New Makeup Revolution! The ‘All About Cream’ Blush palette

Would I like to post about an 8 shade, cream blush palette that’s made to the Makeup Revolution quality that we already know and love? Well, why yes, I would! And would I like it the day before it’s released? Oh my goodness you’re spoiling me!

When the offer arrived there was no doubt about what my answer would be – Makeup Revolution make good cream blushes, 8 of them in a palette together is dream come true material, I love cream blushes.

The palette comes in the standard black, matte effect box, that I have a good number of inhabiting my makeup space – The packaging always looks lovely but, sadly, the boxes do have a tendency to attract scuffs and dust, naughty matte black!


You’re probably, already, used to the shiny casing inside (even if just from my previous posts and not your own experiences) but I included this picture because I manage to make it all pretty and festive with the reflection (yup, easily pleased)

This palette costs £6 which means that you’re getting these blushes for less than £1 a piece, inside this strong, good quality palette, with a large mirror – Can anyone say win win?

Ahh yes, you might be wondering about the shades? We’re definitely running on a more pink toned theme with these, though so many different shades, not to mention those gorgeous left hand shades with their hit of red and a couple with a little hint of orange/coral with them elsewhere. There’s a really nice mix of shades, which would make this a good all rounder for a lot of people – Imagine being able to go on holiday and take All of these with you, without the fiddly individual packaging for each one.
But none of it matters without those all important swatches and just look at them! I’m not going to try to describe each individual colour as a lot of them are on a similar tonal scale with just a few differences in brightness and shade. But aren’t they beautiful?!

These are, obviously, the top row – I’m already thinking that the far left shade may well be a go to ‘just stepped in from the cold shade’ and I’m already itching to see how all four of them look when stippled on to the cheeks.

The two pinks on this, second, row are very pink and will be great for brightening the complexion come summer. The far left does look a little daunting but I think that if stippled lightly it’ll be gorgeous and I love the coral shade on the right, a great depth with a lovely balance of pink and that hint of orange.

All 8 shades are amazingly pigmented, it takes only a little to make them as pigmented as above, but equally once you’re using a lighter touch, or using a stippling brush I think they’ll be able to go on much more lightly or be built up if that’s the look you’re going for.

They all glide on to the skin so so smoothly, I almost couldn’t believe Quite how creamy these are. For £6 this is an absolute steal and I think I’ll be breaking out the stippling brushes to start playing with these asap.

This palette will be available on on the 5th December, I’m predicting a lot of excitement over this one.


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I was sent this for my consideration for review – All opinions are entirely honest and are my own.


  1. beautyqueenuk December 4, 2014 / 11:58 am

    This is such a beautiful looking palette x

  2. Amy Dickson December 8, 2014 / 12:58 pm

    Wow they look gorgeous! I'm torn between this and the All about pink palette. Maybe santa will bring me both!

  3. Christy Fowler January 5, 2015 / 12:53 pm

    I most excited to win the eyeshadow palette because I love coming up with new looks for the eyes and with all these gorgeous colors, the possibilities are endless!!

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