You can’t forget the pets this Christmas! Pet Present Finder fun *

Before I get started I wanted you to know that this is a sponsored post but it was loads of fun to write and it’s something that I think we do overlook a lot of the time – Gifts for our pets!

You’ve seen me write Beauty gift guides, ones for the children, food, stocking fillers… but what about the animals?! I have to say it wasn’t at the top of my list of potentials, simply  because we stopped buying Christmas gifts for our cats a few years ago (gosh don’t I feel guilty admitting it?!) – Our cats are both a bit old now, well mine isn’t but she acts as though she is, they rarely like to play and when they do they’ll do it for a few seconds but once they realise someone’s watching them they suddenly go aloof again – A bit like a tween who’s grown out of her barbies.

I used to love buying gifts for the cats, though, and back when we had a dog I loved the doggie stockings you can get them. At the end of the day, for a lot of us, pets are a big part of the family so why on earth wouldn’t we buy them gifts? (Unless they’re moody what-have-yous of course)

Morethan have a really fun app* which will give you the chance to find the best gift for your pet, and no I’m not being over enthusiastic when I say that it’s fun, it actually is. Like I said, I’ve not bought presents for our cats for a while, too many toy mice have been adopted by Ethan because the cats prefer sweetie wrappers. But I’ve had loads of fun going through the different options and seeing what’s recommended – You can pick between dog or cat and then you can pick the type of gift that you like and the budget that you have and the app gives you recommendations based on those criteria.

Now that I’ve looked through the gifts on the app I quite wish that I did buy gifts for the cats but everything that I’ve loved has been big and we just don’t have the space… maybe when we move out I can get something for them as my Mum would have loads more space and who wouldn’t want a kittie sail boat?! Look how much fun this is – It’s got the necessary compartmentalising that cats love as well as things to sit on and things that dangle down…. ‘arrr meow!’ This was only £9.99 and I expected it to be much more.


This is something I wish we’d known about back when Penny was smaller because her favourite game was when I put my hand under the duvet and moved it around, she loves chasing things underneath something and this toy simulates that perfectly – I’m sure she’d not play with it any more, moody little fur ball but if I had even an inkling that she would I’d want to have this… must think of the space, must think of the space! Coming in at £16.99, I was quite impressed with the price of this too!


This weird looking contraption would actually be more of a benefit for me than for the cat – It’s supposed to massage the cat and give them lots of textures to rub against. If you have a cat then you’ll know that rubbing up against things is an absolute favourite for them… especially laptops when you’re writing and cups of tea that’ll scald the both of you if they don’t let up! As such something that the cat can rub against without causing mayhem and destruction is something I can imagine lots of people loving and for £7.99 what’s stopping you?


This might look more like something you’d buy for your baby than for your cat but, we also love multi-use products?! The ball that zooms around this track lights up which will definitely get the attention of the ba… I mean feline around your home – I can imagine a lot of cats would, literally, sit and watch this zoom around and around for hours, and sometimes they might even lift a paw to try and attack it… though that would be a lot of work! For £11.90 I’m really impressed with this, I’d have expected it to be much more.

And that’s just a small selection of the things you’ll find on the Morethan app, I’ve not even shown you half of the toys, there’s tonnes of treats, weird and wonderful gadgets and some seriously wacky items too – Not to mention there’s the dog section and that over £20 section as well. If you want to buy something for your beloved pet then this’d be a great place to get ideas and if you don’t want to buy for your pet then this app could still give you a bit of a giggle like it did me!

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