Last month’s Degustabox was really good, I didn’t think there was a chance that the March box would be as good (you  know how it is with subscription boxes, they tend to fluctuate like mad) but I was very, very wrong. It’s not as good, it is much, much better! I opened the box and was, instantly, filled with joy. 

If you decide to order a Degustabox, you can get £3 off the £12.99 price if you use my discount code: 76IGB.

It makes perfect sense that the March box would be Easter themed, especially when it comes to a food box, who doesn’t want some tasty Easter treats turning up on their doorstep?! 
Savoury cupboard type items, first, all three of which made me do some internal ‘yay-ing’! 
We’ve seen Brioche Pasquier items in Degustaboxes before, and they’ve always been a welcome sight, but these were different from the items I’ve had before. These ‘Baked Bread Bites’ instantly intrigued me, and they’re bacon flavoured which is always a winner. They remind me of a bacon flavoured crouton and they are very nice – They’re launching soon at 50p a bag which isn’t cheap but makes a nice snack and would even go well to add some texture in a salad.
Kent’s Kitchen have appeared, again, and this time it’s an item I think I’ll be able to use! We’ve had some fantastic looking curry items in the past but they’ve just seemed a bit too hot, for our family, but this ‘Posh Noodle’ in spicy Szechuan is right up my street. I’ve not tried it yet but with 222 calories I think it’ll fit in nicely with my attempts to eat better. These cost £1.75 each and are made with all natural ingredients.

BBQ sauce next… oh yes. We have noodles, bacon flavoured snacks And BBQ sauce, already, it honestly felt like this box was made for me! This is by BBQUE and it’s an Original Bavarian sauce which is flavoured with cranberry, beer, honey and apples and it, is, Delicious! I love BBQ sauces and this one is near the top of the list now that I’ve tried it – When you smell it it smells smoky, and when you taste it on its own it tastes smoky, but when you eat it With something it’s sweet and smoky and just So good. These bottles are huge and cost £3.99.

Some sweeter cupboard items next – Starting with a natural sweetener from Natvia. I’ve not tried this, yet, as I’m a bit funny with artificial sweeteners (natural or not), but I am definitely going to try this as it’d be amazing to get a sweetener that I like. This is a sample sized box. 
I love granola and I eat a lot of it, I actually want to find a new one as the one I’ve been eating has a bit too much sugar in it. Seeing a massive bag of granola by Jordans in the box made me very happy and when I saw that it’s a 30% less fat version I was even happier! I’ve not tried this, yet, but it’ll be ready when my current box ends. This huge bag is worth £3.69.

Drinks next and there’s one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic, yay! I, instantly, noticed the fantastic flavours of the Crabbie’s Alcoholic Fruits. These don’t contain any ginger but are full of fruity niceness instead; there’s ‘Raspberry & Rhubarb’, ‘Black Cherry’ and ‘Zesty Lemon’ which, as you can see, I have two of. I haven’t tried these yet but I can’t wait, the flavours sound delicious (I quite want to pick up the lemon flavour too!) – These bottles are £1.50 each. 
Next we have two bottles of Juiceburst – This brand has 14 flavours, and 3 in the skinny range – I have one of those three flavours, in mango & lime. These are  one of your 5 a day and are only 99 calories which is really rather cool. These bottles are £1.25 each. 

Ok, so I’m guilty, I kept the best until last. I was having a really bad day when this box arrived, imagine how happy I was when I opened the box up and saw all of these things, all of this sugary goodness!

I’ve heard of Maynards ‘Sour Patch Kids’ but hadn’t tried them yet and I Love sour sweets, in fact I love sweets in general, I’ve even been going for them more than chocolate recently. These were the first things I tried, from the box, and they were sooo good (Note the use of ‘were’) – They’re super sour but the sour coating covers a delicious fruity sweet and they’re just so good. Admittedly, I did end up feeling a bit like my mouth was burned after I ate for too many but… y’know, never mind! These cost £1 and I want more, lots more.

