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'A Single Breath'* by Lucy Clarke - Book review

Look at me, I was so late writing the last Bahlsen book club book that I've decided I'm going to do this one as soon as possible!

This, latest, book is 'A Single Breath'* by Lucy Clarke which was, possibly, not the best book to read a week after I got married, haha! The book is, essentially, about the journey that a young widow goes through after her husband passes away, they've only been married 10 months and had a whirlwind relationship and, so, the emotions behind it are very raw and, obviously, something I was a bit 'eek' about when I'm a newly wed myself!

Not one to be put off by challenging emotions, though, I dove straight in to the book and I devoured it in no time at all (surprise surprise). Although I simplified the basis of the story, above, it Really was an over simplification to explain the struggling emotions for me because, actually, there's so so much more to this story. Eva is heart broken by the death of her new husband and decides to go off to Tasmania to meet his father and brother, in an effort to learn more about him, following their stark absence at his funeral and, also, afterwards when his father won't even answer the phone to her.

The reception that Eva gets, from Jackson's Father, is only the beginning of how weird, confusing and turbulent her journey to finding out more about the man she loved is. There's romance in this story (newly weds, duh!), there's intrigue and secrets, there's journey of self-awareness, there's some beautiful character relationships and there's so much more. When I saw the cover I thought it would be a romance, when I read the tag line I thought it would be a thriller but, in truth, it sits in so many genres that it's impossible to categorise it, really.

The book was really well written which helped the story to flow by in no time at all, and the characters were very compelling (even the gruff, distant ones!) because they were written so well. I have a tendency to guess what twits are going to happen and I was on form with this one and guessed it all ahead of time but, despite that, I doubted myself from time to time which is the closest I normally to get to a surprise in most books. Despite having guessed what was going to happen I still really enjoyed the book because it really was an utterly intriguing story with very lovable characters - What more could you ask for?

This is well worth picking up and I've seen such acclaim for Clarke's first book, 'The Sea Sisters', that I am bound to buy that in the near future too. If you want to get your hands on 'A Single Breath' then you can find it on Amazon: and it's available in a number of formats (the paper back is currently part of a 3 for £10 offer, at the time of writing, and I'm off to see what else is in the offer, I am such a book fiend)

I, honestly, and truthfully, really loved this book and was sad to see it end, it's one of those books that you keep on wanting to know what happens to the characters you've invested in, even if it's already come to an end. I'll definitely miss Eva and all of her supporting characters (See, I'm so averse to spoilers that I'm not going to tell you which of the characters continue through the story with her and what new ones are going to pop up!)

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This book was sent to me for review purposes but, in all honesty, everything I've written is based upon my opinions and thoughts on the book*

My Wedding on the 17th August 2014

I thought I'd write a bit about our wedding day seeing as I've done so many posts mentioning dresses and shoes and flowers and all sorts of things, I wanted to share pictures with you mostly. I haven't got many of the official pictures back, yet, but I have got ones which friends and family have taken, which are really good, which I will share with you.

The general gist of how the day went would best be described as - Perfect, simple, relaxed and easy. It went incredibly fast, like everyone days, but it wasn't this mad, busy rush which is what a lot of people warned of. Because we took out lots of the official stuff (like speeches and first dances etc) it gave us more of a chance to just let things flow naturally. I'm also really glad I bartered with them to give my photographer more time than they wanted to give him because this meant that we had plenty of time to just take things slowly with that, too, and we ended up with time left over before the meal that gave us the chance to see our friends and family and not be rush rush rushing through everything.

One of our official photos - Exchanging the rings

In all honestly it couldn't have gone better other than the fact that some of my family couldn't make it due to ill health and the fact that some had to leave early for the same reason. But plenty of people stayed and people disappeared at different stages throughout the day, and then the night, so we were able to spent more time with other people as some left etc 

The venue was perfect, the food was amazing, the cake was perfect and the DJ was so good playing the same songs over and over for Skye. The room we were given for the night was just amazing, it was a proper suite with a living room/dining room, tv in both that room and the bed room, massive bed room with the comfiest, Hugest bed I've ever seen and a massive bathroom with a bath and a shower. We made absolutely no use of anything other than the bed and the bathroom which is a shame, but we just didn't have the time. We did, though, have a lovely time the next morning, having a long breakfast, with lots of extra tea, with Azii's Mum and her husband, was really nice. 

