My February 2015 Degustabox – Unboxing / Review

You may think I’m deceiving you with the title, ‘The February box, but it’s March?’ but my Degustabox came towards the end of the month, in February, and then my birthday happened so I had some relaxy days (Shush, that is a word!) and, so, it’s now March.

But this box is well worth seeing, it’s one of my favourites, so far! For a quick re-cap; Degustabox is like any other subscription service in that you pay a monthly fee and get an exciting box of goodies delivered to your door. The boxes are £12.99, including postage, which, personally, feels like a good price. If you do decide to sign up you can get £3 off, here:

For me, a lot of the excitement for sub boxes is in the surprise, so if you do sign up you can look forward to the surprise of what the March box will bring – Hopefully it’ll be as good as the February box.

First up we have drinky things. I’d heard of Peanut Hottie before but had never thought to buy any myself, despite loving peanut butter. I’m not 100% sure how I feel about a peanut butter drink, but I Am 100% sure that a peanut butter and chocolate drink may be life changing so That is my plan! I’ve not had any yet, I have a nasty cold and my sense of taste is iffy so I’m not trying anything new for a bit. I will, still, try this on its own, as well as with hot chocolate, because I am utterly intrigued by it – Even through the foil that seals the top, you can smell the peanutty smell. These tubs of drink cost £3.00.

The second drink item is one I tried the day the box came because I couldn’t stop imagining what the combination would taste like. The Laimon Fresh sparkling drink is lemon, lime and mint flavour, that’s right Mint! I was picturing the taste you get when you drink orange juice too soon after brushing your teeth, when I imagined it, so I wanted to put that thought to rest. The moment I smelled this I was wowed, and then I tasted it. Not a whiff of toothpaste, the mint in this is proper, natural mint and it tastes SO good. I sipped this slowly throughout the day because I wanted to make it last, Azii tried it too and he was amazed. I Love this drink – A bottle of this is £1.99 so it’s a special treat but it’s definitely special.

Two snacky cupboard items next. First we have Melba Thins – I Love Melba thins, I’ve always been a bit of a weird one with cracker type products, I love dry cream crackers and things like that. One thing I’ve loved, for a long time, but haven’t had in a while, is grazing on some melba thins, I love their flavour. Now that’s probably not how most people would have them, I’ll admit, but yum! These are great for snacking, though, with a spread or some cheese on, or they’re good in place of crackers at lunch time maybe. I like Melba thins, was very pleased to see a big box. This pack of 10 individual packs is only £1.39 which really surprised me.

It’s definitely a nutty box, for February, the next item is Whole Earth ‘Three Nut Butter’. This is another item I was pleased to see as we’ve just been trying some of Whole Earth’s other products; my Mum bought their crunchy and smooth peanut butter and both of them are absolutely delicious, hands down the best peanut butters I’ve tried. Because we have a lot of peanut butter open, I’ve not opened this Three Nut Butter yet but I’m really excited to try it – It’s a mix of cashews, peanuts and hazelnuts, I am imagining good things! This jar is £3.

Two Schwartz cupboard items next in the shape of a ‘Mild Masala Curry’ and ‘Spanish Paella’ flavour shots which are flavourings for dishes, in an oil. I love the idea of products like this – Not over processed stuff but something where you have all the basic seasoning, flavouring, in a simple format, that makes the dish easier without compromising on taste or quality (at least I’m hope that’s what these will be, haha). These are £1.40 each.
The last, and biggest, bundle of yummy things, now; there’s quite a lot of snacks in the February box (maybe why I liked it, haha). When I saw the Lily O’Brien’s ‘Cocoa Cookie Crunch’ I couldn’t have been happier – I’ve heard so so much about this brand but never tried them. I love their branding, and their product range so being able to try something was a definite ‘yay’ moment for me. The ‘Cocoa Cookie Crunch’ pieces are Amazing! They are thick, delicious nuggets of chocolate with little cookie balls suspended throughout, SO, SO good. Needless to say they’re all gone (Or maybe there’s two left, either way there’s not many) – These are £2.60, and worth every penny. I’d like more, now, please.

The Jack Link’s ‘Beef Snack’ is something I’ve not tried, yet, but I will do. I’m rather intrigued by it as it’s suggested as a healthy snack and… well it’s beef. It’s definitely got the interesting factor going for it! These bars cost £1.39.

We’ve eaten most of the American Muffin Company  muffins, they were good. Ethan, Azii, my best mate and I all tried one and we did enjoy them, which I was really pleased with. Knowing that they’re gluten and wheat free I was interested to see if we’d find them lacking in some way but they weren’t at all – They were light and fluffy and very tasty. The box of these is £2.50.

Lastly, for the February box, we have two Beet It bars. These flapjack bars with beetroot are supposed to be great for those who wants a boost, for sports, they contain a lot of nitrates which are supposed to lower blood pressure and improve sports performance. This isn’t something I’ve ever tried, before, and not being someone who does sports, I’ve not tried these yet. I will, for the sake of not wanting to waste things, though, I’ll just have to wait for a day where I have to do more than the norm, haha. These are £1.85 each.

The box, for February, is worth over £22 which is pretty good considering the cost of it. I like these boxes because, value aside, they give you the chance to try things you may not have done otherwise, they give you a nice mix of snacks, drinks and cupboard items and it’s a lovely way to supplement a month’s food intake.

You can find Degustabox on Facebook and Twitter.

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This box was sent to me for my consideration for review purposes – All opinions are honest, and are my own


  1. Emily Moodie March 5, 2015 / 12:05 pm

    I was subscribed to Degustabox a while back but I wasn't too impressed so I cancelled my subscription, but this does look like a really great box! The cookie crunch sounds so yummy! Great review x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    • admin March 6, 2015 / 6:22 pm

      They do seem to fluctuate a bit, I've had a few that are ok and a few I loved, this one was a love. I didn't get last month's but there was only a few things I'd have liked to have tried so I don't mind so much haha

      Thanks xx

    • admin March 6, 2015 / 6:21 pm

      I'll definitely facebook when I do it, I'll try to remember to tag you so you see. I'm looking forward to trying it but don't want to try anything until my cold has gone and I can taste 100% properly xx

  2. Jessica Edmunds March 5, 2015 / 7:57 pm

    I love the value these boxes give you compared to the supermarkets and I loved the sweet treats, especially the lily o brien biscuits and the nut butter, but the peanut hottie not so much 😉 xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    • admin March 6, 2015 / 6:20 pm

      The Lily O Brien things are possibly one of my favourite things I've ever eaten EVER, I want more now…

      I am looking forward to the nut butter, and trying the peanut hottie… with chocolate. Without kinda worries me a bit


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