My December Degustabox Unboxing

I am loving being sent these Degustabox subscription boxes – There’s not been a single item, thus far, that I’ve really disliked, which is impressive when you think about it! I love that you get a mix of snacks and some cupboard items which add to your normal repertoire and give you something different, and interesting, to cook with plus the odd little extra different thing. It’s a fantastic idea for someone who needs things shaking up, or who has a limited budget but wants some extras to make their food more interesting. For £12.99 a month you get an exciting, mystery foody box which I think is a rather good bargain and if you want to get £3 off you can use my code: 9NS65

Cute little Christmas sticker to seal up the box, this month, and is there festive treats inside?
Snacky things first! There’s only a few snack bits in the box, but at this time of year I expect lots of our homes are brimming with sweet and savoury treats, already, so we’re unlikely to be lacking!

I have a real soft spot for Bahlsen biscuits, I get sent them via their book club and other things and they make really, really delicious products – The ‘Choco Leibniz’ biscuits are something we’ve often bought because there’s something rather addictive about their mix of buttery biscuit and delicious chocolate and so we’re not complaining at getting these. The caramel ones… my goodness the caramel ones are just amazing. If you’ve people coming over for Christmas then these would be great and if you don’t like mince pies then maybe Santa would like a couple of these biccies left out for him instead, haha. Packs of these cost £1.79 each.

Pop Chips are something else I really enjoy, they’re light but full of flavour – Very pleased that I got the Barbeque flavour as this is my absolute favourite when it comes to these. These’d be lovely to share if you have guests, or maybe if you have a snacky evening meal on Christmas day (like we do) or… if you’re like me they might be a great accompaniment to watching Masterchef in the evening, hehe. These large bags cost £1.79.

Drinks next – A good drink is something that a lot of people enjoy over the festive period and these offerings seem to suit nicely.

The Eusberg ‘Riesling Italico’ alcohol free wine might not make everyone excited, lots of people want them some booze over Christmas, but I was Very happy to see this. Just as I was learning to enjoy the taste of wine I started taking medication which reacted really badly to it and, so, I can’t drink it any more! As such,something that tastes similar but has no alcohol in, is the perfect thing for me to sip of an evening, or enjoy on Christmas day when others have a drink. These bottles cost £3.49.

Next up is four cans of Glo Worm  stimulating drinks. These are supposed to be great as mixers with a spirit and, each, has a spirit which they go better with. We have four flavours (Nice to not get all the same) which are ‘Pear, Spice & Lime’, ‘Ginger & Lemongrass’, ‘Cucumber & Apple’ and ‘Raspberry & Orris’. I don’t drink a lot so I’m not sure I’ll use these with their alcoholic counterparts but the flavours sound amazing so I think I’ll give them a go on their own – These sound great for someone who likes a good mixer, though, and they’re £1.50 a can.

Lastly we have a box of Pukka Herbs tea – I have a Lot of boxes of their teas but I’ve not tried this flavour before. ‘Clean Green’ sounds like a lovely, fresh way to start the morning, especially during a time of over indulgence, haha! When we’ve had a lot of good food, and sometimes a few drinks, it can be lovely to have something tasty, and uplifting, the next morning so I can imagine this’ll be a saviour of many this year. These boxes cost £2.39.

Cupboard items, next. We have another item from Kent’s Kitchen this month, which I’m not unhappy with. I think their flavour shots, curry kits etc are just fantastic and it’s so nice to have everything you need all in one set – In this Madras set there’s an infused oil, a curry paste and some spices which, with some meat, will make a tasty meal. I am wondering if a Madras will be too warm for the whole family but it smells Amazing. These kits are £2.50.

Ethan is obsessed with marmalade – He’s always liked to steal some of Grandma’s toast when she has it with marmalade on and we’ve been reading Paddington recently which has increased the obsession. As such this is rather perfect for us to get, this will  be lovely to have on toast on Christmas morning, after we’ve opened stockings but before we’ve gone down down for the rest of presents. I also think this rather lovely Bonne Maman course marmalade would be delicious to use as an ingredient if you’re doing some festive baking, I’m thinking marmalade loaf cake… mmmm. These jars are £2.30.

Another breakfast item is this sachet of Oats from The Chia Co is rather intriguing. I’ve tried Chia seeds, before, and have considered getting some to use more regularly but not got around to it – They’re something where you might struggle to work out how to add them in to your diet so this porridge could be a really interesting way to include them in your diet. Mixed berry flavour sounds lovely and you only need to add water so I don’t need to worry about getting special milk to take it with – These sachets are £1.70. (We also got a little tube of the seeds, on their own, which will be good to try out again)

Lastly we have a bottle of Frylight Garlic infused oil. I had absolutely no idea you could get flavour infused versions of these oil sprays so this was an interesting one for me. I couldn’t help but open the bottle to give it a sniff and WOW, the smell is amazing! I half thought that because it’s a ‘light’ product the flavour/scent would be light, too, but oh no it smells phenomenal. We’ve not cooked with it yet but I’ve got a number of ideas of how it’ll work with various things, can’t wait to see how this adds to the flavour of a dish. These bottles cost £2.

I like this box a lot, there’s things in there for everyone (Or just for me if I steal them, of course!) – Plenty of lovely things to use within a festive setting, or just to enhance the every day. The value of the items comes in at well over £20 so you’re getting really great value for money, too.

If you want to check Degustabox out then there Facebook is here, and their Twitter is here

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I was sent this box for consideration for review purposes – All opinions are honest and are my own. 

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