Walking down the aisle - My beautiful bridesmaids and then my Dad and I. 

The rings and the flowers.

Azii and his brothers.

Me with my brothers and sister.

Azii and Skye - This picture is now featured on the Williams Syndrome facebook page in their 'Friends with Williams' album. My sister in law, Sophie, submitted it and it's so amazing that it's up there. 

I wish Ethan looked a little less fed up (hopefully our photographer got some smiley ones of this) - but Ethan and I, none the less. 

Azii and Ethan (This one is going on the wall)

My sister and I (yes it was windy!)

My new husband and I. This was not a comfortable position to sit in, it hurt, but such a beautiful shot to come from it.

The beautifully decorated tables - My Mum did everything - Made the posies that sat in the teacups, made the open flowers that sat on  the tables and then she set it all up herself whilst my sister and I were at home getting ready. 

Our beautiful wedding cake.
There's doing to be lots more photos to come but I think you get a pretty good idea of the day based on the ones we have, thus far. It was better than we could've hoped for and I'm so glad we have so many photos, already, to look back on to enjoy the day. 

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Friday, 29 August 2014

Love Me Beauty - Unboxing / Review - August 2014

I'm so late in the month to be writing an August unboxing but I totally missed out on writing last months Love Me Beauty that I'm going to do this even though it's late. Love Me Beauty tends to be the last beauty box I get in a month, now, and it keeps ending up arriving when I'm already swamped in posts (or life, it arrived a few days before the wedding this month) but I still want to get these posts up as they are really fantastic boxes. So, without more fussing, here's this month's (just about) box.

I went for Edition 3 this month and it came with four full sized items as you can see above. Some rather nice items at that. 

The first item is the a la carte brow ink in the shade 'Blonde'. All three of the options had the blonde shade in which was a bit disappointing, and I know it is something that others weren't happy with either, but it's the sort of product I want to try and I know that a la carte is supposed to be a great version. It's a felt pen style product and it's supposed to be 'semi permanent' and allow you to draw on individual hairs with the fine tip.

The colour, actually, comes out like this when you swatch it to the back of your hand which isn't miles away from my brow shade (a little pale, still, but not as bad as I expected). I imagine this was picked as quite a universal shade as it's neither too ashy or too red or too light or too dark, it's very middling. I Think it'll probably work with my brows but still haven't had a chance to try it yet. What I will say, though, is that the idea of it being semi-permanent is quite believable, this swatch took SO long to come off my hand,  haha. This is worth £23 which is rather impressive.

This 'Beauty Wonder Oil' by Oriflame is one of the factors that helped me pick this box as I wasn't overly interested in the other two options available. It's supposed to be a really multi use product, as many oils are, and it includes beautiful ingredients like tonic ginger oil, coconut oil, vitamin e and almond oil which are all things that are going to get a yes from me. This stuff smells lovely, it retails at £8.49 and can make itself very comfortable in my collection of lovely oils, lovely lovely oils.

Next we have a Marsk mineral eye shadow in the shade 'Lucky Penny'. I swear I have an unhealthy obsession with copper coloured eye shadows - They do Not go with my colouring but they are so so pretty that I love them anyway! But in this instance it was, clearly, perfectly ok for me to get it as I wanted the Oriflame product and the lip pencil shade so this was just a by-product of that... I'll keep telling myself that.

It's so beautiful, it's like it's aflame... Totally worth it, even if it washes me out and makes me look odd, TOTALLY worth it. (Ps. It's worth £14.49, that got a bit lost in the worth it-ness)

Getting this shade of the Mirabella 'Lip Luster Liner' was a definite reason for picking edition 3, just look how beautiful it is! The shade is called 'Shy'. It's described as a 'sheer, brilliant lip liner' which us 'easy to blend and layer' and, as well as that, it contains aloe vera which is a really interesting ingredient which should help maintain the quality of the lips.

