We’re nowhere near having everything we need for Oliver, yet, but we’ve got a few of the main bits and a few of the littler bits, plus of course he’ll have lots of Ethan’s bits and bobs when suitable. One thing that I have been excited about getting, though, purely from a me point of view, is a changing bag. I had a really practical bag with Ethan, and I wanted practicality to be an important part of this one too. I will be honest and say that I did consider some of the pretty pretty ones, I’m in to pretty things so much more then when E was born, but I am really pleased that I’ve struck a great balance between looking nice and being highly practical in my decision on getting the ‘Baby Style’ bag in the Star design from Babymoov. 

I hadn’t heard of Babymoov, until recently, but the moment I looked at their bags I was instantly sure that they were the way forward for me. The bags have a really nice look (there’s prettier designs as well as the simpler ones) and they have every feature that I’d be looking from in a bag, and more.
The bag costs around £40-£45 from most available online retailers, but I’ve seen them in various special offers so it’s well worth shopping around. I’ve currently found it on Amazon for £43.70 and Mothercare for £44.99 but during my shopping around I definitely remember seeing it on lots of sites. 
When I was ordering I had a voucher to get a bit of money off at eBay so I bought mine from there but I’d not recommend doing that as you have a lot less security from your order. The seller I bought from had one of the older models of the bag which ended up having a damaged changing mat due to the way the metal star studs used to be attached. When I found this I contacted Babymoov and explained that I was going to be reviewing my bag so I wanted to know if amendments had been made to the bag in order to stop this from happening and they said that the design had been changed, as this was a known issue, and they very kindly offered to replace my bag (which they couldn’t normally do due to the fact that I’d bought from a third party) – So I returned my damaged bag to them and they gave me a new one, very very kind of them.

As much as it was a shame that the first one had some damage, it’s really good to know that the company is aware of issues and make changes to prevent it from happening again – So, nicely done Babymoov. And that’s enough from me for the pre-story, on to the bag!

I’m loving grey, at the moment, and I am always drawn to star print things with my babies (it seems) so the Star design was a no-brainer for me. We’ve ordered a grey buggy so I think that the bag will look great with it. 
This is the bag with the changing mat attachment on the front, the removable mat being one of the things that drew me to the bag. 
When you remove the mat you have a very nice looking bag, still, just with a little less decoration. As you can see from the picture it has smaller handles for carrying, as well as a bigger shoulder strap which makes it much easier to wear the bag. 
The detailing on the bag is just lovely, you’ll find stars on various parts of the bag and on the accessories that come with it. As much as it’s hardly a massive selling point, it’s something which really makes me happy with a product as it proves that the manufacturer concentrate on both the bigger and the smaller elements. 
On the outside of the bag there’s a small zip pocket on one side – You might be able to fit a phone in there, or a small purse, as well as other smaller bits and bobs, maybe a snack for a toddler or even just pocket change for parking machines. 
One feature I loved in my old changing bag was straps on each end which help it attach to the buggy handle so you don’t end up with using the shoulder strap and having it hanging low and bashing against the wheels or even the floor if it’s a long strap. This feature was perfected even more, on this bag, the buggy straps are adjustable so you can make it fit to different makes of buggy more easily. 
I didn’t get the best picture of the inside as I wanted to keep my flaky nails out of the shot (vanity, I know), but I think you can get a good idea of how big a space there is inside, you’ll not have any trouble fitting a good day’s worth of bits and bobs inside. 
Additionally you can see there’s two small, elasticated pockets at the back of the bag which you can slip smaller items in to, and at the far left there’s a mesh pocket for holding a drinks bottle or beaker in. 
On the other side of the bag there’s a huge pouch which the wet bag/pouch fits in, but I also look at it and see it as a perfect kindle pouch, haha, I rarely leave the house without mine, It’d also be ideal for baby’s red book or any other flat, larger items that need to get in there. Interestingly you an also, just about, see that the wall of the pocket opens up, and is held closed by velcro, and this gives you yet another little place to slip your items in. Lastly, for the inside, you can see that there’s another small, zip up pocket. 
Ok, so I think I’ve detailed every pouch and pocket in the bag, but you can see my point, there’s tonnes and tonnes of ways to store your things, and make it work for both yours and babies things. 
As  if all the storage solutions weren’t enough, the bag also comes with four helpful accessories – At the top you can see the waterproof pouch which would be handy for damp clothing, or anything else that needs keeping separate. Just below that, somewhat blending in to the bag, there’s a thin, black fleece blanket with a grey border, another non-essential, but something that could be really handy as it folds up really small and there’s so many situations in which an extra layer is just ideal. 
Both the insulated bottle bag and the dummy holder can be attached to the outside of the bag for easy access on the go and both are in keeping with fabric and designs of the bag. 
And, as if all of that wasn’t enough, lastly we have the detachable changing mat. A lot of changing bags come with mats but normally they fit inside the bag and, so, take up a lot of space which you want to save for other things. With the Babymoov ‘Style’ bag it clips on to the front of the bag which means that you don’t lose essential internal space, but it also means that you can get to it more easily when you need to do a change on the fly. If you were only going out for a small journey, too, you can remove the strap from the main back and attach it to the rings on the back of the changing mat, which you can use as a small bag instead. 
The mat is designed so you can keep the basics in with it and use it independently of the big bag. As you can see there’s a small mesh pouch at the top which you could keep a couple of nappies in, and then, as you can see above, there’s the fold out ‘arms’ of the mat which means that if you put a travel pack of wipes in there you’d not have them falling out of the sides if used as a small shoulder bag. The extra width will also be really handy when changing the baby. 
I love this idea of being able to keep the basics in the changing mat so you don’t need to take the whole bag with you in to a changing area, it’s such a handy little idea, but it’s yet another little innovation that really sold me on the bag. 
Phew, that was a bit of a long one. A lot of pictures, I know, and I’m aware I tirelessly pointed out all the tiny details, but I wanted to explain what sold the bag to me and what has me really excited to use it. I expect I’ll do what I did with Ethan, when it comes to hospital bags, and I’ll use this as Oliver’s bag and I’ll use a small bag for myself too rather than having one huge bag for both of us. It makes it easier for others to get to his bits and bobs and it makes it easier for getting around the hospital and for storing the bags away too. I can’t wait to use this and store all of Oliver’s bits and pieces in here, just having the bag reminds me of how real everything is, in only a matter of weeks our little boy will be here and this bag will be so so useful. 

