Demeter Fragrances finally come to the UK as ‘The Library of Fragrance’

It’s not really big news, now, they’ve been here for a while but I’m still really excited that we have ‘The Library of Fragrance’ here in the UK, now. I was told about Demeter Fragrance Library a couple of years ago but with them being from across the pond I never had a chance to get hold of any – So when I discovered that they were going to get their own incarnation over here I was very very pleased.

Not only that but I was given the chance to pick one of the fragrances so that I could write about it for you! When I knew they were coming here, that was exciting enough, but to be writing about them for you is even better. That said, the challenge was set, how on earth was I to pick just one?!

 The fragrances offered aren’t going to be the same as those you’re used to finding, they’re weird and wonderful, exciting and unusual. You can get some which are more normal like ‘Almond’, ‘Cherry Blossom’, ‘Musk #7’ and ‘Jasmine’ among many others as well as more unusual ones like ‘Pineapple’, ‘Vanilla Cake Batter’ and ‘Passion fruit’ to the all out weird like ‘Pizza’, ‘Play-Doh’, ‘Whiskey Tabacco’ and ‘Sushi’! And, believe me, that’s just some of each category.

I have to say I find the foody ones the most appealing, I really want to try ‘Vanilla Cake Batter’, ‘Sticky Toffee Pudding’, ‘Apple Pie’, ‘Caramel’, ‘Chocolate Chip Cookie’ and ‘Lemon Meringue’. As well as those I really want to just smell, once, ones like ‘Paper Back’, ‘Pizza’ and ‘Salt Air’ just to know what they translate like, haha.

The scent that I chose is Honey as I am mad about anything honey scented and flavoured, it’s just one of my absolute favourites. Though when I look at my wishlist I do wonder if I made the right choice as there’s so many more daring ones I could’ve tried… that said… oh I do love it.

When I first sprayed this I felt as though it was a little Too sweet and I wasn’t sure if it was quite Honey enough for my liking but it took only a few moments for it to dry and, as it did, it transformed. As you wear this scent it really is like smelling honey all day long, it’s amazingly accurate. Having obsessed over Demeter Fragrances for so long, as I’d hear how realistic they were, I am very pleased to know that my hopes were right. I’ve been told that Honey pairs, really well, with Black Pepper and I can imagine that the sweet and the warm would go beautifully, but I’m happy to just smell like honey all day!

At £15 each these cost less than your normal, commercial fragrances, but they’re also not cheap enough that I can go out and buy my whole wishlist in one fell swoop, haha. I think they’re really reasonable, though, and I plan on adding one or two, at least, to my collection – I shall be a walking bakery if my wishlist is anything to go by!

You can pick these up from ‘The Library of Fragrance’ site and there’s also 31 of the fragrances available from Boots, though most of the ones I want I’d have to get direct from LoF,

This post contains press samples – please see disclaimer here


    • admin February 3, 2015 / 6:17 pm

      They are a bit bonkers, some of them, but some of the craziest seem to be some of the most popular, I guess people like some interesting things!

      I do want to try some more but I don't think I'll be getting pizza or play doh any time soon!

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