Look how beautiful this shade is, really! You can see in the swatch that it really is light and sheer, as described, and I can imagine it'd be great for a base on the lips. They recommend that you apply it all over the lips and then layer a lip gloss on top and I can really imagine that it'd work perfectly for that - Again I've not had a chance to try this but I am looking forward to it, it looks like the perfect autumnal shade to me. This is worth £10.50 which is an impressive end to the box.

So that's the August box. I was quite impressed, really, some very high value, full sized items and really great quality and nice shades too - Hopefully the blonde brow pen will be a fit and then it'll be wins all around. Looking forward to knowing what's happening with Love Me Beauty, soon, as I've seen some interesting, sneak peak emails recently!

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The Body Shop Showcasing Event - August 2014 - Plus some up-coming / new releases!

A few weeks ago I was incredibly lucky to be able to attend a showcasing event for The Body Shop - I've been really lucky in the events I've been able to go to and this was definitely amongst the top few, I mean it's The Body Shop! I was also lucky that someone I already knew, online, was going to the event so I met up with the lovely Julie from Just Julie so that neither of us had to walk in to the venue on our own (yup, this was a concern for the both of us, haha!)

In short we were given some time to mingle, with complementary drinks, to begin with and then we had a really informative talk from a variety of people representing both The Body Shop and Rakuten followed by the chance to do more mingling, trying products, getting make-overs and hand massages and there was also some really tasty food circulating!

The presentation which we were given was, absolutely, full of information about The Body Shop which ranged from their history to their ethos and also some really exciting new products that will be coming up. The Body Shop is one of those brands that I've known about since my childhood so, even when my love of beauty developed, I didn't learn a lot about them because I already had a basic understanding - As such it was nice to actually learn some more detail about who they are and about how, absolutely, passionate they are about what they do; which includes the beauty but also the other good that the company does.

I'd say most of us already know about their lack of animal testing and the fact that their products are vegetarian, this is something that I was aware of way before I became a beauty addict, but the depth of their caring for the environment and the good they try to do is something I was fully aware of. It was especially nice to learn about how far their fair trade works, they can trace every single ingredient which they use which is very different from a standard fair trade policy which may be upheld by other companies. As well as this we were shown a short video about Teenage Cancer Trust, I do remember seeing some things on Facebook but, again, I wasn't really aware of how much work The Body Shop had done/is doing to help Teenage Cancer Trust which, I'm sure we'll all agree, is such a worthy cause.
As well as learning more about the company, themselves, we were able to hear some information about Rakuten Marketing and their programmes of work with bloggers. I've worked with Rakuten, as an affiliate company (Link Share), relating to a couple of companies so it was nice to see some further ways in which I can work with them in the future. Definitely something I want to look more in to when I get the chance!

I guess I'd better be fair, now, I told you I was going to mention new product and I've managed to avoid telling you Anything about that... I'm not trying to taunt you,  honest! The display, above, was for the gorgeous Wild Argan Oil range which was released just after the event, and which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago (See Here if you'd like to see my post) - I'm in love with a variety of products from this range, already, definitely worth checking out.

You may, also, be excited to see that The Body Shop are releasing a rather large range of nail polishes! Just look at all of those beautiful shades! These will be released in September and there's 24 shades available in their formaldehyde and camphor free formula which contains fair trade marula oil. They're going to retail at £5 which is a pretty reasonable price, I will definitely be picking up a couple of these (but don't tell Azii, I already have too many nail polishes!)

These cute little tubes are for the new, mini, hand creams which are new in now! There's the five above, Moringa, Strawberry, Shea, Coconut and Honey, plus Mango, Satsuma and Pink Grapefruit. I want Shea, Satsuma and Honey - I love everything in both of these scents And they're mini, mini things are So cute! These are on the website, now, for £3.50 each.

Something else which is coming in September is the Drops of Youth 'Eye-Wide Concentrate' which is aimed to be the perfect pairing for the Drops of Youth Serum (which I used in my Wedding skincare routine HERE) which is already available. This will be retailing at £18 which is at the higher budget end but you can see the rather impressive claims above!

As well as the items I photographed there's also going to be an Instablur for the eyes (oooh!), there's some some smokey gel eyeliners which look beautiful! It's definitely going to be worth keeping an eye on The Body Shop in the coming months as they have some really exciting things on their way and some great things newly arrived.

