Saturday, 31 May 2014

Is Fibromyalgia real?

Big question to head this up with, eh? But I'm not one for beating about the bush and this question is Exactly what I want to write about today.

Is Fibromyalgia real?

I'm not a doctor so I can't tell you anything from a medical perspective but I can tell you from the perspective of someone who suffers from a chronic health condition and my answer is...

'I don't know.'

I don't know if fibro is real because they don't know what causes it, they don't know what it is that makes us feel the way that we do. The name Fibromyalgia (and I am quoting from Wikipedia, here, so this is as accurate as the Wiki writer is) 'derives from New Latinfibro-, meaning "fibrous tissues", Greek myo-, "muscle", and Greekalgos, "pain"; thus the term literally means "muscle and connective tissue pain".' (quote from When they find out what causes fibro then the name 'fibromyalgia' might not be the right name anymore, who knows?

What I do know, though, is that this pain is real. The exhaustion, the headaches, the IBS, the fog, the muscle weakness, skin sensitivity and... ok well I'm going to stop, I have so many symptoms that it's hard to count and sometimes it's hard to remember them all. You might say that, if I suffer with them then I should remember them! Well imagine living with this, in varying degrees of severity, for your whole life. And then imagine that you spent most of your life telling yourself it's normal, everyone feels this way and you're just weak. So, no, I don't remember every symptom because I spent most of my life thinking they're normal.

Would you like some coffee with those meds?
I fully understand why some people doubt fibro, and other chronic and invisible illnesses. It's hard to understand what you can't see. And with something like fm, where there's no one blood test or x-ray that can give you a 100% answer, it's easy to believe that it just doesn't exist. But I can tell you that there are Countless sufferers out there who will disagree with anyone who thinks that - What we feel is real, I promise. 

There Are people who're misdiagnosed because it seems to have become a cop out for doctors. And I do believe there Are people who just play things up for sympathy because I've seen it happen with other illness and other situations, people like that are out there. But, again, that doesn't take away from what's happening for genuine sufferers. 

You must also keep in mind that there's a wide variety in severity when it comes to conditions like fibro, and plenty of others too, so just because you know someone who has it who's 'just fine' it doesn't mean that those of us who have it to a stronger degree are 'just fine' too. 

Not quite the height of fashion but another way to get through the day

I know this post is rather defensive, but sometimes that's necessary. Chronic illness, invisible illness, everywhere is being ignored, discounted and played down by a lot of people - Sometimes through lack of awareness, sometimes through anger, sometimes just because they don't understand, but it's really important that people understand the truth because it could be tomorrow that someone comes in to your life that suffers with fibro, ME, lupus, depression or anything else that you can't see but really Is there, and you'll need to be able to understand all of this. This post was a long time coming, but it was sparked when I got drawn into a very big discussion with someone who was convinced fibro isn't real - Many of us got involved and it got me thinking about how I'd have wanted to respond, at that time, if I'd had the chance to put things in to words properly.

I don't know if fibro is real, but I do know that there's a condition with a wide variety of symptoms, that many of us have, where our symptoms overlap in many ways - And I do know that I WISH it wasn't real. 

On a more positive note some of the lovely ladies, from a group that I'm a part of, thought of a way to improve awareness of invisible illness by using the has tag #YouCanSeeIt followed with ways in which our conditions show, even if it's not the obvious. I've written a good few myself, had some great replies and re-tweets and the # is really coming together - Keep an eye out for it and if you want to get involved please do!

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Makeup Revolution's Eyeshadow and Eyebrow palette in 'Disappear Till Tomorrow' - Swatches

I doubt it's much of a surprise, if you saw my Dream box post or my 'Make Believe' palette post, to see me posting about one of the neutral palettes from Makeup Revolution. I really like my 'Make Believe' palette but I really wanted to get a neutral version of this palette format, I just really like the size, shape and variety they offer.

