Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Makeup revolution - Beauty Giveaway

I definitely wasn't planning to have another big giveaway so soon after my Summer Beauty Giveaway ended but it looks like it's not up to me! When the fab team over at Makeup Revolution sent me out a massive bundle of their base products to try out there was a bit of a mix up at the warehouse and it all got sent out Twice!! As such I have a huge bundle of base products that I don't need and it was suggested I run a giveaway with it which is a rather awesome idea.

I know not everyone will be able to use every item of the bundle due to shades and the likes so I bought a few extra bits to add to it so that it'd be nicer for more of you (and if you won you could share the bits you couldn't use with friends etc) so here's what's up for grabs.

A rather nice bundle of goodies if I do say so myself! As you can see there's a few base bits but there's a nice number of things that'd suit people who don't have the same fair skin as me, too.

First up we've got the concealer products. It's hard to miss that big 'Cover & Conceal' palette which is a rather good thing to win even on its own - It's in the Fair shade set and has 8 different concealer shades (You can see my review here)

As well as that there's two Focus & Fix liquid concealers in '01 Fairest' and '02 Fair' and a Matte effect concealer in '02 Fair'

Next up we have three more base products starting with the Ultra Face Base Primer as well as the Pressed powder in the shade 'Porcelaine' and then the Ultra Face Base Foundation in 'FB 02' which is the palest pink toned shade.

Lastly we've got the three extras which I picked up myself which are the Glitter nail polish in 'Heart Is Gold' a powder blush in 'Sugar' and a single shadow in 'Promised Land'. I own, and like, all three of these myself so I hope whoever wins does too.

The base products are all relatively new so this'd be a great opportunity to pick up a whole range of things all at once as well as a few extra, colourful bits as an added bonus.

- You must be 18 or over to enter the giveaway
- The Giveaway is open to residents of the UK only
- The winner will be picked via Rafflecopter
- There will be one winner
- The winner will have 28 days to respond to my email informing them of the win, if they do not respond another winner will be drawn.
- The giveaway runs until midnight on 26th August 2014

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*Some of these products were supplied by the company and some were bought with my own money*

Friday, 25 July 2014

Makeup Revolution - 'Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette'* in light - Review

This is only going to be a quick one but I wanted to share my thoughts on the Makeup Revolution 'Ultra Cover and Conceal' palette with you. It comes in three shade sets in light, light - medium and medium - dark which offers a fantastic shade range (The light starts at super light and the dark goes really really dark, fantastic!)

The palette is housed in this big, strong case with a shiny finish to it (not great for finger prints, dust and reflections, sorry!), it feels like fantastic quality and it has a massive, full sized mirror inside. These amazing palettes cost only £6!

With my super pale skin there was never any question as to what shade set I'd get, everything in this post is showing you the shades from the light palette

Obviously the only draw back with a palette like this is that you won't need all of the shades, but at the bargain price that's hardly going to cause a big problem. I've found, though, that I definitely use more shades than you might think.

As you can see there's nice coverage from these. They're very creamy and if you don't get enough coverage to begin with you can definitely build these due to the fantastic formula.

I find that I use the latest shade, on the top left, on the brow bone and down the centre of the nose for a highlight with coverage. The second shade is the one I use to cover blemishes and then the second one in on the bottom line is what I use for the under eye as it has a slightly more peachy tone to it which is why is needed to balance out the blue tones we get under our eyes.

I really like these concealers and they're delightful to blend in to the skin. Due to them being creamy you need to set them with a powder but that's the same with a lot of my favourite concealers and I don't see it as a bad thing as it'll give you a longer lasting look.

Honestly I can't quite believe this only costs £6, when I knew it was being released I really expected it to cost more. There's nothing about this palette that feels cheap, at all, either. I am intent on finding ways to use the  other shades as I just can't help trying to make the most out of these things, haha! Definitely a winner for me, being the absolute concealer addict that I am.

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*This product was sent for the purpose of review but all opinions are my own*

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Review of the delicious 'Vanilla and Honey' lip balm from Bee Good*

You'd have to be a bit daft if you didn't realise that I was a big fan of the Bee Good products - Maybe if you hadn't seen the previous posts I'd forgive you but you definitely should have seen them because the products I've been lucky enough to review in the past have been fantastic (Honey and Wild Flax moisturiser HERE and Honey & Propolis cleanser HERE)

Thus far I've found that the range works wonderfully as well as smelling beautiful and being really nice to use. As such, when the 'Vanilla and Honey lip balm' arrived through my door I was rather happy. I'm such a lip balm addict (collection post will happen one day) and I have been obsessed with anything honey for a long time, add that to the fact that it's from a brand I already quite love... very happy!