The event really was wonderful, I loved learning so much, I loved the sneak peaks at new releases, I loved getting to meet some of the team from Rakuten who I'd spoken to before, I loved meeting some lovely new bloggers and the food and drink was a rather lovely added bonus. I was very well behaved and turned down most of the alcohol but I did try a rather tasty Rose rum cocktail - That venue made nice cocktails!

As well as the fantastic day we were also given a really amazing goody bag (some of which you've already seen as a lot of it is from the Argan oil range).

We were very, very spoiled as you can see and it's been amazing to try out products before they were out (or some which are new releases) - I've loved using the Drops of Youth eye roll on, it's So refreshing. I stopped using it for a while, following the wedding, but I can't wait to start using it again!

So, yes, I am so so grateful at having been able to attend such an amazing event! Fantastic day! 

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

My Wedding Makeup - Including Eye of Horus* and Love, Honour & Be True*

It'd be quite hard to have missed the fact that I got married less than two weeks ago. If you had missed that then... well I got married just under two weeks ago! Since the wedding we had a week to ourselves and then I've had a few days of desperately trying to get back on top of things which have become a bit left behind.

I'd planned to get my Wedding Makeup post done before the wedding but, to be honest, some parts of my look weren't totally decided until the day before the wedding itself; it really hasn't been a simple ride when it came to deciding what to put on my face!

Thankfully the internet is amazing and I had a whole tonne of resources to turn to. I had help from friends on beauty group, I did some twitter shout outs, I read some fantastic online posts and blogs and I also checked out the new Wedding portal on Beauty Bay - There's absolutely loads of great tricks and tips on there.

In the end I managed to, finally, refine my look - Oh the relief! It took a while but I was finally happy with it. I went for quite a natural look, trying to make my skin as flawless as possible with a little contouring, good lashes and a healthy glow to both my cheeks and lips. As it happens I, actually think I reached that, and here's what I used!

Sadly I don't have any pics from the day, yet, which show my makeup too well - We've had a few of the official pics but they've all been ones that don't show my makeup too well. But with my blogger brain on I made sure to take a pic of my look the day before when I did a final, test run. Soo, thankfully, I can show you how the look came together.

Not quite the same without the wedding dress on, I know, but it gives you a good idea of the look. Hopefully you'll agree that it fits well with what I described as my ideal, above. I was happy with how my makeup came out on the day, I am glad I didn't go for anything more in your face.

So let's have a quick look at some of the items that I used. A few of them will be getting their own, personal review in the next couple of weeks.

So here's what I used for my base. I invested in a good foundation, without SPF in it, in order to give the more flawless look I could without needing to worry about flashback. Although I wanted flawless I didn't want it to be too heavy which is why I went for the Giorgio Armani 'Luminous Silk Foundation'. Underneath my foundation I was using the Laura Mercier foundation primer which was a bit of a last minute choice as I was umming and aahing over primers a good deal (It did a very good job in the end)

Although I went for lighter coverage with foundation I brought in the big guns for concealer and I opted for my Veil Cover cream* - I used one shade for under the eyes and another for blemishes. As you can see in the above pics, it did a pretty good job (considering my under eyes were very discoloured and I had Plenty of blemishes). To set the base products I went for a relatively new purchase which has become a firm favourite which is the Soap & Glory 'One Heck of a Blot' powder. I love that this is one of the only powders I've ever used which doesn't cake at all and it mattified really nicely.

Eye products, next. I couldn't decide whether or not to include the L'Oreal Blur Cream in base or eyes, I probably should have included it in base but never mind. I love this primer and it became invaluable for my wedding makeup, I used it on my under eyes to help my concealer sit better and it worked really well.
For my brows I went for a firm, long lasting favourite which is the Maybelline 'Brow Drama' which just does as a brow gel/mascara is meant to.

