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Valentines day is sneaking up fast but I have one, last, gift idea to share with you – If you have a loved one with a sweet treat then it’s well worth checking out the fantastic options from Chocolat Chocolat. They offer chocolate bouquets, bags of buttons, customisable bars and more. I’m sharing the ‘create your own bar’ option with you, today, as it’d be a lovely gift idea for any occasion.

I was able to customise three bars, which was so much fun, and have tried them out just so that I can tell you my thoughts… no benefit to me at all, oh no, haha!

When you go to customise your bars you can opt for one bar for £5.95, two for £10.95 or 3 for £15.95 plus postage. The next step is which type of chocolate you get and that offers up the chance to get 70% dark, 55% dark, milk, caramel or white – I went for two milk, one white, though I do think I should’ve gone for caramel for one of them, oops, I may have to order again just so I can try it.

After those, simple, options comes the difficult ones… There’s fruit, nuts, spices, herbs, flowers, confectionery, decoration and wording options to pick from and oh my goodness there is So many combinations to pick from! My bar on the far left is praline and sea salt, the white chocolate one has meringue and freeze dried raspberry on and the bottom bar has speculoos and gold flakes.

The bars all come beautifully packaged in a way that’s professional but also with that hand made feel to it – It’s delightful. The ingredients are simple and the labelling is clear – There’s something very satisfying about the way they’re wrapped.

All three of my bars tasted delicious (There was a small issue with the tempering on my speculoos bar but that was sorted promptly) but my favourite has to be the praline and sea salt as I just love sweet and salt together, it’s a real obsession at the moment. Both of the other bars were really good, too, and the actual chocolate, itself was clearly really good quality and would’ve been really nice even without toppings.

I definitely think that these bars would make a great gift for any occasion and their other options would be well worth considering too. If any of you are lucky enough to get anything from Chocolat Chocolat this valentines day then you’re very lucky, and if you order some for your significant other then I’m sure they’ll be over the moon with this romantic gift.


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I was sent these for consideration for review purposes, all opinions are honest and are my own.

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  1. Jade Wimsey February 8, 2015 / 11:44 pm

    This is such a good idea! Customisable chocolate bars sounds right up my street, going to go on their website now 🙂

    Jade x

    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

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