Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Looking forward to 2015

2014 was an odd one. In a lot of ways it was a difficult year - Health was a problem for a lot of people that I love, as well as for myself, money and work things were tough, things that we hoped to move forward have stalled and... well it just wasn't the year I was hoping for.

But... in just as many ways it was a fantastic year. I got married, for one.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Our Christmas 2014

I didn't use my big camera on Christmas, I just grabbed my little snapper so I could get a few shots. I haven't even done any bigger 'haul' style photos of everything we got because getting everything together feels like a big deal (plus I mostly got money) and Ethan got far too much to photograph - He was very very lucky this year, he got SO many books, he got pyjamas, he got board games, some creative kits and then lots of figures and lego. He got gifts from us (which were almost all massive bargains), from Grandparents and Great Granparents, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, friends... he's a very lucky little boy.

Our morning started much later than we expected, with Ethan not waking until after 8! We snuggled in to bed and opened our stockings together before having a breakfast of crumpets in bed - In Ethan's stocking he got lots of lego, some My Little Pony Figures, some Pokemon and plenty of other little games and bits and bobs. My Mum did Azii a stocking and he, mostly, got chocolate plus some arty bits for his model painting and some socks and essentials. In my stocking I got a lot of chocolate, too, some bargain beauty products, some fluffy socks, some pyjama trousers and a few bits of stationery - My Mum does good stockings!

After the stocking fun we ventured downstairs.

Primark Haul - December 2014 / January 2015

Ok so I'm not in to time travel (though that'd be mightily handy!) I'm writing this up as a December and January haul because we're right on the cusp and these things should still be available in stores in January so you might want this showing up in January haul searches... I'm so considerate aren't I, hehe.

It's been a while since I went to Primark, I really only go when I've had a hospital appointment, but this week we went to town in an entertainment capacity! Cue shock and horror! My Mum and her husband paid for the three of us to go to the cinema and get some food and, whilst we were in town, we decided to pop to a few shops - Would've been very wrong if one of them wasn't Primark, especially as I have Christmas money to spend!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Lancome 'Lovely Eyes' sets would make a beautiful last minute gift - And keep an eye on House of Fraser for special offers soon!

I have heard SO much about the Lancome Hypnose mascaras that it was really difficult to decide which of the 'Lovely Eyes' sets that I wanted - I did some research, though, and looked at the effects of their different mascaras; I looked at the Hypnose 'Star', 'Drama' and 'Doll Eyes' and Doll eyes came out as an obvious front runner as the separation and lengthening is Exactly what I look for in a mascara. You can be sure I was itching to try it out and see if it worked as well for me as it did on the photos I saw during my research. 
House of Fraser is a great place to look if you want to try out some Lancome products, they stock a wide range of their items, as well as a fantastic number of other beauty items. They'd be an amazing place to pop in to if you're one of these people that does your Christmas shopping on the last few days, too, you could find no end of beauty treasures!
You also might want to keep an eye on House of Fraser between the 24th December and the 4th January (wink wink) as they're having a 12 Days of Christmas promotion which will see a number of beauty items with great reductions! I can't tell you what any of those items are (I'm not allowed to know myself, eek the excitement) but I know I'll definitely be keeping an eye out, myself, what better a way to spend Christmas money than some amazing beauty bargains?!

Monday, 22 December 2014

My December Degustabox Unboxing

I am loving being sent these Degustabox subscription boxes - There's not been a single item, thus far, that I've really disliked, which is impressive when you think about it! I love that you get a mix of snacks and some cupboard items which add to your normal repertoire and give you something different, and interesting, to cook with plus the odd little extra different thing. It's a fantastic idea for someone who needs things shaking up, or who has a limited budget but wants some extras to make their food more interesting. For £12.99 a month you get an exciting, mystery foody box which I think is a rather good bargain and if you want to get £3 off you can use my code: 9NS65

Thursday, 18 December 2014

You can't forget the pets this Christmas! Pet Present Finder fun *

You've seen me write Beauty gift guides, ones for the children, food, stocking fillers... but what about the animals?! I have to say it wasn't at the top of my list of potentials, simply  because we stopped buying Christmas gifts for our cats a few years ago (gosh don't I feel guilty admitting it?!) - Our cats are both a bit old now, well mine isn't but she acts as though she is, they rarely like to play and when they do they'll do it for a few seconds but once they realise someone's watching them they suddenly go aloof again - A bit like a tween who's grown out of her barbies.

I used to love buying gifts for the cats, though, and back when we had a dog I loved the doggie stockings you can get them. At the end of the day, for a lot of us, pets are a big part of the family so why on earth wouldn't we buy them gifts? (Unless they're moody what-have-yous of course)

Morethan have a really fun app* which will give you the chance to find the best gift for your pet, and no I'm not being over enthusiastic when I say that it's fun, it actually is. Like I said, I've not bought presents for our cats for a while, too many toy mice have been adopted by Ethan because the cats prefer sweetie wrappers. But I've had loads of fun going through the different options and seeing what's recommended - You can pick between dog or cat and then you can pick the type of gift that you like and the budget that you have and the app gives you recommendations based on those criteria.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Winner of my Personal Planner Giveaway and 10% off code

My lovely contact over at Personal Planner has asked that I write a quick, follow up post to let you know who the lucky winner of my Personal Planner giveaway was. She also has a lovely money off code for you, all, to use so that you can get 10% off at http://www.personal-planner.co.uk/EN/ up until the 25th December - The code is: D-WIML-OILT

The lucky winner of their own Personal Planner is: Laura Pritchard and I hope she loves her planner as much as I love mine! 
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Christmas with Homesense - Gifts and decorations galore!