For my eye shadow I used the Maybelline Color Tattoo in 'Pure Nude' which is a US shade which I was lucky to have been able to get on eBay (Thanks to the lovely Gemma at MissMakeupMagpie for posting about them and sharing her finds!) (please please please Maybelline, make shades like this a permanent part of the UK collection). In the crease I used a shade from the I ♥ Makeup 'Death by Chocolate'* palette which you can see swatches of HERE. The shade I used is the dusky pink shade 'Lick me'

Lastly, for the eyes, I used the Eye of Horus 'Goddess Mascara'* - This is a mascara I've lusted after for a Long time so when I was able to get it to trial for my wedding makeup I was over the moon. The moment I tried it there was no need to try any other mascara, it was a winner instantly - It filled out my lashes and lengthened them So much, I'll be writing a post on this in the next week or so so that you can see photos, up close, of it on my eye (though you can see, in the picture of my look, that you can see my lashes poking up from behind my glasses frame, that's how long they are!)

Lastly, for the cosmetics, we have the finishing off products. For my contour there was only ever going to be one choice and that was my Nyx blush in 'Taupe', it's just the perfect contour shade for pale skin and I love it. For the natural glow to my cheeks I opted for my Bourjois cream blush in the shade '02 Healthy Glow' - This was another no brainer, I love this range of blushes and this one gave the perfect amount of colour.

Lastly comes the item which I class as the real finishing touch on my look. I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to trial one of Love, Honour & Be True's lipsticks* for the wedding. I am going to resist the urge to tell you loads about this brand, and about the lipstick, because I am going to give this a whole post of its own. I can safely say, though, that I think this may be my absolute favourite lipstick ever and I am So so pleased with the shade I went for, it couldn't have been any more perfect. The shade I have is 'I Do' which, as you can see above, is a neutral with a healthy pink blush to it. 

I thought I'd, quickly, show you which makeup brushes I used. I forgot to include it in the photo but I used one of the Real Techniques blending sponges to apply my foundation. As you can see I used mostly Real Techniques brushes, anyway, the deluxe crease brush for concealer, the stippling brush for cream brush, contour brush, and setting brush for their intended uses. As well as those I used one of my Coastal scents 250 brushes for blending eye shadow and my Nanshy* eye crease brush for applying the shadow to the crease beforehand. The very top brush is an ELF powder brush which was, surprisingly, for powder!

And that's that, really. I'm sure I'll share some more of the official photos once we get them so you'll be able to see my wedding makeup, in use, in those. My makeup did me very well, though, with very little re-application needed. I expected makeup dilemmas all day long but, thankfully, that didn't happen. 

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Anything with a star was sent for review purposes, anything without was bought with my own money, but everything said is my own words and opinions regardless of the source of the product*

Birchbox Manithon with Coppafeel - And a Models Own polish giveaway

If you're around in London on the 29th August (yup, tomorrow!) then I'd really recommend checking out the Birchbox Manithon. It's going to be over at Soho-Square between 10am and 7:30pm (you can book a slot online via the Birchbox site HERE) and for a minimum donation of £5, to Coppafeel, you can have a manicure at one of the 20 stations which are being set up for the event. It's in partnership with Models Own so I imagine that there's going to be some great polish shades to chose for your mani!

Coppafeel exist to remind us all of the important to check our boobs for any differences which could indicate a concern. As someone who has had to have an ultrasound after finding a lump I know how terrifying it is when you find a change in your breast, but I am lucky and it turns out I'm just someone who gets lumps and it was nothing - But imagine if it had been different. My Mum had breast cancer only a few years ago, hers wasn't discovered as a lump but on a mammogram. What her experience did teach me, though, is that Anyone can get it. We all assume that it won't happen to us but it can, it happened to my own Mum and, so, I am even more aware of how important it is for us to be aware of what's normal for our breasts so that we can help to catch these things early.

And, so, I am really pleased that Birchbox are supporting Coppafeel with this, and so it was even more amazing when I was one of the bloggers picked to get a tee (which you can buy HERE) and a nail polish to help support the Manithon even though we can't be there ourselves.

Sorry about the creases, I wanted to get this post out quickly which didn't allow time for ironing. You can still see how beautiful the design is. I am, definitely, going to enjoy wearing this even after the Manithon as it's a beautiful tee in itself so if anyone's considering getting one I would remind them that it's beautiful and perfect for the beauty addicts out there.