Compact but filled with shades, this palette holds 14 eyeshadows and 2 eyebrow powders in a range of beautiful neutrals. I've shared enough Makeup Revolution products with you, so far, that you can assume we're looking at some well pigmented, beautiful shades in a soft, dense formula. Prepare for lots of photos, as always I have picked two of each set of shades in order to show them at different angles, only seems fair with shimmer shadows such as the majority of these.

Three paler shades to begin with - A soft, pale neutral with a hint of shimmer, followed by a beautiful pink toned neutral and then a pale matte neutral. As expected you can see less pigmentation in the matte shade, but it's still got a good amount of colour and they're a nice formula. The two shimmer shades are beautiful, I especially love the centre shade.

We've got two more shimmers and another matte in this next trio of shades. The first of the three is a warm, shimmery medium brown that is exactly the sort of shade I love. The darker matte brown is another nice shade and will be great for contouring. The last shade, a pale coppery/gold has a gorgeous sheen to it.

Ooh that beautiful, darker, tarnished gold shade on the left is simply stunning. That said, all three of these, really stand out - I love the slightly darker brown, middle shade, with its gold shimmer and that gorgeous red/bronze really catches the eye. All three of these could make captivating eye looks.

Three of the darkest shades, here, a really dark brown with a sheen along side a black with a subtle, soft shimmer in it and then a striking charcoal - The smoky looks that could be made, with these three, are endless. 

The last two shadow shades are these two contrasting ones. This bright, white, silver shade will be a fabulous highlighting shade; such an amazing level of shimmer in this one. And ooh ooh I can't take my eyes off this super, dark, earthy brown with its stunning shimmer - A fantastic finale to these wonderful shades.

As with the other palette there's a paler/blonder brow shade as well as a darker/brunette shade. 

All fourteen of the eye shadow shades make up a great neutral palette - This may well be a go-to travel palette, for me, and just for playing around with different looks. With a highlight, dark shades for liner, and the brow shades, there's a whole lot of the face completed with just this little item. I know I've raved about how beautiful these shades are, but they really are. They're all packed with extra dimensions of shimmer or sparkle and they are beautiful tones of browns and neutrals. Very very nice.

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

An update on my Slimpod* journey - Thinking Slimmer

I just wanted to share a little update with you on how things are going with the Slimpod experience that I'm trying out with Thinking Slimmer. If you missed my original post, where I explained what a Slimpod is, then you can see that HERE, just to get an idea of what I'm talking about!

I've only got a few weeks left of the experience and I'm really rather pleased with it, thus far. I've had a tough few weeks, personally, so I've not listened as much as I should be and I've indulged in more naughty foods but despite that I've still lost some size and, over all, I've been eating less, eating better and just feeling much much more confident!

I'm never going to be the poster child for the system, my health just doesn't fit with much more exercise than I already do and I didn't need to lose Tonnes of weight/size to begin with but I Think that my success shows that this can work for anyone, it doesn't just need to be for those who want to drop 4 dress sizes!

My main aim from trialling the programme was to make sure I fit, comfortably, in my wedding dress. Well, even before finishing, that's exactly what I can do! I'd still like to lose a bit more, but only a small bit. Hopefully, as long as I can get myself back on track, I'll be able to lose that last bit of size and get back on top of it all. The main thing for me is that I managed to Stop my weight gain and have begun to rewind; when I'm on the medication that I'm on that, alone, seemed like it'd be a struggle so it feels fantastic to have managed that much already.

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*I was given the chance to trial this weight loss system in order to review it but everything I've shared is based upon my real experiences* 

Monday, 26 May 2014

A wedding update - Rings, hand made flowers, shoes, plus the place cards we picked from Paper Themes*!

I've not posted as much about the wedding as I'd planned to. Everything just keeps happening all of a sudden and it'll be over and done with before I can even think to post about it, which is a good thing really, so much is coming together.

We've all but got our cake booked, I've finally visited the venue, we've got clothing sorted for almost everyone (though some bits left to get for Azii), we've got plans in place for flowers, we've got ideas for the centre pieces, the invites are out and we've started getting RSVPs. Yes, it really is all coming together. Though it still feels like there's Loads left to do!


