Makeup Revolution ‘Blush, Bronze & Brighten’ palette – First impressions and swatches

One of my favourite types of posts here, again, some more exciting new products from Makeup Revolution! Today I have the range of ‘Blush, Bronze & Brighten’ palettes to show you, they’re a real hidden gem that came out around the same time as other products but haven’t  had as much exposure which is a real shame.


The ‘Blush, Bronze & Brighten’ palettes, as the name suggests, each contain a blush, bronzer and highlight powder – All of them are big pans of products but the palette is still compact and sleek, whilst housing a good sized mirror. 
As you can see this has a really nice quality look, it has the sheen that you may have come to expect from Makeup Revolution products and it has the iconic rose gold script that I love so much. These look like they’re worth far more than their, unbelievable, £4 price tag. 
There’s four different palettes available in the range, each with a completely different combination of shades – ‘Rave’ and ‘Flush’ are my favourite two, but I’m being mean by carrying on, I should show you inside these beauties… I will, honestly…. alright then you’ve worn me down. 
Starting at the bottom of the pile we have ‘Smoulder’ – With this mid-toned bronzer, a bright silver/white highlight and a bubble-gum pink blush it’s a bright and eye-catching palette.
Obviously with swatches like that you’re seeing them at a more built up density – Imagine these shades more subtly, toned down and it is a colour-set that I think will be really appealing to a lot of people; I see it as a, sort of, party palette because it’d be amazing for a night out. 

‘Golden Hot’, as the name suggests, contains the warmest, darkest shades out of the four. The bronzer is, definitely too dark for me, and the highlight would be too much for my pale skin but I think it’d make a gorgeous eyeshadow. And I Love the blush shade.
I think the bronzer could make a nice eye shadow shade for those of us with skin too pale to contour with it and wow wouldn’t that highlight be a gorgeous eyeshadow shade? And that blush, applied lightly, would be a beautiful, muted glow. I love that, as always, Makeup Revolution are catering for a wide variety of skin tones. Very nicely done. 

‘Flush’ is one of my two favourites from these four colour sets. The bronzer might be pale enough for me (though with my super pale skin I’d have to use it very lightly) and the honey tones of the highlight is Exactly to my tastes as well as that slightly peachy/pinky/coral blush with the slightly muted undertones.
The bronzer is a lot paler than the others but with the slight orange tone to it it might, still, be too much for me but I think it’d suit a lot of people. And just look at that highligh and blush… absolutely stunning. 

This last palette is ‘Rave’ and I’m torn between whether or not this or ‘Flush’ is my favourite. With the palest shades it’s most suitable for my skin tone and I’m quite certain that this blush would work for me. 
As you can see, the blush still has an orange tint but it’s softer than the previous set. The highlight is the same honey shade but just gentler and, again, the blush is similar but paler – I like it a lot. I think that the blush could make for a really naturally blushing look.

I really like these – They’re all really pigmented and the shimmer shades are rather soft and buttery, very very nice. I like the colour sets and I think there’s a combination for everyone in there. These definitely need some more attention, just look at them, surely you want to go ‘oooh pretty!’.

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I was sent these for my consideration for review purposes, all opinions are honest and are my own


  1. beautyqueenuk February 5, 2015 / 4:55 pm

    Wowee those are so pretty, I think flush is my favourite x

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