Love this tiny little detail...

And this one! The tee was designed by Sally Faye Cotterill and, as I said before, you can buy it from the Birchbox shop, HERE. What I didn't say before, though, is that 100% of the proceeds are going to Coppafeel which is just fantastic. 

As well as the tee I was sent a Models Own polish but it turns out that the shade I was sent is one that I already have. I checked with the lovely people over at Birchbox and they are happy for me to run a little giveaway for one of your to win the polish. 

I'm keeping the tee (sorry, hehe) but the polish will be a lovely prize for the lucky winner. It's a beautiful, pale lilac colour and it's one of the hypergel formulas (which are Really nice!). It's the shade 'Lilac Sheen'. If you want to enter you can do so via the Raffelcopter below - It'll run for a little over two weeks.

- You must be 18 or over to enter the giveaway
- The Giveaway is open to residents of the UK only
- The winner will be picked via Rafflecopter
- There will be one winner
- The winner will have 28 days to respond to my email informing them of the win, if they do not respond another winner will be drawn.
- The giveaway runs until midnight on 16th September 2014

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Old Wives Tail Jojoba & Clove Organic Oil Treatment* review

It's hard to believe, looking back, how much my hair has changed over the past few years and, as well as that, how much my attitude to my hair has changed. Go back a number of years and I had hair so long I could almost sit on it, I wore it in a plait and did nothing much with it, I did then start getting it cut a few years ago but even then I wasn't really sure what to do with it. These days my hair is normally in a super short style and I just love using products that will help the quality of my hair and help it feel as strong and soft as possible and have it looking healthy and shiny.

One of my favourite things to use in my hair is oils. I've tried various oil products and have enjoyed all of them, but I'm never against trying something else, discovering something even more perfect. And that's why, when I was offered to try something by Old Wives Tail, I said yes! I had a quick read of their story (here) which is a delight to read, and then took a little while deciding which of their products would suit my hair the best.

All of the Old Wives Tail products are hand made and 100% Organic which is seriously impressive! In the oils range there is an oil for hair regrowth and an anti-hair loss one too - My hair's not in too bad a condition and I've been lucky not to suffer with hair loss, as of yet (don't want to speak too soon!), so I felt that these weren't the ones for me, but I do think the idea behind them is very interesting.

That left the Argan & Rosemary organic oil and the Jojoba & Clove organic oil - In terms of scents I was interested in the Argan & Rosemary but that was listed as being for frizzy and fly-away hair which mine Used to be (back when it was uncared for) but it isn't really any more. The Jojoba & Clove oil product, though, is for dull, thinning, brittle or broken hair and, although my hair isn't doing badly, I find that it's very dull so this one instantly sounded like the right option.

The product arrived in this simple plastic tub with the cute, distinctive logo on it but nothing over the top or in your face (yay!). On a separate little slip of paper comes the ingredients and directions for use, which I've kept hold of as you never know when you'll need that sort of thing!

The directions are quite simple, 'Use on damp hair and massage in to the scalp' - You then leave it on for an hour before washing it out with clean water and shampoo until your hair feels product free. I'm still struggling, as with other products, to remember to use things like this as I always forget to use something Before a bath because my baths tend to end up being a 'oops I forgot I need a bath, need to bath now or there's no time!' sort of affair. But I have managed to remember to use this a good few times in the lead up to the wedding and in the week since, too.

As you can see above the treatment is a pale, lemon yellow sort of colour and doesn't look much like an oil, but when you apply it to the hair you can feel that it does have an oil-like texture. Cloves are an ingredient in this so you Are going to smell them when using it. I'm not a Massive fan of cloves but, although it's noticeable, I don't find that it bothers me when using this (though that might be harder for people with longer hair?)

The first time I used the Oil Treatment I was a bit disappointed - My hair felt good but it felt weighed down, too heavy. I had been sure to wash it all out but it seemed like my hair had found it a bit too much. Not to be deterred, though, I had a think about things and thought about the fact that my hair is Actually in quite good condition, so I thought that maybe an hour would be a good time for someone whose hair was struggling, but for my almost ok hair it seemed too much. As such I've only left it on for half an hour the rest of the times that I have used it and thank goodness for perseverance!