If you saw my post about the opening of my local Homesense store you'll already know that I love this beautiful, quirky store so when I pictured what it'd be like at Christmas I just couldn't go and check it out. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to due to various issues with getting there so my, very lovely, cousin took some lovely photos of her local when she visited - She managed to capture how gorgeous the store is, and how much of an effort they made to turn it in to a real Christmas wonderland so I wanted to share some of those pictures with you. In the end, though, my Mum and I were able to go and my Mum, very much, wanted to get some new decorations to revive her collection - I went to look for some gifts and, also, get some decorations to keep aside for when we move out. (Which was all made easier to consider due to the gift card I was kindly sent)

Friday, 12 December 2014

Makeup Revolution - Redemption Palette - 'Essential Mattes 2'

It's always an exciting time when I'm sent a new Makeup Revolution palette to share with you all - It's eyeshadows, again, today and it's a real beauty. The 'Essential Mattes 2' brings a whole new selection of gorgeous matte shades which would suit so many complexions - Some of the palest shades don't show up on my super pale skin, too much, but they'd make amazing base shades or contour shades whilst the darker shades bring the colour and depth.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Half-Shell Heroes - Ninja Turtles for younger fans

Ethan's seen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a few times when it's been on morning tv at the weekends and he absolutely loves them - I've been a bit torn as I loved them when I was a child, too, but with him being four I'm not sure he's quite ready.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas drinks and nibbles and Foody gifts guide

Food is an obvious gift idea for a lot of people at Christmas, it's probably the default option, in a lot of cases, giving people the chance to get something they are sure someone's going to enjoy (often chocolate, mm chocolate!)

Another foody aspect of Christmas is nibbles and beverages - The moment Christmas rolls around it's suddenly necessary to have lots of extra nibbles, boxes of chocolates and all number of naughty things around the house. Sometimes it's for entertaining, sometimes 'just because it's Christmas'. It's nice, though, to have some ideas about what's good to grab on a shopping trip, and some different gift ideas for those who're foodily inclined (yes, I made up my own word). 

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Birchbox UK - December 2014 Unboxing 'The Sophia Webster Edit'

Last Birchbox of the year, and it's a special edit put together by Sophia Webster - Oh the potential it holds. When I opened the box I let out a big 'ooooOooh!' there's some impressive products inside.

If the box makes you go 'ooooOoooh' too and you cant to subscribe then you can use my code http://birchbox.co.uk/?raf=19096 which will get both you, and I, £5 to spend in the Birchbox store. Also keep an eye open for deals when you subscribe, there's often a couple floating around. 

My Beauty lovers gift guide

Warning! There's a Lot of things in this post... I mean a lot. But what would you expect from a beauty junkie like me? I was sent a lot of things to consider including in the post so, in this one, I'll actually tell you if I Didn't get sent it because it makes more sense that way around.

I've got body care, I've got skin care, I've got cosmetics, fragrance and even a set for men! Beauty is a real go-to for so many people when Christmas comes around; even if we're not considering beauty obsessives it's quite easy to just pick up some toiletries or something that smells nice when you're buying for someone and aren't sure what to get. So, if you find yourself in that situation, or if you just want to get ideas for yourself or the beauty junkie in your life then keep on reading for some ideas.

Monday, 8 December 2014

My Book lovers Gift Guide

It's very hard for me to recommend books because there's So many books that I love and I read so many in a year. I was sent a few to read in order to consider including them in this and I also fell in love with some of my book club reads from this year which I think deserve a mention and I want to mention a few that I've read myself. Obviously I can't mention many of each, as it'd take a loong time, but there's just so many books that I love.

Books have always been big in my family, our family holidays were spent reading, it has always been one of my biggest hobbies and I just love books. I'm blessed to have a husband who loves books, too, and Ethan really can't get enough of books as well - I'm so pleased that it looks like my own family is going to be as book driven as mine was growing up. Over the past few years it's become more and more evident that so many more people don't enjoy books so I think it's important that, if someone does love books, we nourish it and giving books as a gift is the perfect way to do that! (If you don't know what books to get them, and they don't already have one, a Kindle is an amazing main gift - I gave Azii his years ago for his birthday and it's had a Lot of use since!)

Getting ready for Christmas with Getting Personal

Getting ready for Christmas can be one of the most exciting part of the festivities - The lead up, the planning and the making everything just, right. Sometimes it's the buying of the gifts that is most exciting, and sometimes it's the little extras like decorations or things that will help enhance the day.