You may remember that the lovely people over at Paper Themes gave us some samples of place cards so that we could decide which ones we'd like to use for the wedding, and I could tell you what I thought about their designs, the quality and their site (post HERE). Well their service was impeccable and it was really difficult to decide which of the gorgeous designs to pick but, as you can see above, we went for the black floral design on a pearlescent card; I think they're beautiful and will really help bring our tables together. 

Believe it or not, each one of the flowers pictured above are prototypes of the styles of flowers that my Mum is going to make for the wedding. Yes, I said prototypes! These are her First attempts at making these and I am just thrilled with how amazing they look. I'm so excited by the idea of having flowers these beautiful and so so different.

I wanted to share this real bargain find with you, too. These are Skye's bridesmaid shoes - They're just the perfect colour and they're so so pretty, they'll go with her dress so well. These were only £6 from Primark but even if they'd been more from elsewhere they'd have been the perfect shoes to go with her princess dress.

A couple of days ago Azii went to pick up the rings that I had ordered us. We've gone super simple - You'd never have seen us with anything particularly flashy. Getting the rings is Definitely exciting, makes it feel incredibly real. 

This is one of my many eBay bargains for the wedding. We're being incredibly cheap and the Best Man and Father of the Bride are going to be wearing their own suits, but with ties that we've bought them. These ties were listed as champagne but I just caught a hint of dusky pink in them and had to order the sets. The colour is just the perfect mix of the pink and the champagne/ivory shades that I've been favouring and they were £3. We're going to have a very unconventional looking wedding party but I think they'll look good!

That's about it, really. My Mum's got plans of what to do for centre pieces, as well as the flowers for the boquets, I need to pay the deposit for the cake people and decide on flavours, I need to send the photo list off to the photographer, need to get my dress altered, need to get the finishing touches of Azii's clothes... it's mostly finishing bits. It is coming together really well but I feel like there's a lot to do, still. Wow those next 12 weeks are going to fly by! I'm so excited about the wedding but I'm also a little heard broken because a couple of weeks after we get married is when Ethan starts school, he may be challenging right now but I am going to miss him so so much. So I shall just focus on the wedding and then when school comes around, well Ethan will be so excited that there won't be time for me to be upset, at least that's the plan!

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*The place cards were sent for the purpose of review but everything else in the post is bought by me, or made by my Mum*

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Makeup Revolution's Eyeshadow and Eyebrow palette in 'Make Believe' - Review and swatches

If you didn't see my post on the fabulous 'Dream Box' by Jane from BritishBeautyBlogger and the lovely people at Latest In Beauty, yesterday, then you are missing out on a feast for your eyes. Such a fabulous box, and if you weren't lucky enough to get one I've linked up to LiB's competition to win one of 5 boxes, in that post, so go check it out HERE.

One of the items I was really pleased to see in the box was an 'Awesome Eyeshadow and Eyebrow palette' - Now these are only worth £4 so it wasn't the value of the item that excited me, it's the fact that so many people will be introduced to the brand And, like me, may get a palette that challenges their colour choices and breaks them out of their comfort zone. I got the brightest palette of the lot 'Make Believe' and I am So glad I did, it's stunning and I already have all sorts of plans for what I'm going to do with it.

If you got this palette, like me, then take a look at the swatches below, see how stunning they are, maybe you can find a place for this in your collection! And if not, then see the quality of the shadows, maybe you should be swapping with a friend or purchasing a neutral version because I think these little palettes have a space in anyone's collection.

I absolutely love the size of these palettes - They fit into your palm a little like a smart phone would yet they hold 14 shadows and two brow colours; talk about compact and convenient! This is the type of palette you want to travel with or that you want to have hanging around so you can put together a different look every day! The quality of the shadows is exactly as I've come to expect from that brand, beautifully pigmented and creamy to apply. Let's get on to the shades!

