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Now I know that stockings are a note of contention for some families – Some people don’t like them at all, some people think they’re for little ones only and some believe that you can have them well in to adult-hood. Well I’m 28 and I still get stockings so I expect you can guess which of these categories I fall in to which is why you’ll find gift ideas for all ages in this, particular guide.

Some of these things are press samples, some I bought myself, anything that’s a press sample will be marked with a *.

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First I want to share a couple of charity ideas with you – is a charity that allows you to make donations, in someone’s name, and give a real, substantial gift to someone who doesn’t anywhere near as much as us. You can donate as little as £5 (for a Semen Straw… yup, semen, to inseminate a cow and get calves), to £6 to ‘feed a child’ (teach them to grow food and how to cook that food in a nutritional way), £7 (to donate a chicken) £10 (for a tap) all the way up to £205 for a cow and £1450 to make a whole family self sufficient. There’s a whole range of prices and it’d  be lovely to pop a card in a stocking and let someone know that, together, you’ve helped someone at Christmas.

Considering most people, at least, consider stockings to be for children, I thought I’d move on to a couple of ideas for them. There’s endless little toys that can be popped in to a stocking, I’m still hoping/waiting for some to arrive in time (they’re coming from a long way, hence the worry). But one of the things that we’ve got a bit of an abundance of, this year, is these fab little lego bags. You can often get them free with news papers but if you didn’t manage to get hold of them, you can grab them on eBay for reasonable prices (Which is what my best friend did and is why we have so many) – I think these sets are great, most little ones are too little for the bigger sets but some plain lego with a few of these mini sets is just perfect. If you don’t want the mini bag sets there’s also plenty of smaller sets in the shops that have, maybe, a mini figure and a few blocks.


Obviously there’s one chocolatey treat that everyone associates with Christmas and that’s chocolate coins but I think we’ll be going a bit more different this year. We will get him chocolate coins, of course, but I thought that a kinder egg is a great way for them to have a smaller amount of chocolate but also have something to keep them occupied! We’ve had these for a little while but Ethan’s behaviour hasn’t been ideal so they’re still around and it seems like a great use for them.
This one, next, as it blurrs the lines between adult and children. If you have a really young child and are doing the stocking, mostly, for tradition’s sake then something like this would be great, equally if you need stocking fillers for a new mum these would be likely to be a really useful gift. New Mum’s may not realise this, straight away, but if you’ve had to deal with bright pink stains on the furniture/carpets due to errant medicine doeses then you’ll probably be intrigued by this.

Spilly Spoon* supposed to help stop spills, be easy to measure and be something that children can do themselves which can be ideal if you have a child that insists on being independent all of the time (Ethan went through that phase for a while, grabbed spoons were a nightmare)

This cute little purse is from Nyla Rose* which is a site I started following on Facebook a while ago, they sell a beautiful variety of vintage style clothing, and accessories and some of the most beautiful home accessories that I’ve seen on one site. Their prices are really affordable, too, impressively so.
This coin purse costs £4, which is a great price. I expected it to be one section so when I found out that it was two I was really impressed. The two compartments makes this much more usable as you could fold up notes and put those with cards in one side and then coins in the other and all of a sudden you can use it as a full, small purse. I think this, amongst other items from the site, would make a gorgeous gift this christmas and it’s the perfect size for a stocking filler.


You may remember that I reviewed a set of these a short while ago, these are photo magnets from PicStick*. I’m a massive fan of them as I think they just fantastic on a fridge and it’s a lovely way to display some favourite photos without taking up a lot of space, and in a very affordable way. If you’d like to see my full review, it’s here – But it’s safe to say they’d really put a smile one someone’s face this Christmas. They’re only £9.50 a set, free postage and a very quick order to send out time, they come very quickly. A lovely, very personal gift.
I think that this is going to be the only thing that’s going to feature in two of my gift guides, but I just couldn’t decide which one it should go in! Yuco* do totally customisable chocolate bars – You can get the bar in different types of chocolate and then there’s absolutely tonnes and tonnes of toppings to choose from. The bars are £4-£4.50 and you can add 5 toppings which average at between 40p and 90p so the cost of your bar can vary – Postage starts at £2.45 and there’s various options. It’s not the cheapest way to give a chocolate gift but it’s loads of fun to put together, and everything tastes Amazing. My bar got eaten in two sittings, I will definitely want another in the future. I’ll write in more detail when this gets featured in my ‘Christmas foody gifts and nibbles’ post.
And that’s it for my stocking fillers ideas – All of them are under £10, and hopefully they’ll give you some ideas. I am glad I’ve been able to keep it a bit different as there’s always the obvious stuff for stocking fillers but these things should give you ideas for when you’re a bit stuck.

This post contains press samples – please see disclaimer here

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