Getting Personal is a site where you can browse, and buy, personalised decorations, beautiful gifts and those special little finishing touches. It's a lovely place to spend time clicking through page after page of lovely ideas and deciding which option works the best. I really enjoyed deciding which items I'd like to review and was thrilled when I was offered three things to show to you all. 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Bargain beauty bundle of Creightons products - Giveaway

I'm coming towards the end of my Christmas giveaways, if you haven't seen my others then don't forget to check out my giveaway page: http://www.petitmoi-bigworld.co.uk/p/giveaways.html - There's plenty to check out!

Today I've got 6 products that I've, actually, not tried myself to offer up for grabs. Ordinarily I wouldn't do a giveaway for products that I've not tried but due to the crazily bargainous nature of these I thought it would be worth it - I say this because, the way that I see it is that it's the sort of thing someone might pick up without having read about, anyway, because they're So cheap and and if you do like them then you've found yourself a go-to bargain product. They're all from the brand Creightons and they're all available in Poundland so, fingers crossed whoever wins will fall in love with them and they can become a staple product that they can pick up for £1 a go. 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Gorgeous Vaseline products to give away for Christmas

This post was supposed to come after my Beauty Gift guide but that's had to be delayed because I got another, awesome, product to include in it and I wanted to make sure this giveaway was listed early enough!

So this is what's up for grabs -  I'll just show you what's in each set.

Fun, Quirky Christmas Gifts from Catseye London

Catseye London is a brand which I've loved from afar for a little while, now, their quirky designs, bold images and good quality products are very much to be lusted after when you want something that stands out amongst your collection. They do beauty accessories (makeup bags, mirrors etc), bags and purses, home and desk items of all types with a whole range of beautiful designs emblazoned on them. 

There's so many wonderful products that it could prove incredibly difficult to decide what sort of design to go for but it's an animal lovers dream as well as being great for those who love vintage images or cute images and there's even a range with a print of a satchel on it which is really distinctive. 
It was the animal designs that I was drawn to, when I was asked which item I wanted to review, there's loads of different kitty pics on makeup bags, cushions and more. There's also bunnies and dogs of all number of breeds - When it came to choosing the item it was very difficult! Even once I narrowed it down a bit it still took quite some time to pick just one design which I wanted above the others.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Big International, Christmas + New Year, Beauty Giveaway with Makeup Revolution - 5 Eyeshadow palettes to win

That's right, I have a very exciting, international / worldwide giveaway to share with you today - It's going to run for a month so it's a Christmas and New Year giveaway and it's with Makeup Revolution. They've, kindly, offered to send the winner 5 eyeshadow palettes - I've spent some time discussing with them which ones would be best to send and I think you'll all agree that we've got together a very nice bundle.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

New Makeup Revolution! The 'All About Cream' Blush palette

Would I like to post about an 8 shade, cream blush palette that's made to the Makeup Revolution quality that we already know and love? Well, why yes, I would! And would I like it the day before it's released? Oh my goodness you're spoiling me!

When the offer arrived there was no doubt about what my answer would be - Makeup Revolution make good cream blushes, 8 of them in a palette together is dream come true material, I love cream blushes.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

My Stocking Filler Gift Guide

Now I know that stockings are a note of contention for some families - Some people don't like them at all, some people think they're for little ones only and some believe that you can have them well in to adult-hood. Well I'm 28 and I still get stockings so I expect you can guess which of these categories I fall in to which is why you'll find gift ideas for all ages in this, particular guide.
Image from the website
First I want to share a couple of charity ideas with you - http://www.sendacow.org/ is a charity that allows you to make donations, in someone's name, and give a real, substantial gift to someone who doesn't anywhere near as much as us. You can donate as little as £5 (for a Semen Straw... yup, semen, to inseminate a cow and get calves), to £6 to 'feed a child' (teach them to grow food and how to cook that food in a nutritional way), £7 (to donate a chicken) £10 (for a tap) all the way up to £205 for a cow and £1450 to make a whole family self sufficient. There's a whole range of prices and it'd  be lovely to pop a card in a stocking and let someone know that, together, you've helped someone at Christmas.

Monday, 1 December 2014

'The Book With No Pictures by B. J. Novak - Review and Giveaway

If you read my children's gift guide post you'll, already, know my thoughts on how important it is for people to remember to give books as gifts at Christmas time. The magic of a book is something that a lot of people don't always value, but if we can take a few minutes out of a day to read with our children they can grow up knowing the love of books.

I don't, actually, have a picture of the book to show you, I was sent a PDF copy to review... but I think that's quite fitting when you consider the book is 'The Book with No Pictures' - The front cover is plain white with giant text, left oriented, nothing more special than that. That said, the authors name, B.J. Novak is in blue, so I guess they pushed the boat out a little, there, hehe.

From the first time I saw a video of this book being read to a class of children I could sense the magic in it, all books have magic, but there's something very special about this one. The concept is basic... there's no pictures which is, of course, Totally boring... though, actually, it's not.

When you read this book you Have to say everything that comes up on the page... Even if the word says BLORK or BLUURF or, even if it makes you declare that you're a monkey that can read. And, so you see, here's the magic of the book - It controls grown-ups and makes them daft.