As I've extolled in past posts, this company is fabulous for using British Bees and helping to support the bee population as well as using more locally sourced ingredients rather than sourcing things from over seas. The ethics of the company is something that makes me really happy. Thankfully the product themselves make me happy too. 

As you should be able to see in the photo the balm has a translucent, waxy formula and is homed in a standard tube with an easy to use applicator. I had expected it to have more of a creamy formula but I really couldn't tell you why.

This balm couldn't have arrived at a better time. It arrived not long before our beach trip on which I got rather painfully burned. My face was really well protected, thanks to my sun screen, but sadly there was no spf in the lip product I had been using (very very silly mistake) and my lips were the driest, most dehydrated that I'd had them in years.

To get them better I used a variety of favourite lip products but I let this Bee Good balm do a good amount of the work as I thought this was the best way to test it out. And it did Good! After a week of applying lip balms on a really regular basis my lips were back to normal and no longer leathery and sore - Thank goodness for that, honestly it hurt so much and I couldn't wear any lip products as everything looked awful!

The balm melts on the warmth of the skin and becomes a little like an oil but it sinks into the lips really nicely. It leaves an oily residue after use so I wouldn't recommend it before putting a lipstick on (though you could just wipe the excess off), I'd more suggest it as an evening balm or for during the day when you're wearing something more glossy or balmy in nature.

It smells just as good as you'd hope and feels really really good on the lips. The fact that it worked so well when my lips were So bad is a pretty good indicator for me, it's now become my handbag staple for when my lips really need hydrating (I often forget to reapply lipsticks so I'll just use a balm to keep my lips moisturised instead)

The balm costs £4.75 which I consider to be a really decent price for something so effective but, also, so natural and ethically good. If you're a big fan of the balm or if your friends want to try it, too, then you can buy it in a triple back for £10.50, HERE, which gives a surprisingly good saving (You know I'm tempted and if I didn't have so many lip balms already...)

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*I was sent this product for the purpose of review but all opinions are my own*

Saturday, 19 July 2014

La Roche-Posay - Anthelios XL - 50+ SPF Ultra Light Fluid - Review

In this sweltering hot weather there's one thing we All need and that's some good products to protect us from the sun. I use Ethan's 50+ sensitive sun cream on my body but, obviously, that thick greasy formula isn't what I want on my face!

When I started looking for products I found all sorts of offerings and there was some interesting facial sun creams on the high street which would be worth trying if that's what your budget allows but most seem to end up being a bit whitening and a bit thick for the face. So I had a look at the slightly higher end of things and I came across the 'Anthelios XL 50+ SPF Ultra Light Fluid' from La Roche-Posay.

The packaging is really simple and nice and slim so it'd be really easy to slip into a makeup bag for travels or a beachbag for top ups. 

The bottle comes with a really slim nozzle which is so helpful because it really is a liquid so this helps you keep an eye on how much you're getting out, you wouldn't want to waste this.

As I said above, and as you can see here, the name fluid is apt - It's definitely much thinner than a cream.

Immediately after rubbing the product in you can see a sheen to the skin but you can't see any whiteness at all, which I think most will be very pleased about.

It doesn't take long, at all, before the fluid totally sinks into the skin and you can't see it at all. There's no super white ghosting from this product and the sheen is minimal so, if you're putting makeup over the top, there should be no difference from normal (and even in you're not it'd probably just translate as a healthy glow)

This product delivered exactly what I would have hoped, a facial spf that doesn't clog pores and doesn't make me even more pale than my skin normally is. But does it work? Well actually I can answer that one too. Normally if something is preventative you don't know, for sure, if it's worked; for all you know it never would have happened in the first place so didn't need to be prevented. But, I discovered the answer to this in a very unfortunate way.

You may have seen my post, a few weeks ago, about our family day trip to Barry Island - We spent hours and hours out in the sun that day and I'm really not someone who copes well with sun. My uncovered skin was covered in factor 50+ sun cream more than 6 times throughout the day but I still burned, I just should have been under cover. What about my face though? I was wearing the 'Ultra Light Fluid' on my face and it did a fantastic job! Maybe, though, my face was just more under cover than my body? Well, actually, it turns out that when I push my glasses back up my nose the makeup rubs off and, it turns out, the skincare rubs off too because the bridge of my nose was bright red by the end of the day! So I can tell you, 100%, that my face was in the sun but there wasn't a hint of burn apart from on the area where my sun screen was rubbed off!