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I paid for this bag but I did get some extra help from Babymoov in order to get the damaged one replaced.

I’m a bit of a sucker for a large proportion of the Maybelline Color Tattoo range, and I especially love the nude tones as that’s what I err towards when it comes to eye looks. It’s a constant annoyance that Maybelline keep bringing out neutral ranges over in the US but the often never make it to the UK so when I found out that the Creamy Matte’s were over in the UK, for a limited time, I just had to try and get them.

I don’t know how long they’re around for, but I do know that, when available, they’re only in store in Boots stores. So keep an eye out if you want to add them to your collection. 

When it came to getting in to town to try and get these (which I wasn’t sure I’d manage as I only go to town every 2-3 months) I knew I had just over £10 worth of points on my Boots Clubcard so was expecting to just pick up two of these (as they’re £4.99 each), but when the time came they happened to be on a 3 for 2 so I got all three of them for £9.98 worth of points – Bargain. 
The shades are ‘Creme de Rose’, ‘Creme de Nude’ and ‘Creamy Beige’ – If I’d only been able to get two I probably would’ve got the far left and far right shades as the Nude shade is a little more yellow toned than I’d normally opt for; that said, I expect it’ll make a great base shade for a number of looks as Color Tattoos are one of the only things that never crease on my eyes. 
As their name suggests, they are matte shadows which lends them to being fantastic on their own or as a base with a more shimmery powder shadow over the top or in the crease. I really, really am hoping that Maybelline bring us some more shimmery neutral Color Tattoos, too, as we’re seriously lacking in them.
And, for the swatches. They’re in the same order as above, and you can see they’re really quite lovely shades. My favourite is, without a doubt, ‘Creme de Rose’ (Which I keep reading is said to be a dupe for Mac’s paint pot in ‘Painterly’, but I don’t have that so I couldn’t comment). If they’re still available next time I’m in town, though, I do think I’ll try and grab a second one of this shade, because it’s just such a perfect shade for adding the tiniest of colour to the lid, or just to even out the skin tone if you have pale skin like me. 
All three of them are lovely and creamy, though, they aren’t drying and, thus far, haven’t creased on my lids. I haven’t used Nude, much, though as it’s just a bit yellowy for me, but I’m sure I’ll find a good way to use it as it’s a Color Tattoo and I can’t help but love them. 
So, please, please, please Maybelline. Make this range permanent, and bring us some more neutrals, alllll of the neutrals! 