Sticking with the theme of sweets I was also rather pleased to see some Bassetts ‘Jelly Babies’ in the box and I was even more pleased when I realised that it was a new release; a bag of Just berry flavoured ones! This bag contained (yes, past tense again) only the red, purple and pink Jelly Babies, yum! These bags are £1.48 and I think I’d be mightily tempted to go for this option, over a normal bag, again. 
Lastly, Lindt. Oh, Lindt, how I love thee. When I was younger I found Lindt truffles too rich but these days I flipping love them. When I saw two bags of Lindor mini eggs in the box I was very very very happy. These bags contain eggs made of dark chocolate, milk and white chocolate and they’re delicious. I’ve not had too many of them, because I’m being good (ignore previous mentions of sweets being all gone) and because these are best in moderation, too many is too rich. I was really surprised that I liked the dark ones, as well as the other two, because I’m not normally a fan. Amazing, I’d really recommend these as an Easter treat for the grown-ups in your lives. They’re £2 a bag. 
If you’d like to check Degustabox out you can on their website, twitter or facebook and if you do order don’t forget my £3 off code: 76IGB
This box was sent to me for my consideration for review purposes but all opinions are honest and are my own. 

If you’ve already seen my Worldwide giveaway (for a Mac or Urban Decay product) then you’ll have seen that I have two giveaways running for my (late) Birthday and this is the second of them (and now I have a Thorntons hamper up for grabs too, in a collaborative giveaway here) This one is UK only, and it’s for one of my favourite Makeup Revolution palettes ever – The ‘Iconic Pro 2 palette! 

This beautiful palette has 8 matte shades and 8 shimmer shades and it’s a whole new formula for Makeup Revolution (A good one at that!) – If you’d like to see swatches of it then they can be found on my review post here.
If you’d like a chance to win one of these beautiful palettes, yourself, then just enter via the Rafflecopter widget below, and don’t forget to check out the terms and conditions underneath that. 
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– The winner will have 28 days to respond to my email informing them of the win, if they do not respond another winner will be drawn.
– The giveaway runs until midnight on 30th April 2015

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This prize is being provided by the kind people at Makeup Revolution

It’s been a month since my birthday but due to a whole bundle of icky-ness, I’ve been really bogged down with things and posts haven’t been as forthcoming as I’d have liked. I’ve had the idea of doing a birthday giveaway since before my birthday rolled around but it just didn’t come together. I am hardly the type to let that stop me, though, if I want to give some of you an awesome prize then I’m going to do it,  birthday or not!

If you’re in the UK then you can, also, enter my giveaway for a Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 2 palette or a collaborative giveaway I’m taking part in for a big Thorntons hamper

As it happens, I actually have two prizes to giveaway but one’s worldwide and one’s UK only (this is the worldwide one!) so I’m giving them separate posts. In this giveaway you’re going to have the chance to win a beauty product from Urban Decay or Mac! I was going to pick a few items, myself, that you could choose from but… well there was so many! So the idea is, you can pick any Mac item from the Mac website or Urban Decay item from Feel Unique (Keeping stock availability in mind, of course) up to the value of £15.50 – That’d get you a mac lipstick, a single shadow or a paint pot among other things. Or it’d get you an Urban Decay lipstick, lip gloss, single shadow or a number of other great products. 

Soo if you want to enter, the normal things apply, there’s a rafflecopter below and don’t forget to check terms and conditions underneath that. Good luck, can’t wait to make one of you happy with an exciting prize! And don’t forget to enter my Makeup Revolution giveaway too, if you’re in the UK.

– You must be 18 or over to enter the giveaway
– The Giveaway is open Worldwide
– The winner will be picked, randomly, via Rafflecopter
– There will be one winner
– The winner will have 28 days to respond to my email informing them of the win, if they do not respond another winner will be drawn.
– The winner will be able to pick One item up to the value of £15.50, from the sites listed above
– The giveaway runs until midnight on 30th April

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Don’t you love looking back at the journey you have with a brand? When I say this I mean stopping to think about how you discovered them and, then, remember the brands you’ve tried as well as realising quite how much of a fan you are now. This is something I’ve, recently, thought about in regards to Roger & Gallet – I first discovered them when getting fragrance samples in beauty boxes (yes, one of those instances where fragrance samples are actually a good thing!) and now I’ve tried a lot of their fragrances and a variety of their different products and, my goodness, I absolutely love everything I’ve tried! 

When you’re as obsessed with a brand as I am with Roger & Gallet it’s crazily exciting when you’re asked if you want to write about one of their new products – And that’s why I have had the joy of trialling the two new fragrances of Hand and Nail balms which have been released recently. Those fragrances are ‘Bienfaits’ and ‘Fleur de Figuier’.