This product works! It's not cheap but a little bit spreads a long way and it doesn't leave you looking like casper as cheaper products might. You can pick it up from Boots for £16.50 (though at the moment it's on offer for £12.37 and I got it when it was down to an impressive £11!) - I am definitely going to want this in my collection from now on as I burn very easily and I take sun protection very seriously (I'll be finding some shade next time we go to the beach, that's for sure!!) 

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Friday, 18 July 2014

Brightening up Summer with Collection Lip butter in 'Vintage Rose', Revlon lip butter in 'Macaroon' and Bourjois cream blush in 'Pink Sunwear' & 'Tropical Coral'

I always love an excuse to buy some new beauty bits and what better excuse is there but the warmer weather and needing some more fitting products. That's not to say that I don't already have things that work for Summer but there's a few shades that I was missing and some new releases that just called out to me! So here's what I bought from Superdrug last week.

Balmy lip products draw me in be it winter or summer, rain or shine I just Love something balmy with a hit of colour. As such when I saw that Collection had new Lip Butters I just had to get one and with a name like 'Vintage Rose', the one above was the obvious choice. 

Look how beautiful this shade is! It's soft and buttery, balmy but with plenty of colour, I'm a bit in love. For £2.99 I definitely thing these are an absolute bargain and I may want to check out the other shades in the future. 

Having got shade 01 and 02 in beauty boxes I have fallen in love with the Bourjois cream blushes so when I saw that they'd released some beautiful summer shades I knew I needed to try them. When I saw that they had £2 off, each, I knew it even more!! 

Shade '05 Pink Sunwear' is a shimmery shade that's got an almost bronzer-like feel to it. I really like brown toned blushes at the moment as, on the skin, they add the most beautiful natural glow to the skin and this one looks like it's really going to have that effect. 

Shade '06 Tropical Coral' has a really deep coral toned look to it in the pot which is much deeper than the other shades of cream blush in this range which makes it a lovely addition to the collection. 

Here's shade '05 Pink Sunwear' swatched, as you can see I've swatched it enough so that you can see the shade but it'd obviously be a lot more sheered out on the skin. I think this looks beautiful and I can't wait to wear it. 

I love the burnt orange/coral shade of '06 Tropical Coral', once it's sheered down I think it'll look stunning on the skin. 

Lastly I picked up the Revlon lip butter in 'Macaroon'. I actually bought two as they were two for £12 but the other shade isn't very summery so I'm not adding it to this post. I wanted something in this shade of pink and Macaroon was just perfect. 

Look how beautiful this is! I really love it and when it's worn it looks really good. It's not too bold and bright but it adds a really nice hit of colour to a look - I wore it for my hen do night and the afternoon that I had too as it works great for both day at night.

So that's what I've added to my collection for an extra hit of summer - Hopefully they'll help my look fit much better in this warm weather that we've been having! 

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Asos Summer Sale haul - My picks

I wanted to get this post up quickly as I don't know how much longer the sale will be going on for so I don't want to share my sale picks with you when it's too late for you to take a look yourselves, that'd just be mean! Soo let's get on with it!

Firstly we have these 'Pull & Bear' Low rise skinny jeans. I got these for £9 when they're, originally, £19 so a pretty big saving. I'm often running out of jeans but it's hard to find ones that I find comfortable so I end up not getting new ones even though I need them. These looked, though, like good quality so I thought I'd give them a go. As it happens they're the most comfortable jeans I've ever worn. Normally when I wear skinny jeans they're high waisted but I have a certain patch of skin that hurts, due to the fibro, and high waisted jeans can make that worse. Due to these being low rise, they don't irritate that particular patch of skin. As well as that they fit perfectly on the waist, aren't too tight in the crotch and aren't restrictive in the leg, they're also a nice fabric so they aren't rough on my super sensitive skin! Win, win, win! The first few items in this post are from my first order but I love these jeans so much that I ordered a second pair and the extra couple of items I ordered were to boost my order up to £15 for free postage (no idea when Asos stopped free postage for any amount!)

Bit of a random one, especially for this time of year, but I'm always looking for hats that I can actually not look daft in and I liked the look of this one. It's a boyfriend beanie, hence it being so long, and I liked that it was a soft medium toned pink. I got this one for £2 but it's out of stock now, boo. 

