy Jackson series’; there’s two, 5 book, series’ now and they’re both great (I was sent two from the second series for review but I bought the other 8 myself so don’t class this as review books). Karl Pilkington books are fantastic if you’ve got someone to buy for who wants a giggle and ‘Paper Towns’ by John Green is a fantastic, people based, fiction.

To be honest the list could go on, I’ve read over 100 books this year and plan to keep going. The main message is, consider getting people books as they’re magic in paper form, when you give someone a book you’re giving them the entire alternative reality that is awaiting them inside.

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If I was sent a book for review or for a book club then I’ve told you above – All opinions are honest and are, entirely, my own. 


  1. Amy Dickson December 8, 2014 / 1:08 pm

    Definitely adding a few of these to my 'to read' list. I'm the same as you, a totally avid reader and I love posts like these to give me a little inspiration when I'm not sure what to read next.

    • admin December 8, 2014 / 2:17 pm

      I want to do more book posts in 2015, I struggle with them as I don't like to give too much away but I also like to share my enthusiasm, I hope I manage to strike that balance but it Does make it a little more tricky.

      I'm glad you liked the post, keep an eye out for more in the future… I'm thinking maybe a 'What stood out this month' type thing … A work in progress in terms of ideas but yes, liking it so far

  2. beautyqueenuk December 8, 2014 / 10:06 pm

    Ah the dying place and me without you are on my list to download x

    • admin December 9, 2014 / 12:03 pm

      Both well worth a read xx

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