Don’t Roger & Gallet products just scream quality? The logo is so beautiful and even the font is just a step above so many other brands – In all honesty, even the feel of the tubes is so high quality, they have a strong, slightly matte feel to them and the caps are a little bit special, too, which is why I think that £6 a tube is, actually, not too bad a price. Obviously they’re never going to be a bargain brand but, for what you get, I think it’s worth the spend – Keep reading to see why the quality of the product adds weight to this point, too. 
The ‘Bienfaits’ fragrance is one I’d not heard of before, which made it a nice surprise, but now that I’ve used it, Wow! This scent Really packs a punch, you don’t use it if you’re going for subtle and unassuming. It smells, primarily, of oranges but then has a beautiful fruity, floral smell that sits more in the background and complements the stronger scent really nicely. I’m not sure this is something I’d wear as a perfume (though without trying it in that formula I couldn’t be sure – hopefully there’ll be a sampler in a beauty box in the future!) but for body care this one is, definitely, a winner for me. 
‘Fleur de Figuier’ is, just, one of my favourite scents ever. It is one of two scents which I’ve experienced in beauty boxes and, thanks to that, ended up being the fragrance that I wore for my wedding so, now, when I wear it I love the smell but I also get a wash of memories which makes it even more amazing. This one is a balance of floral and fruity, again, as it contains the fig scent as well as fig flowers (among other beautiful notes) – It makes me feel light, happy and relaxed so to be able to smother my hands in it and keep getting wafts of scent as I go about the day… heavenly. 
The formula of these balms is wonderful. It goes without saying that they’re different from a normal hand care product, they’re called balms of course, but the difference that it makes is of real note – Where a hand cream can sink in to the skin quickly, these balms are absorbed at lightening speed. They’re much thicker than a normal hand cream and you end up not needing much at all (another reason that the price is good) to cover your hands and leave them feeling so soft, so soothed and not at all greasy or covered in residue. 
So, yes, I’m a fan. Shocker. I used to carry around other, smaller, hand creams in my handbag but these 30ml tubes are a fantastic size and are So much easier for when you’re out and about because you don’t need to rub like a crazy person to make the product disappear. 
These are both available from a number of sites including My Derma Center and FeelUnique

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I was sent these products for my consideration for review – All opinions are honest and are my own

I’ve tried a number of products from Bee Good and, it’s safe to say, I’m a really big fan of the brand. I love the scent, I love the quality, I love the ethos; there’s so much To like about them – And this is why it’s impossible to say no when I get the chance to try another of their products.
It’s easy to see, from the packaging, and the name, that bees are an important thing to this brand and it’s really impressive once you discover what it is that they do. They do work to help make sure that people learn about the British bees, and that they understand the importance of them and of buying local honey and a share of their profits go towards helping bee keeping causes. As well as this, they give us an opportunity to help; every order made from their site will contain a little paper label, you can tear that label and plant it in your garden as it’s impregnated with seeds and will grow wildflowers that’ll look beautiful as well as providing nectar for your local bees. 

For the past month, or so, I’ve been trialling the ‘Honey & Wild Water Mint 3-in-1 Cleansing Water’ – All of Bee Good’s products contain natural, British products and they don’t use a whole range of nasties; you can find out more on their Our Philosophy page, it’s well worth a read. 
I like cleansing waters and micellar waters a lot – Ever since I discovered them I’ve not been without one, what better way to take your makeup off? If you’ve not tried one yet, firstly where’ve you been? And secondly, go get one! Being able to remove your makeup with a simple cotton pad and some magical elixir is well worth an additional expenditure. I like to do a second cleanse, with a balm, cream or oil cleanser afterwards but, these days, I’m often too ill so a cleansing water is just fantastic.

And this cleansing water? Without a doubt the best I’ve ever used. Of course I could be saying that for the purpose of this post but I’m not, honesty will always be key for me. The key ingredients in this cleansing water are British Wildflower honey, British Propolis, Water Mint and Red Algae and my goodness do they work well.

There’s a number of things that make me love this product – It doesn’t leave any sort of residue on the face, it is so so refreshing, your skin feels soft and smooth afterwards and you really do not have to scrub your skin to get your makeup off. I have a lot of cleansing waters/micellar waters that I’ve loved but I’ve still needed to really rub at my skin but this one lifts products off much more easily (You do still need some extra help with waterproof mascara, but that’s hardly a surprise).

I really do love this product, it comes in a bottle with a little cap that you flip open, you need to be careful when you pour the liquid out but it’s easy to learn how to get the amounts right. I’ve used this a lot and there’s still a bit left in the bottle, though I don’t wear makeup daily any more. For £10 this isn’t the cheapest way to clean your face, but if you have the budge it’s definitely the nicest I’ve ever tried.

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This product was sent to me for my consideration for review purposes – All opinions are honest and are my own.