I've Just discovered that I can pull off slim headbands which, for me, is amazing because headbands normally make me look silly. So when I saw this one in the sale pages, and it had roses on... well it didn't take long to make a decision as to whether or not I'd buy it. 

I actually wore this one during my hen weekend as on the meal out with my sister and step Mum I was wearing a dark red dress and on my cake afternoon with friends and family I wore a nude toned dress so it quite fit with both of them. This cost only £3 and is still available HERE.

Completely plain, cream skater style dress - It doesn't look much but the fabric has a nice stretch to it and it's really nicely cut. This is a New Look dress and cost £5.50 (here)

I already have this style vest from Asos in dark grey and I really like the shape of it so I got this one too - It's actually paler than the photos make it look, but it's darker than the Asos photos make it look... yeah I know I'm not being too helpful here. It's a really nice shade and a really nice example of a good quality, well shaped vest - It's still available for £4 here

This is one of the items I got in my second order. This is another New Look item and I wanted it the first time round but was well behaved... then I needed to top my order up so... You can see in the photo that the background isn't white (as it seems in the Asos pics) but you can't quite tell in my photo that it's a really nice soft pink shade. I love this dress, a lot. I got it for £9 here

I didn't need anything else after I added my dress but then I saw this and it was cute and it's £4 and it's roses... It's still in stock (here). I've had jewellery like this before and it's so fragile it tends not to last long but if you can get it for a bargain price then at least you can enjoy it whilst it does last! 

So there's the bits I picked up. There's other things I liked and other things I wanted but I held back and just got a few things that I felt would be worn a lot and would make a difference to my current wardrobe. I really do love Asos! 

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Monday, 14 July 2014

Glossybox UK - Review / Unboxing - July 2014

I'd been looking forward to this month's Glossybox ever since I saw on facebook that they were promising four full sized products in the box. I also really liked the idea that the box was US themed as it suggested there'd be some new brands to discover.

As you can see, Glossybox have designed a very fitting box for the 'Stars and Stripes', United States, theme of the box this month - I think it looks fab and it'll definitely be one to keep for storage.

The box promises four full sized products and that all of the items are American beauty heroes - As you can see, from the box, there's some rather exciting looking things in there!

First up we have a full sized Carmex lip balm. I didn't try Carmex until earlier this year and I really liked it, though I do have an almost full pot as I have So many lip balms. That said, I Loooove lip balms so I am not going to mind having a backup for one of the good ones. This balm is worth £2.69 and it's a nice thing to get in a box because it's the sort of the thing that people may just never have got around to picking up.

The next item is a Bellapierre Cosmetics mineral lipstick. I've had various Bellapierre items in boxes before but they've tended to be powder shadows or blushes which have always been beautiful but just aren't the type of item I use much. As such it's nice to get something that's going to get much more use.

The lipstick I got is called 'Mandarina' which is a really orangey shade and I love orange shades for summer so I am looking forward to wearing this one. 

The shade swatches as a deep orange/red shade and it's got a really creamy, soft texture with a lovely look to it. I am definitely looking forward to wearing it soon. This lipstick is worth £20, wow. 

I'm Always happy to see a Color Club polish in a box, I love Color club! I actually already have an Essie polish which is a similar shade to this but I'd like to see how this one looks on the nails. Yay, full sized Colour club, too! These cost $8 and this shade is called 'Glossy Seal', the shade was formulated especially for this July Glossybox which is rather exciting.

Next up we have a Pur Minerals 'Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mudd Masque' - I've seen various mentions of Pur Minerals online so I was really pleased to see this in my box. If I'm going to try out some skincare I'm definitely not going to complain if it's a mask, too, I love face masks. This is a 15g tube so it's not huge but I'm going to try and get a couple of uses out of it. A 120g tube costs £18. 

The last product is this eyeshadow primer by ABSOLUTE New York - I like eye shadow primers, this one is a budget one at $4.99 but I've loved some budget offerings in the past so I am looking forward to finding out how good this one is. This one will fall straight in to my collection as I love shadow primers and can't wait to see what this is like.

And that's the box, full of full sized cosmetics, some budget, some higher value plus a lovely higher value face mask too. I'm rather pleased with this box, there's some brands that I might not have discovered otherwise and there's some beautiful products in there too. 