I now use this once a week, and leave it on for half an hour, and my hair Loves it! I mean LOVE! I can't stop touching my hair on the day after I've used it, it feels so soft and healthy and it looks so so shiny! Without a doubt this stuff does a Good job! I shampoo twice when I'm washing it out and my hair feels perfectly clean after that. I then use a normal conditioner and leave it in for a few minutes and then that's all. I don't  need to add any extra treatments after cleaning, it just feels amazing! I may use some of my normal oils part way between uses of this, but definitely not straight after. My hair is, honestly, the best it's ever been and I do find it quite funny that I've ended up having a similar experience as the account in the 'Our Story' section of the site, I really Can't stop touching my hair!

Absolutely true love. A pot of this is going to last a long time and it costs £13.99 with free postage. If you're interested you can find the one I've trialled here:

If you want to try one of the others then take a look at the rest of the Oil Treatments range. I am intrigued by the masks, now, though, so they may have to be a future purchase!

Have you ever used a product that makes your hair so amazing you can't stop touching it? Please do let me know if you try any of the Old Wives Tail products, I'd love to hear what you think.  

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*This product was sent to me for the purpose of review but, as always, my opinions are totally honest*

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

'A Mother Dimension'* by Mink Elliot - Bahlsen Book Club - Book Review

I instantly liked this book, just from the title. 'A Mother Dimension'* was such an obvious, but pleasing play on words that it instantly warmed me to the book and to the author. Whenever I write I find it Very hard to write titles and when I used to write stories for uni the names were simply awful because it's such a weakness of mine. For someone to have something so basic but also still a bit clever, well it's the kind of thing that makes me smile.

We were given the book in digital format, this month, so I was able to read it on my kindle. I do love paper books but using my kindle is so much less strain on my hands (plus I'm utterly in love with my Paperwhite haha) - It didn't matter very much, though, about the strain on my hands, even if it had been a paper back; I read the book so quickly that there wouldn't have been any time for hurting my hands any way!

I think it's safe to say that the title gives you a little insight in to what the book is going to be about, and it's not deceptive at all 'A Mother Dimension' is a perfect title - The story is about a wife and mother who's at a point in her life where she's feeling a real slump. She's not got that buzz anymore, she's not even sure what lust for her husband feels like and getting drunk with her best friend is a much bigger highlight than it should be. She loves her husband, and her children, but she also spends a large amount of time daydreaming about her past, when she was a young, successful type who worked in media and had a laddish, attractive boyfriend.

One day, whilst the kids are shovelling their breakfast and Kate's washing up, she goes faint and feels like she's going to pass out. And... have you guessed yet? No...? When she comes to, she is back in the past, in the 80's when she was that aforementioned, younger, slimmer version of herself, when she had that boyfriend she day dreams of and when she worked a fun and fast paced job.

I'm not going to tell you what happens when she goes back, I've already told you more than I normally do in a book review but I think it's perfectly safe to have given away as much as I have - If you pick this book up you'll still have Plenty of surprises in store!

Honestly, I loved this book. It was light hearted but with some important messages included, it was funny and it was easy to read but it was also very clever and very well written. The characters weren't always the easiest to love, but they were real and they were characters you wanted to know more about.

This isn't a 'type' of book. The time travel aside it's a pretty normal story about some normal people and their lives, their interactions and how they are traversing the dangers of their young, carefree years. I think most people would enjoy it, though it's definitely more likely to fit the female demographic.

If you want to pick the book up then it's available on Amazon: 

Make sure you let me know if you give this a read, I feel like this is the sort of book that I want to chat to people about! Any recommendations? I've got a long list of books to read but always love to add recommendations on to my 'to read' list. 

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*This e-book was sent to me for the purpose of the review but all opinions are my own*

Monday, 25 August 2014

My Wedding Week in Instagram pics

I love reading 'My week in photos' or 'My week in Instagram' posts (or other such variations) but I never get around to making them myself. I've been using Instagram a lot more, recently, so I have enough photos to actually do this sort of post now, so here we go!

