My Nails Inc Sale haul – Oh the bargains!

Just wanted to share my Nails Inc sale haul with you because I got some Amazing bargains. Sadly a few of the things are out of stock, now, as things took a long while to arrive, but I took a look at the sale earlier and there’s still some pretty amazing bargains to be had, well worth taking a look.

As well as this, due to it being delayed by quite a lot. Nails Inc were kind enough to send a full sized ‘Kensington Caviar – 45 Second Top Coat’ which I think is really good of them, there’s companies out there who’ve had delays but aren’t even apologising. Very very nicely done Nails Inc.

Soo… Ahem… yes. I bought a few nail polishes. In my defence this cost me around £32, and that was including postage (If I’d spent a little more I’d have got free postage but even I know my limits)… so this works out at less than £2 a polish, for Nails Inc! When they’re normally £12 each getting them for £5 each is amazing but less than £2 each is wow (It’d have been about £2 each had I not got the extra top coat free, of course). 
So, I was going to tell you what came in each collection and how much they were but I realised I put two polishes out of order so it’s not going to make sense anyway, plus the collections I got are either OOS or not on there any more. I will suggest you look on the sale page, though, because there’s some equally good collections still available, just slightly different from the ones I got, as well as single polishes for £5 and some other interesting bits and bobs.

Instead of the collections I’ll just tell you what the polishes I have, are, if they are still available in the sale I’ll link to them. So top row L-R we have: ‘Green Park’, ‘Cork Street’, ‘The Southbank’, ‘Oakley Gardens’ and ‘Upper Street’.

On top of the box, L-R, we have, ‘Hampstead Court’ and ‘Chelsea Embankment’.

Down to the bottom row, from L-R ‘Horse Guards Parade’, ‘Draycott Avenue’, ‘A&E Base Coat’, ‘Albert Bridge Top Coat’, ‘Gloucester Walk’, ‘George Street’, ‘Jermyn Street’ (the 45 second top coat in a box) and ‘Kings Road’. 

Soo… yes. I have been doing some makeup clear-out stuff recently, and I have a lot more to do, so these polishes are going to fill in the gaps left by the polishes that I don’t use anymore, or are old etc. And just look how beautiful they are! Very, very in love. I do think Nails Inc is one of my favourite nail polish brands, when I can afford them, and it seems that Christmas Sale time is when I can afford them!

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  1. Jessica Edmunds January 13, 2015 / 6:26 pm

    Oh my gosh you have a whole new collection and if I am allowed to say it you didn't spend THAT much, I am super impressed! xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    • admin January 13, 2015 / 6:36 pm

      It's amazing isn't it … I'm normally good with Nails Inc but it was one shopping cart I just had to check out (and the posh, extra top coat was an added bonus, especially as I'll be throwing out all of my rubbish top coats that do nothing lol) xx

  2. Alison January 14, 2015 / 10:27 am

    Lovely selection of colours, loving the blue and the glitters

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