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

First reactions and swatches - I ♥ Makeup - 'I Am In Love' palette*

What could be more fitting for someone who's a month away from getting married than a palette called 'I Am In Love'. It couldn't have arrived at a better time, either, as I am writing this the morning that I am embarking hen weekend and this mini palette is just perfect for travel and it has the Exact shades I want at the moment so you can bet this has gone with me! This post is actually going live a few hours before I have my hen party,  how exciting! I will be wearing some of these shades as you read this... Woohoo for post scheduling. Anyway, as per usual, I digress. The palette...

I managed to just totally miss a pun as I, unintentionally, started writing here 'I am in love with this palette', it wasn't meant to be a joke but with the name of the palette as it is it works quite nicely! Really though 'I Am In Love' with this palette, the size is just perfect for travel, the little lipstick in the side is so handy and the shades are gorgeous. I also, totally, love the font on the front, it's just gorgeous. 

Inside the palette you have two matte shades, four shimmer shades, a good sized mirror and a lipstick - A perfect little 'look in a palette'. Obviously I, instantly, fell for the pink tones in the palette and they're totally wearable which helps. 

The top row offers up a creamy matte shade which is surprisingly pigmented considering it's a matte. The centre shade is a bit special, though, as you can see in the top photograph it looks almost transparent, completely sheer with a lot of shimmer but when you see it in a different light you can see the pink in it. Last we have a beautiful pink shade, not much to say about this one, it's just lovely!

The second row has a dusky pink matte shade (this is so close to the pink I'm having in my wedding!) and I have been wearing shades like that a Lot recently. To accompany it there's a medium, cool toned brown with a beautiful shimmer to it and lastly is a darker brown with a hint of red shimmer in it. Honestly these shadows really have such a depth of colour, it's wonderful. 

I wasn't expecting much from the lipstick - In this type of palette I've had from other brands the lipstick is a bit of an after thought but, thankfully, I was rather nicely surprised with this one. It's incredibly creamy and nicely pigmented. It's not a shade I'd ordinarily wear but I'd like to see how is translates on the lip... watch this space for that one!

So, that's it... £5.99 gives you all of this and it's fantastic quality - Very impressed. If this shade set isn't for you it might be worth checking out the other shades (HERE) as there's some other beautiful ones available. 

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*This palette was sent to me for the purpose of review but all opinions are my own*

Renting Jewellery from The Folly Boutique - My favourite collection (Perfect for a wedding)

When I first read about The Folly Boutique I was intrigued by the idea of being able to rent higher value jewellery for special occasions - Especially with a wedding coming up it really made sense, as a concept, to allow people to wear something extra special for whatever occasion it is that they're attending, even if they don't have the money to buy items themselves.

When it comes to jewellery I tend to find myself drawn to smaller items, to more understated items. I really like bigger, more intricate things but when I picture myself wearing them I just don't think they'd suit me. As such I really enjoyed looking through the pages of items at The Folly Boutique; picturing which of the pieces would suit me, even if I didn't think that I could pull it off. It's the epitome of window shopping!

When I decided to write about the site I thought I'd share my favourite collection with you and it was rather a no brainer for me to decide which one it was that I liked the most. It's simple, and it has roses... Let me share with you these pieces by LeiVanKash.

I, absolutely, love roses. Anything with roses on is going to have me going 'ooh' so this collection captured me instantly - I love how simple this necklace is, it's just gorgeous. I could definitely see this being perfect for a bride to wear (Yes, of course I'm tempted!)

This is the cuff which is also in the range - I think this is beautiful too but I'm not sure I'd wear this for a wedding, personally, though I think plenty more could pull it off!

This 'chain ring' bracelet, though, I would wear without a doubt. I've always loved this style of jewellery, the way that it sits along the hand; and with this one the rose would just rest beautifully. Oh oh it's so beautiful! There's also a knuckle duster ring and an ear cuff but they're not items I'd wear myself.

The necklace costs £18 to hire, the cuff is £39 and the chain ring bracelet is £21. This set is worth hundreds of pounds so it's amazing that, via The Folly Boutique, you could hire them for such an affordable price for a special, one off occasion. Honestly, these would look beautiful with my dress but after all my bargain obsessing... well even though it's affordable I should be sensible... but oh the pretty, oh the pretty!

It's definitely worth taking a look at the site, though, there's something for most people on there and for a range of prices - Be it for your wedding, as a guest at a wedding, for your prom or even a special birthday night out - These pieces could really transform any outfit and do amazing things for any look.

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*I wasn't paid to write this post, I just wanted to share this fantastic idea with you and show you these gorgeous items... love, seriously, love!*