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A couple of days ago I showed you a little haul in which I bought three, new, Nyx Butter Glosses and I promised that I’d do a post to show you my whole collection, with swatches. So here it is! With three new glosses, and the four I already had (well, five, but I lost my original Tiramisu) I have a collection of 7 shades. 

I had arranged these in to some semblance of shade order but, in the end, I had to rearrange them in to whatever order meant that they didn’t keep rolling away – The joys of photographing things that just don’t want to stay still. 
From left to right we have – ‘Tiramisu’, ‘Vanilla Cream Pie’, ‘Eclair’, ‘Apple Strudel’, ‘Angel Food Cake’, ‘Cherry Pie’ and ‘Peach Cobbler’.  
And the swatches are in the same order – ‘Tiramisu’ is just the perfect nude shade for me, I love it, and I love the slightly dusky pink of ‘Vanilla Cream Pie’ though I haven’t tried it on my lips yet. ‘Elciar’ is a bit too pale pink, for me, and I almost considered not keeping it when I did my big clear out but I love this formula so much that I decided to keep it. Again, ‘Apple Strudel’ isn’t the most perfect shade for me but I do still like it. The thing to remember, with all of these, is that their sheer nature means that the natural pigment of the lips alters them slightly and with both ‘Eclair’ and ‘Apple Strudel’ they’re much nicer on the lips than they are on my super pale skin. 
‘Angel Food Cake’, on the far left, is my joint favourite shade and I love it as a slightly more plummy tone, especially for A/W. I don’t wear a lot of reds, but when I do a sheer red is much easier to wear than a massively pigmented one, which is why I love ‘Cherry Pie’ and ‘Peach Cobbler’ is just the perfect summer shade, for me, with it’s sheer orange/coral. 
So, that’s my collection. I love these so so much that I’m sure I’ll add to it, again, but considering I’ve found the perfect two shades it might take a while before I find something else that I love enough to buy (I should probably enjoy the ones I already have). 
These can be bought from the Nyx site, of course, and now they are available at Feel Unique too which is great as they do free delivery over £10. 

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After no beauty hauls in ages I, now, have a second one to share with you! I had some money I paid out a while ago, towards Azii’s Christmas present, and I got half of it back the other day so I thought (seeing as I had already spent the money months ago) why not have a wee spend.

I did two orders, one from Feel Unique and one from Superdrug – From Feel Unique I wanted to pick up some Nyx bits, as they’re new to the site, and from Superdrug I went for Revlon (and added in the L.A.B.² item because it was 3 for 2).

I am absolutely in love with the Nyx Butter Glosses and I’ve wanted the new-ish shade ‘Angel Food Cake’ for ages, now, even before it was available in the UK. I even looked at getting it ordered from the US but I’m rather pleased that I waited as I was able to get it from Feel Unique, along with the other two, at £5 each.
As well as ‘Angel Food Cake’ I picked up another new (for me) shade, and a replacement shade because I have misplaced my previous favourite.

From left to right we have ‘Tiramisu’ (which is the old favourite that I lost), ‘Vanilla Cream Pie’ and ‘Angel Food Cake’. I’m not going to swatch them, in this post, as I’m going to do a big swatch post for my whole collection.

And here’s what I picked up from Superdrug. The Revlon bits are a Super Lustrous lipstick (£7.99) in ‘Pink n the Afternoon’ and the Colour Stay foundation (£12.99) in the shade 110 Ivory. Seeing as I got a third item, for free, I picked this fluffy looking blending brush from L.A.B.² (£6.99), I’m always trying to find the perfect, high street, blending brush.
I’ve tried the Revlon Colourstay once, so far, and it didn’t sit perfectly on my skin (but I think that’s because it’s SO dry during pregnancy) but I’ve not tried the other two. That said I’ve sat and stroked the brush (as we brush addicts too) and it feels lovely and soft, and well made, it’s not as soft and fluffy as my Mac 217 but it’s probably the closest I’ve found yet (other than eBay purchases from US brands).
I wanted to get a Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick because I got one in my Glossybox last month, in the shade Black Cherry, which I loved but isn’t really an every day shade. Which is why I went for ‘Pink in the Afternoon’ as it’s much more wearable.


