My year in Books – In 2014 I read 117 books!

I think it’s safe to day that I smashed the 50 books in a year challenge in 2014, I read a lot of books! I sometimes go through phases where I don’t read as often, which did happen last year, but for the most part I was devouring books like there was no tomorrow.

With the Fibro reading is one of the few things I can do as long as I’m not too exhausted (This has led to me falling asleep with my finger on my kindle screen and doing silly things in the past), I still struggle to get in to comfortable positions but with my kindle it’s not too intrusive and I find it easier to focus on than I do with anything else – It’s the least demanding thing I’ve found to do, thus far. There are days when I simply can’t read but, thankfully, the days that I can read give me plenty of chances to indulge in my favourite past-time.

I’ve taken part in the 50 Book Challenge for a number of years, now, and I think it’s a fantastic motivation for anyone who loves to read but needs to remember to pick up books more often. Not to mention don’t we all like to ‘win’, so even if you don’t need the motivation then why not take part because then you’ll have a great sense of achievement for that year.

I’ve, actually, already started on my list for 2015, it’s on my 50 Book Challenge page and I’ve already made a good start!

But anyway, here’s what I read last year, in 2014:

  1. ‘The Colour of Magic’ – Terry Pratchett
  2. ‘The Light Fantastic’ – Terry Pratchett
  3. ‘Equal Rights’ – Terry Pratchett
  4. ‘Mort’ – Terry Pratchett
  5. ‘Sourcery’ – Terry Pratchett
  6. ‘Wyrd Sisters’ – Terry Pratchett
  7. ‘Pyramids’ – Terry Pratchett
  8. ‘Guards! Guards!’ – Terry Pratchett
  9. ‘Divergent’ – Veronica Roth
  10. ‘Insurgent’ – Veronica Roth
  11. ‘Allegiant’ – Veronica Roth
  12. Bird Box‘ – Josh Malerman
  13. ‘Eric’ – Terry Pratchett
  14. ‘Karlology’ – Karl Pilkington
  15. ‘The World of Karl Pilkington’ – Karl Pilkington
  16. ‘Above All Things’ – Tanis Rideout
  17. ‘The School Gates’ – Nicola May
  18. ‘The Sea of Shadows’ – Kelley Armstrong
  19. ‘Omens’ – Kelley Armstrong
  20. ‘The Girl With The Glass Feet’ – Ali Shaw
  21. ‘The Hunger Games’ – Suzanne Collins
  22. ‘Catching Fire’ – Suzanne Collins
  23. ‘Mockingjay’ – Suzanne Collins
  24. ‘Finding Sky’ – Joss Stirling
  25. ‘Stealing Phoenix’ – Joss Stirling
  26. ‘Seeking Crystal’ – Joss Stirling
  27. ‘Firelight’ – Sophie Jordan
  28. ‘Vanish’ Sophie Jordan
  29. ‘Hidden’ – Sophie Jordan
  30. ‘Paper Towns’ – John Green
  31. ‘The Declaration’ – Gemma Malley
  32. ‘The Resistance’ – Gemma Malley
  33. ‘The Legacy’ – Gemma Malley
  34. ‘The Three’ Sarah Lotz
  35. ‘Ill Wind’ – Rachel Caine
  36. ‘Heat Stroke’ Rachel Caine
  37. ‘Chill Factor’ – Rachel Caine
  38. ‘Windfall’ – Rachel Caine
  39. ‘Firestorm’ – Rachel Caine
  40. ‘Thin Air’ – Rachel Caine
  41. ‘Gale Force’ – Rachel Caine
  42. ‘Cape Storm’ – Rachel Caine
  43. ‘Total Eclipse’ – Rachel Caine
  44. ‘The Death of the Poet’ – N Quentin Wolf
  45. ‘The Forgotten Daughter’ – Renita D’Silva
  46. ‘How To Have an Amicable Divorce’ – Lindsay Harper
  47. ‘Geek Girl – Picture Perfect’ – Holly Smale
  48. ‘Skin Game’ (Dresden Files) – Jim Butcher
  49. ‘Moving Pictures’ – Terry Pratchett
  50. ‘A Game of Thrones’ – George R. R. Martin
  51. ‘Sealed With a Kiss’ – Rachael Lucas
  52. ‘The Judas Scar‘ – Amanda Jennings
  53. ‘A Clash of Kings’ – George R. R. Martin
  54. ‘A Storm of Swords’ – George R. R. Martin
  55. ‘Waiting For Summer – Book 1’ – Anna-Maria Athanasiou
  56. ‘Waiting For Summer – Book 2’ – Anna-Maria Athanasiou
  57. ‘A Mother Dimension’ – Mink Elliot
  58. ‘Prime Deception’ – Carys Jones
  59. ‘Meta Game’ Sam Landstrom
  60. ‘The Magpies’ – Mark Edwards
  61. ‘What You Wish For’ – Mark Edwards
  62. ‘A Single Breath’ – Lucy Clarke
  63. ‘The Husband’s Secret’ Liane Moriarty
  64. ‘Visions: Book 2 of the Cainsville Trilogy’ Kelley Armstrong
  65. ‘Before We Met’ Lucie Whitehouse
  66. ‘The Last Witness’ Denzil Meyrick
  67. ‘The Sea Sisters’ – Lucy Clarke
  68. ‘A Taste of Magic’ – Tracy Madison
  69. ‘A Stroke of Magic’ – Tracy Madison
  70. ‘A Breath of Magic’ – Tracy Madison
  71. ‘By Magic Alone’ – Tracy Madison
  72. ‘The Mortal Instruments 6: City of Heavenly Fire’ – Cassandra Clare
  73. ‘Beautiful Creatures’ – Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
  74. ‘Beautiful Darkness’ – Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
  75. ‘Beautiful Chaos’ – Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
  76. ‘Beautiful Redemption’ – Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl’
  77. ‘Shards & Ashes’ – Short stories from Kelley Armstrong, Melissa Marr and more
  78. ‘A Dreadful Murder’ Minette Walters (novella)
  79. ‘The Tinder Box’ – Minette Walters (novella)
  80. ‘The Sculptress’ Minette Walters
  81. ‘The Dark Room’ – Minette Walters
  82. ‘The Mystery of Mercy Close’ – Marian Keyes
  83. ‘Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightening Thief’ Rick Riordan
  84. ‘The Sea of Monsters’ – Rick Riordan
  85. ‘The Titan’s Curse’ – Rick Riordan
  86. ‘The Battle of the Labyrinth’ – Rick Riordan
  87. ‘The Last Olympian’ – Rick Riordan’
  88. ‘The Lost Hero’ – Rick Riordan
  89. ‘The Son of Neptune’ – Rick Riordan
  90. ‘The Mark of Athena’ – Rick Riordan
  91. ‘Falling’ – Emma Kavanagh
  92. ‘The Tea Shop on the Corner’ – Milly Johnson
  93. ‘The Heroes of Olympus: The Blood of Olympus’ – Rick Riordan
  94. ‘The Maze Runner’ – James Dashner
  95. ‘The Scorch Trials’ – James Dashner
  96. ‘The Death Cure’ – James Dashner
  97. ‘The Kill Order’ – James Dashner
  98. ‘The Dying Place’ Luca Veste
  99. ‘I’ll Be watching You’ – Beverly Barton
  100. ‘Dead Man Walking’ – Paul Finch
  101. ‘The Richebourg Affair’ – R. M. Cartmel
  102. ‘The Good Girl’ – Mary Kubica
  103. ‘Hidden’ – Catherine McKenzie
  104. ‘Hide and Seek’ – Amy Bird
  105. ‘The Birds and the Bees’ – Milly Johnson
  106. ‘The Yorkshire Pudding Club’ – Milly Johnson
  107. ‘Here Come The Girls’ – Milly Jonhson
  108. ‘White Wedding’ – Milly Johnson
  109. ‘A Summer Fling’ – Milly Johnson
  110. ‘The Wedding Dress’ (Short stories) – Milly Johnson
  111. ‘A Winter Flame’ – Milly Johnson
  112. ‘It’s Raining Men’ – Milly Johnson
  113. ‘An Autumn Crush’ – Milly Johnson
  114. ‘A Spring Affair’ – Milly Johnson
  115. ‘Here Come The Boys’ (Short Story) – Milly Johnson
  116. ‘If You Could See Me Now’ – Cecelia Ahern
  117. ‘The French For Christmas’ – Fiona Valpy

