Makeup Revolution – The I ♥ Makeup ‘Naked Chocolate’ eyeshadow palette (with swatches!)

There’s a number of new, exciting, Makeup Revolution launches happening at the moment (I mean when isn’t there?!) and I’m lucky enough to have been sent one of the new ones to be able to show you today; one of the ones from their sister brand I ♥ Makeup!

Now, I think it’s safe to say, a lot of you were fans of the Chocolate style palettes that I ♥ Makeup released a while back; the post I did was, in fact, one of my most popular Makeup Revolution/I ♥ Makeup posts for being google searched because people love that palette So much!

As such I think plenty of you are going to be excited to see this gorgeous, new palette, just as I was, the ‘Naked Chocolate’ palette:

Your eyes do not deceive you, it looks like a huge, melty bar of white chocolate – Oh I love white chocolate and could take a chomp out of a bar like that right about now…
Ok so this palette might be a bit difficult for those of us trying to loose weight… It does make me so very hungry! But the shades inside to make it worth its while.

Though, I do have to add, when I was applying the swatches and moving my hand around I noticed a whiff of something sweet. Yes, that’s right, the shadows smell like white chocolate! I checked with the lovely Makeup Revolution team and they confirmed that the gentle white chocolate scent is natural and light – Yes, I’m in love, and that’s even before we reach the swatches (I don’t think the scent of this would bother people who’re funny with smells, I don’t think so anyway, it is very subtle)

And, as you can see, the names are suitably sweet and naughty – I love how cute they are.
And here are the beautiful shades – Love, love, love.


As always I’ve tried to capture the shades from a couple of different angles because I think that it helps to see different dimensions of shades that have so much depth to them.

We have the top row of shades, above, but I’m not going to go mad on the describing them too much because you can see them perfectly well I think.

L-R we have ‘Smoothly’, ‘Divine’, ‘Mocha Lover’, ‘Dipped’ and ‘Choc-Fest’ – I think the names are rather clever as they seem to suit the shades quite well; of course the matte cream (very white chocolate looking) is smooth, and Dipped is such a great name for a shade that is dual layered, has duo-chrome to it, it’s almost as though it’s a chocolate shade that’s been ‘dipped’ in the beautiful golden shimmer… ooh we’re almost getting poetic here.


Next we have, from L-R ‘Adorable’, ‘Buttons’, ‘Frosted Choc’, ‘Delight’, ‘Sweet Shop’ and ‘Sugar’.

As you can see most of these shades are shimmer shades and, most of them, in a big way; some really stunning, stand-out shades here. That said, I do like the subtler shades, too, what’s a chocolate palette without a beautiful matte, chocolate brown and that last shade on the right is very deceptive, ‘Sugar’ may look quite simple but it’s, actually, just a pain to photograph. The shade is a deep, warm brown and looks almost matte in these pics but that’s because the added depth that this shade has just doesn’t want to be captured on photograph; when you look at this shade, properly, with the naked eye you can see that it has a gorgeous, coppery iridescence to it and, although subtle, it really brings it to life.


The last row, from L-R contains, ‘Double Dip’, ‘Tob-Le-Rone’, ‘White’, ‘Milky’ and ‘Way’ (There’s no doubting the irony of the deep, dark brown shade being called ‘White’ haha).

We have two shimmers, which really pack a punch, either side three beautiful mattes on this row. The level of pigmentation and shine in some of these shades is just phenomenal and some of the looks that are going to be created with this will be beautiful. The mattes are a beautiful accompaniment to the ‘pow’ colours, too, as they’ll be lovely for contouring or even for a subtler look on their own.

This palette, it goes without saying, would be great for travel as you’d be able to create anything from a subtle, matte, nude look to a soft shimmery day-look and, not to forget, a powerful, shimmery night-look if you wanted to, too.

I’m sure I’ll reach a point in my life where I have enough nude eyeshadow palettes, but now is not that time. I love nude palettes and this new one is going to take pride of place amongst my other favourites. As always there’s no disappointment with the variety of shades or with the pigmentation and levels of colour that’s on offer here – It’s a stunner without a doubt.

The palette was, only, released yesterday so if you want to go and snap it up before everyone else does, it’s £7.99 and can be found over on the Makeup Revolution website:

This post contains press samples – please see disclaimer here


  1. Dagmara K January 8, 2015 / 1:13 pm

    I thought I don't need yet another Makeup Revolution palette but, oh boy!, I DO need it! It's beautiful, the shades are stunning! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  2. Ignota January 8, 2015 / 3:29 pm

    This is a gorgeous palette and it makes me crave white chocolate immediately..but, it seems from the swatched like it is very similar to the shades from the I heart chocolate palette. Is that really so?

  3. beautyqueenuk January 8, 2015 / 4:41 pm

    I think this is my favourite palette that has come up for release so far x

  4. Jade Wimsey January 8, 2015 / 8:05 pm

    oooh i really like the look of this! it looks much more wearable for me than the other chocolate one

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty & Lifestyle

  5. Candy Makeup Girl February 6, 2015 / 8:39 am

    I really like MUR palettes!

    Go check out my blog:

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