Set the mood this Valentines day with House of Fraser’s Home fragrance

Valentines day is getting near and it might be the time to start making plans for any celebration you’re thinking of with your significant other. Or if you’re single, of course, you might want to enjoy a night at home with some indulgent you time, and that requires planning too! You might have your heart set on a big night out but if, like me, nights in are more you bag there could  be little details that you’ve not thought of that’ll help create the perfect mood for that romantic night in.

I have to admit that home fragrance isn’t something I’d thought of, but now that I’ve had my living room filled with beautiful scents I am thinking that it, definitely is, something you want to think about if you are someone who loves to make every little detail perfect. Also, keep in mind, if you’re a fan of candles and other home fragrance ideas, the products you buy are going to last more than one night so this might, just, be an excuse to buy something you’d like anyway!

House of Fraser have an extensive home fragrance range and their Linea collection is filled with delectable sounding fragrances which are all housed within beautiful packaging which will keep your home looking sleek and stylish as well as smelling divine.

I was, initially, offered some items from the Moroccan rose range but, sadly, rose scents give me headaches now which is such a shame as it used to be a scent I absolutely loved! I was, though, given a chance to pick a different fragrance and the moment I saw Wild Fig & Vanilla I just knew I needed to know how it smelled. If neither of those scents work for you, though, there’s some other amazing sounding ones like Lemongrass & Ginger, Elderflower & Lime, Linen & Seagrass and even more – It’s easy to believe that there’s a scent for everyone in there.

If you get one of the Reed Diffusers you’ll be able to set it up a few days before Valentines day and you’ll already have a room full of scent. I was really impressed with this, I expected a soft scent that you didn’t pick up unless you were near by but, actually, it fills the whole room. When the reeds are freshly soaked the scent is very strong but as it settles down it becomes softer yet it still fills the room; I can smell it now and when I walk in to the room it’s even more noticeable. If the scent becomes too subtle I can turn the reeds back over, again, and get a fresh hint of the scent.

I’m really impressed, too, as the packaging says that, depending on the temperature in the room, this can last up to four months which is fantastic – A great gift for yourself as well as being able to say you’re preparing for Valentines, hehe. The reed diffuser is normally £28 but is currently (on offer, on the 28th January 15) down to £14 so it’s the right time to stock up!

The scent is hard to pinpoint but it’s fruity and light as well as being sweet but also woody… it’s such a mix of scents but it just works really well. Rose is an obvious choice for Valentines but the warmth with a hint of fruit and floral works really well and I think it could be equally as romantic.

This large, beautiful, 3 wick candle has the same gorgeous scent as the reed diffuser – It’s the perfect partner to the diffuser when setting up for Valentines because it adds a couple of different elements to the room, The scent from it isn’t as strong, as you’d expect, but once you light it you get an extra boost of the smell along with the warmth which I’m sure you recognise from candles. I’m impressed with this as it’s not overpowering but it does, still, fill the room and it’s just such a soft, pleasant, way to enjoy the fragrance I’ve come to love. And, don’t forget the second use, it looks beautiful when lit, which adds a really nice romantic feel to any room. 
The candle is meant to last for 90 hours so this, again, is a gift that keeps on giving as you’ll be able to enjoy this for ages, not just for that one night. And the glass jar that it’s housed in is huge and really good quality so it’s doubtless that it’ll be really useful after the wax has all burned away. This was £30, originally, but the same reductions as before hold and it’s, currently, £15. 

If you’re not set one getting one or two big items, or if you can’t decide what scent you like there’s a variety of different sets available which will give you a number of smaller items (sometimes all with the same scent and some with a few to try) and they work out as great value for money too.

If you’re not staying home for Valentines, but you still really want to try these out then they’d also be a great gift idea to, not so subtly, suggest to your other half, and they’re a bargain too so how could they refuse!

I’m loving this scent sticking around, I’ll miss it when it’s gone, I may need to buy one of the oil re-fills for the diffuser as the room will feel wrong without it!

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I was sent these products for my consideration for review purposes – All opinions are honest and are my own. 


  1. Jessica Edmunds January 29, 2015 / 12:28 am

    I love diffuser and actually burning candles in the evening is so relaxing, I love the sound of lemongrass and ginger- I am such a citrus lover haha xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    • admin February 3, 2015 / 6:16 pm

      I do love citrus, too, I think if I were to get another from this range it would be lemongrass and ginger, it sounds fantastic xx

  2. beautyqueenuk February 16, 2015 / 1:14 pm

    Wow who knew House of Fraser did something as fab as this, I am definitely going to be taking a look x

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