Bubble Bum Neon – The booster seat in a bag, great for travel

When I was given the opportunity to trial an inflatable booster seat, which fits in to a small bag, I jumped at the chance. I bought a standard booster seat in the hope that we could use it for taxi rides, as I’m to limited in my mobility that we can’t walk to doctors appts, for example, but it’s just too cumbersome to take to too many places.

The Bubble Bum neon is just an absolute genius idea, honestly, I wish we’d had this for much longer. When we got stranded miles away in a hospital when Ethan was ill, last year, we had to get a taxi at 3am which took half an hour and we had no seat, when I go to Dr appts and Ethan has to be with me we go in taxis and, no seat… Of course it’d be great if you’re going on a play date and getting a lift, for holidays, for all sorts of reasons. Something small and portable makes a massive difference.
Of course, my first thoughts, when I heard of this were whether or not it fitted with the appropriate regulations, as it’s so unusual, but thankfully it does! It’s safe as well as convenient! So much safer than having to take your young child in a taxi without a car seat.
We got a Bubble Bum neon which comes in this eye-watering yellow, there’s no way we’ll be loosing this which is great for when you’re packing a suitcase, or overnight bag, and need to find it quickly.

You’d need to have a pretty big handbag to fit this in, but it’d easily go in to a canvas shopper, a carrier bag or a back pack and it’s night and light too.

Once you get the Bubble Bum out of the bag you unroll it and blow it up via a small, plastic valve – Once inflated it’s a bit smaller than your average booster seat but it’s big enough to do the job and it feels nice and comfy. 
The valve has a screw mechanism so once you’ve blown it up (It doesn’t take too much puff at all, thankfully, as I’m someone who gets light headed Very quickly when blowing stuff up) you just twist it shut and then, when you’re finished, you unscrew it and roll it back up to squeeze out all of the air. 

As you can see, Ethan was more than happy, and plenty comfortable on his Bubble Bum (and happy enough to pose, little monkey)

We’ve had plenty of opportunities to use it, now, and Ethan’s always been perfectly comfortable and really secure. It’s actually much more secure, and safer, than the booster seat we already have because it comes with clips to help place the belt in a better position. 

There’s a clip to fasten the lap part of the belt and keep it in place – This clip is attached to the side of the bumper seat so it keeps the belt secure across the child and keeps the seat safely in place, too. 

There’s, also, an additional clip which is for smaller children. For those that need the shoulder belt positioning this one attaches, by a strap, to the bottom of the booster seat and goes up behind the child. It then clips on to the shoulder part of the belt and you can pull it to the right position so that it’s in the safest place for travel – If the belt is too high it’s dangerous so this is a fantastic addition to the seat. As you can see in the pictures above it holds the belt on Ethan’s shoulder whereas it’d ride up towards his neck without the clip and that’s not safe.

I’m really impressed with the Bubble Bum – It’s very well made, it feels strong and sturdy, I trust it to last. It folds down nice and easily, to go back in the bag provided and it’d be fantastic for many many occasions. It costs £29.99 which, considering it has a much wider range of use than a normal booster seat, is a fantastic cost. You can pick it up from Halfords, John Lewis, Tesco, Boots, Argos, Heatons, Kiddicare and Amazon.co.uk.

The Bubble Bum website is here, you can sign up for the UK newsletter here and you can check out their facebook here, twitter here and pinterest here.

I’m thrilled with our Bubble Bum and expect it’ll come in useful many times – When it comes to car safety, I’d always rather err on the side of caution and this, finally, allows me to feel like I’m keeping Ethan as safe as I can despite having to travel in taxis more often than I’d like. Thank you Bubble Bum!

I was sent this product for consideration for review purposes – All opinions are honest and are my own

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