As always I've given you the shades from two angles, just to try and give you a closer idea of them. This three was an absolute nightmare to photograph as they have luminescent qualities that just didn't want to be captured by the camera!

The first shade is a gorgeous soft pink but, as you can see in the photos, it has a gold sheen to it that just glows. The second shade is soft creamy shade but it has the brightest pink pearlescence to it; Much Much more than shows up in the pics, it really does have a bright pink sheen to it, stunning. The last shade is a very pale neutral sort of shade with a silver shimmer to it. Beautiful.

Next up we have some stunning purples and blues. Far left we have a lilac shade with a gorgeous lilac/silver sheen that really brightens up in the light. The middle shade is another that doesn't capture the entire beauty in photo, it's a stunning mid purple but in the light it has a bright blue, almost ultraviolet sheen. And oh that bright bright blue! It doesn't look like much in the pan but it absolutely comes to life on the skin, this is going to be a fabulous shade to use as a shadow liner this summer.

Next up we have a really different mix of shades. The pink is the only matte in the palette, it's lovely and pigmented with a good deep pink tone to it. The middle shade is the only one I'm not sure I'd use much at all and that's because it's a red, it's a stunning red but I just don't think my pale complexion could pull it off. It really is gorgeous though. The last, bright aqua shade, though, I think will be another stunning summer liner colour, the sheen to it gives it such a brightness and the shade is just beautiful.

I've been really intrigued with khaki, green/gold toned shadows recently so this one has definitely caught my attention - Just need to get the confidence to play with it haha! The dark grey is almost, almost a matte but has the hint of a shimmer in it, a lovely shade. I bet you can guess my plans for the luminous blue?! Yup, another liner shade I think!

The last two shadow shades are these two, simple ones. This deep brown shade with a gorgeous shimmer would be perfectly at home in a neutrals palette, as well as here, and it'll be perfect for making a lot of looks work. Lastly, the shimmery black is fantastically pigmented and will have so many uses!

And, finally, we have the two brow shades. Not a whole lot to say, we've a light shade and a darker shade which you could mix if you're somewhere in between. The palette also comes with a wee angled brow brush as well as the standard foam applicator for the shadows, a nice little addition.

You can expect a neutral version of this palette showing up this blog in the future, I love how convenient and compact this is and, with the more obvious daily shades, I think I could get So much use out of it. Though I can't wait to play with a number of the shades from this brighter one too.

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Friday, 23 May 2014

British Beauty Blogger's collaboration with Latest in Beauty - The Dream Box

They really weren't kidding when this box was named - The moment I learned of this box it really Was my dream box. A collaboration between Jane from BBB and LiB, as one of my favourite box companies, just genius! And that's  before you even see what's inside this beauty! Wow, just wow. It's out of stock, already, I'm afraid but Latest in Beauty still have 5 boxes up for grabs in their giveaway HERE - You need to enter, I'd love for one of my readers to be a winner!

This is the third beauty box from Jane, the first two she released herself, via her blog, and it's no surprise it sold in no time at all. The box is £19.95 with free p+p an her boxes Always sell. The added draw of the box being in collaboration with Latest in Beauty made it even more exciting, for me at least!

The box is full to bursting with samples and full sized products which will please so many people - I couldn't even get everything back in my box, too much amazingness!

First up we have the Elemis 'Treat your feet' foot cream - Not a brand I've tried much I was very happy to see Elemis in the box and I'll never say no to a good foot cream. With 20ml of product this is an amazing start to the box.

L'Occitane is a brand I love but can rarely afford - Their products scream luxury, to me, and they're just an amazing indulgence. The fact that this 50ml bottle holds their 'Divine Lotion' adds to that luxury feel as this stuff just smells amazing, just like walking in to their store.

Roger & Gallet is a band I've only tried via beauty boxes, thus far. This little perfume sample is of their 'Gingembre Rouge' fragrance and I am in love! It's light and fruity with a background warmth of ginger, yes please!