As some of you may know (it's not been all over my instagram or twitter or anything,  honest!) I got married last weekend and, so, I thought that I'd upload my 'wedding week' in pics. It's not exclusively wedding related, it's just pics that have occurred in the lead up to the wedding and the week since!

Last minute centre pieces | Excited Ethan the day before the wedding | Final Wedding makeup practice
Trinket box from my sister | My sister and Ethan the morning of the wedding | Beautiful bouquet charm
Walking down the aisle | Exciting review items | Remembering Skye's bouquet

I realised I hadn't uploaded any bouquet photos which is why the photo of Skye's bouquet is last as I uploaded it today. I know the Melvita post isn't very weddingy but I got home the day after the wedding, checked my blog emails and had this op waiting for me, it felt like such good luck being the day after the wedding hehe.

So that's my first Instagram post, hopefully there'll be more! Almost 400 of you follow me on Instagram so there's plenty of space for more, please do have a look:

I've still got plenty of wedding posts to come up, there should be a gift guide, my wedding makeup and just a general wedding post so share some beautiful photos with you all - Hope you like weddings!

I'd love to know what people think of this sort of post? Do you enjoy them? Do you do them yourselves? If so please link up in the comments as I'd Love to see! 

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Blog planning or Back to school - Stationary with Viking*

There's something you might not know about me yet, but you probably should, I'm a stationary addict - Have been for most of my life. A new packet of pens, a new pencil case, a new note pad... those things have always bought an unreasonable amount of joy to me.

Thankfully, I know that I'm not alone, lots of people have a problem with stationery and I know that bloggers are some of them! And, if you're not here as a blogger, there's a good chance you like stationary anyway; it seems many of us have felt the lure of a blank page in a brand new note pad.

When I was first offered the chance to work with Viking it was to review some acrylic storage drawers but, sadly, there was some problems with delivery so I'm not able to write about them for you. I can say, though, that the customer service with Viking was great and they were fantastic to sort things out, and beyond that are looking in to the particular issues with delivery that I had.

I was asked what I would like to review, in lieu of the drawers, and I thought it was a great opportunity to see what sort of pretty stationary Viking have. In the past I've always known them for office stationary rather than the prettier pieces so it was nice to get a chance to look at the other parts of their ranges. As you can see I found some rather lovely bits.

This is the A5 Sweet Rose casebound notebook which I thought would be just perfect for bloggers. I wouldn't cope without my notebooks, I write list after list after list and I much prefer it when it's in a pretty norebook, none of this plain cover nonsense! The notepad is really well made and the cover is really strong, this is a note pad that will last you a long time, it'll cope in a handbag as well as at home.

I went for the beautiful, matching A4 document wallet, too. I have all sorts of different bits of paper that need somewhere to be kept; tax stuff, delivery notes, medical stuff, all sorts. I have a letter holder and a big file box upstairs but it's really handy to have something to keep everything in before I take it all upstairs for sorting. This one would be equally as fab for a back-to-school item, I'd have loved to have been able to have something like this to keep my work in back at school (or I would if I was at school now, back then I liked skulls and wolves)

And What's a stationary haul without some pens? Now, first things first, I do have to agree that there's an innate problem with having pens 'for Her', women don't need it to have a 'thinner barrel' and they don't need pretty pens in pastel shades. They don't Need them but some of us do Like them. So as much as I agree that there's no reason at all to have a set of pens just for women, I did quite want some pretty pastel pens, I'm fed up of my boring looking ones.

I did misread the listing and I thought that they were going to be in the same colours as the casing, which is the main reason I got them, but it turns out they're all black. As it happens that's rather more sensible than a box of 20 pastel coloured biros. As with the folder these would be great for both bloggers and back-to-school hauls alike (as long as teachers knew they contained black ink) - This box is great value, with 20 pens for £4.99 and they're that little bit different which will appeal to lots of those returning to school as well as to bloggers.

It was lots of fun looking through the stationery pages on Viking's site and I definitely know that they're not just for functional office stationary now. Their storage is great, their fashion stationary is great and they also have fantastic offers on that more standard, functional stuff too. Rather impressed with Viking, especially their customer services and the speed of service - A company I've definitely enjoyed working with.

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*These items were sent to me for the purpose of review but all opinions are my own*