I had, originally, planned to try and read all of the Terry Pratchett books last year but my need for variety came through and that didn’t happen. I love Pratchett, really, really love him but I tend to manage about 10 books of any one style/universe before I want to change it up a bit, I’m sure I’ll read more of his this year.

I also started the Game of Thrones series, this year, but haven’t, actually, finished the fourth book because, for the same reason, I needed a break.

This year has held lots of fantasy, lots of dystopian fiction, lots of crime fiction and some romance as well – Romance was a big surprise, for me, I’ve had an increasing enjoyment of romance books over the past few years but the amount I’ve been sent for reviews, and have loved, has really made me enjoy the genre even more than previously.

It’s been a good book year, here’s to 2015 being just as good. If you want reviews, or opinions, on any books in particular then anything that’s a link will take you to a review and any others just drop me a comment or a tweet and I’ll give you a thumbs up or down or even try to do a review if it’s fresh enough in my mind.

Would love to know what anyone else has really loved, this year, or in general as I’m always happy to add to my list for the coming year!


  1. Jessica Edmunds January 8, 2015 / 10:27 am

    Oh my gosh well done you that is really impressive, I will have to try and follow in your footsteps this year, although with my english degree I am not sure I can do quite as many D: xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    • admin January 8, 2015 / 11:36 am

      Goodness, with an English Degree it's lucky if you can do any of your own reading, I don't think I did much of my own reading at all when I was at uni – I did English and Creative writing and the amount of reading, eesh. Admittedly I'd rather that much reading of classics than of technical text books like you get in other subjects, haha

      Thank you, it was a good year for reading and this year I want to write my novel so reading counts as research/getting in the zone haha! xx

  2. Becca January 8, 2015 / 7:07 pm

    Well done on reading so many books! I've gotten back into the habit of reading recently and absolutely loving it 🙂 best of luck for 2015!

    • admin January 9, 2015 / 11:07 am

      It's, without a doubt, my favourite past time. I've already read a few books this year, looks like I need to update my list!

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