Monday, 30 March 2015

Brand new Hand and Nail balm fragrances from Roger & Gallet - 'Bienfaits' and 'Fleur de Figuier'

Don't you love looking back at the journey you have with a brand? When I say this I mean stopping to think about how you discovered them and, then, remember the brands you've tried as well as realising quite how much of a fan you are now. This is something I've, recently, thought about in regards to Roger & Gallet - I first discovered them when getting fragrance samples in beauty boxes (yes, one of those instances where fragrance samples are actually a good thing!) and now I've tried a lot of their fragrances and a variety of their different products and, my goodness, I absolutely love everything I've tried! 

When you're as obsessed with a brand as I am with Roger & Gallet it's crazily exciting when you're asked if you want to write about one of their new products - And that's why I have had the joy of trialling the two new fragrances of Hand and Nail balms which have been released recently. Those fragrances are 'Bienfaits' and 'Fleur de Figuier'.

Don't Roger & Gallet products just scream quality? The logo is so beautiful and even the font is just a step above so many other brands - In all honesty, even the feel of the tubes is so high quality, they have a strong, slightly matte feel to them and the caps are a little bit special, too, which is why I think that £6 a tube is, actually, not too bad a price. Obviously they're never going to be a bargain brand but, for what you get, I think it's worth the spend - Keep reading to see why the quality of the product adds weight to this point, too. 

The 'Bienfaits' fragrance is one I'd not heard of before, which made it a nice surprise, but now that I've used it, Wow! This scent Really packs a punch, you don't use it if you're going for subtle and unassuming. It smells, primarily, of oranges but then has a beautiful fruity, floral smell that sits more in the background and complements the stronger scent really nicely. I'm not sure this is something I'd wear as a perfume (though without trying it in that formula I couldn't be sure - hopefully there'll be a sampler in a beauty box in the future!) but for body care this one is, definitely, a winner for me. 

'Fleur de Figuier' is, just, one of my favourite scents ever. It is one of two scents which I've experienced in beauty boxes and, thanks to that, ended up being the fragrance that I wore for my wedding so, now, when I wear it I love the smell but I also get a wash of memories which makes it even more amazing. This one is a balance of floral and fruity, again, as it contains the fig scent as well as fig flowers (among other beautiful notes) - It makes me feel light, happy and relaxed so to be able to smother my hands in it and keep getting wafts of scent as I go about the day... heavenly. 

The formula of these balms is wonderful. It goes without saying that they're different from a normal hand care product, they're called balms of course, but the difference that it makes is of real note - Where a hand cream can sink in to the skin quickly, these balms are absorbed at lightening speed. They're much thicker than a normal hand cream and you end up not needing much at all (another reason that the price is good) to cover your hands and leave them feeling so soft, so soothed and not at all greasy or covered in residue. 

So, yes, I'm a fan. Shocker. I used to carry around other, smaller, hand creams in my handbag but these 30ml tubes are a fantastic size and are So much easier for when you're out and about because you don't need to rub like a crazy person to make the product disappear. 

These are both available from a number of sites including My Derma Center and FeelUnique

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I was sent these products for my consideration for review - All opinions are honest and are my own


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