I've heard So Much about Charlotte Tilbury (who hasn't!) but never tried one of her products before. This wee sachet contains a really intriguing little product which is a lip product you press directly onto your lips from the card. These 'Lipstick Kisses' are just such an amazing idea, I have the shade 'So Marilyn'

Ooh some La Roche Posay never went amiss and a new 'Thermal Spring Water' spray isn't something I'll say no to, either. I've had these from various brands and absolutely love them for a refreshing spritz in the warm weather.

I was absolutely thrilled to see Bee Good in the box - I've recently posted about their 2-in-1 cream cleanser (HERE), which I am totally in love with, so I couldn't be happier to have another product of theirs to try. I love cleansing waters so this 'Honey & Wild Water Mint 3-in-1 Cleansing water' is a welcome addition to my collection, I'll be using it along side the cream cleanser and the moisturiser I'm currently trialling, of theirs.

It's, absolutely, the weather for BB creams so this 'Satin Perfection' bb cream from Ren was a very welcome addition to the box ('eck, anything from Ren would be a welcome addition!)

Love nail polishes, love Essie, love love LOVE this shade that I've received in the box! This deep, muted, blue shade that I've been lucky enough to get is called 'Hide & Go Chic'. I will have this on my nails before the day is out. 

I missed out on getting a Lola brush in the You Beauty boxes this month so More than happy to get a second chance by getting one in here. This Kabuki brush feels amazing, dense but soft and I can't wait to try it out with various powder products.

I get very dry hands so a nice quality hand wash is a real luxury for me. This 'Thai Lime & Ginger' hand wash from Janjira smells divine! I love ginger scents so am so happy to have got this one, though wouldn't have been disappointed with the Argan oil one either.

I cannot believe I've not bought one of the Bourjois 'Cream Blush' before now, but I'm also quite glad as I'd have bought this shade and would have had a duplicate. I've heard So many things about these and now that I have one I doubt it'll be long before I get more.

I got the shade 'Nude Velvet' which is a, simply, beautiful shade and I am itching to try it out. I've already broken in to my cream blush stash, at the first sign of warmer weather, so it won't be long before this graces my cheeks. 

Who's going to be disappointed with some Benefit in a beauty box? Not me, that's for sure! The 'It's Potent' eye cream is something I've not tried before so this insanely cute little 3g jar will be a fantastic chance to give it a try.

If there's something I could do with more of it's products that offer to help reduce stress! This Kneipp 'Herbal Bath' has the words 'Stress free' proudly emblazoned on the bottle so I am looking forward to some sensational Mandarin and Orange scented stress free baths in the future. Though I definitely wouldn't have said no to the 'Enjoy Life' option which is lemon scented, I do love citrus in general. I was amazed at this huge bottle, especially when you only need one cap full per bath.

If you know me at all then you'll know how elated I was to see Makeup Revolution in a beauty box! Having been to their launch (HERE) and loved so so many of their products I'm so pleased to see them in a box And for it to be a product I've not got (shocking considering how much I have in my collection!)

It's called 'Make Believe' an it has 12 eye shadow shades and two eye brow shades which is a fantastic amount in such a small, sleek palette. I was hoping for a neutral offering but I'm actually rather pleased with this more colourful option, the shades are gorgeous with a few nice neutrals thrown in too. Very much looking forward to swatching this for you all!

Not intentionally, but I've managed to save the most impressive product for last! Too Faced  in a beauty box... Too Faced in a beauty box!!! This mascara costs almost the whole value of the box, it'd set you back £19 on its own and I couldn't believe it was a full sized offering in a box of this cost!! I absolutely cannot wait to try out this mascara but for now I shall look at the packaging and the tube and go ooooooooooh!

I'm absolutely blown away by this box and I, for one, am glad that Jane didn't stick to her decision to only do one of her boxes and that she's partnered up with LiB this time! Absolutely amazing. I haven't worked out what's sample size and what's full sized or the values of everything as this was a big enough post anyway but the value of this box must be massive! I am itching to go and do my makeup now!

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