As you can see it’s a lovely rosy, slightly dusky, pink and it’s just absolutely beautiful. I’m looking forward to wearing it, probably when I next do my makeup.
So that’s my wee haul. The Nyx gloss in ‘Angel Food Cake’ is now my joint favourite with ‘Tiramisu’ and I’m looking forward to playing with everything else too.

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If I’m asked to review a new beauty box it’s, really, quite easy to guess what the answer will be – I Like beauty boxes, a lot. As such, when Smartzprice asked me to take a look at their ‘Look Incredible’ box I was more than happy to oblige. 

The products come in a plain, black, box with a little sheet inside – You can tell it’s a new box as everything’s still really simple whilst the company get themselves set up with everything. It is a good quality box, though, and a good style for re-using. 
The box, itself, is £18.99 a month, which is a little above average but when you see the brands you might see why.
And, then… Well you open the box and, if you’re like me, you’ll have a serious Wow moment. Just take a moment to absorb the brands you can see in there. 
The first item I picked up was a pair of eyelash curlers – Eye lash curlers aren’t the Most exciting of tools but a good set is definitely work having. Most of my curlers are from bargain brands so to get a set from Liz Earle is rather nice. There’s even a little compartment where a spare, for the rubber part, is kept.
Next we have a Nails Inc polish. I’m not sure as to how normal it is for companies to get hold of Glamour polishes but I assume these are over-flow stock and that gives a great opportunity to get a full sized polish that you may have missed out on otherwise.
I got ‘Marylebone Mews’ which is a grey toned, taupey shade. It’s very pretty and reminds me of some other shades that I have but I think it’s different enough to earn a place within my collection. 
The first of the, two, lip products from the box is this ‘L’Oreal’ lipstick from their ‘by Blake’ collection. The shade is called ‘Blake’s Pure Red’ and, although I really don’t need another red, it’s rather a nice shade. 

It’s a nicely toned, quite deep, true red which I think will suit a lot of skin tones as it doesn’t lean too much any one way in terms of warm or cool. It’s very, very pigmented so you won’t spend ages and ages building it up. 
The skincare item in the box is, impressively, by Bare Minerals and comes in the form of their ‘Deep Cleansing Foam’. I have a lot of cleansers but this shall join the queue of things to try. I’m not using anything foaming, at the moment, as my skin is a little too temperamental but, once the baby is born, hopefully I’ll be able to be a bit more adventurous, again, and will  be able to give this a go. 
This is the item that Really had my eyes popping out of my head. I’ve never used anything by Tarte before, what with how hard it can be to get hold of in this country, and their ‘Lights, camera, flashes’ mascara is amongst the top of the list of items I’ve heard most about. I, most definitely, wasn’t expecting an item like this in a box. 
This may not sit, easily, amongst my other mascaras but my goodness it’s so pretty and it just feels So special. I’m trying to be good because I already have too many mascaras on the go but I just want to try this So badly! 
Lastly, and another very surprising brand, comes a ‘Lip Enhancing Gloss’ by Smashbox. They’re another brand I don’t own a lot of, because my high end collection is more limited, so getting something like this in a box is a bit wow. The shade is a bit different but, actually, I really like it. 
I think this gloss ’35MM’ is very very seasonally apt. The neutral, almost bronze tone of it is really rather festive, not to mention all the shimmer. 

I’ll be the first to admit that, swatched, this shade does look a bit much and like it might not work for a lot of people but, actually, once applied it’s a lot more wearable. I wouldn’t wear it too heavily, but a light layer is actually rather beautiful and I like it a lot. 
So, yes, I think you can see why this box blew me away. There was So much in there, and the variety of brands is wow. Each month’s box promises 5, full sized, products which is very impressive. At the moment the boxes are random but, as time goes on, the company may look in to taking details of each customer (as other companies do) but I guess we’ll have to see how the box takes off first!

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