My March 2015, Birthday, Primark Haul

I was saving this post as we were meant to be going to town this week to spend more of my birthday money from my wonderful husband, but it’s Cheltenham races and that makes taxi’s impossible to get, which makes it impossible for us to go as me and travel = not good. To be honest, going to town is Very rare these days, we normally only go when we’re near by taking Ethan to a party, or I have a hospital visit – In this instance, we went because it was the week of my birthday but Also, Ethan had a party so it was a win win situation. (Yes, I think I explain how hard it is to get to town every time, but that’s because it’s such a big deal fo rme these days, I miss Primark!!)

Of course, when I have birthday money to spend Primark is my one and only stop, it’s my go-to.

First up are two items which would’ve been perfect a couple of months ago – All of my scarves and gloves are packed away somewhere and I’m not sure where so I’ve been rather chilly. When I saw these I fell in love with the chunky knit snood and the rose print pattern on the mittens, I just wish I had them sooner as it’s so much warmer already, haha. The snood was down to £2 and the mittens £1.
These were a couple of items that I picked up with non-birthday money – Pillow cases weren’t really something I wanted to spend my birthday money on haha. These were a couple of pounds.

I picked up the My Little Pony easer egg because Ethan is obsessed. We always try to get him something with only a little chocolate, and the egg in this one isn’t too big, plus he’ll love the mug. We’ve got him a couple of little toys to go with it, too, bargain ones of course. The MLP egg was £1.90 and they had lots of other lovely ones like Minnie and others.

We already have one of these pop-up laundry hampers, in a neutral colour with polka dots, but I saw this floral one and just had to have it, especially because it was only a few pounds, I think it was £3. Ethan can have our neutral one in his new bedroom, once he’s all put together, as his current one goes with his old room and isn’t very big (and the child goes through clothes like no-ones business)
All of the rest of the items were £5, though I think this one was £5.50. I love these laser-cut style tops, and the butterfly pattern is gorgeous. It is very see through, though, so I think I’ll be wearing a vest underneath this (especially as one of the butterflies isn’t in the best of places haha) – I do love it, though, and with a pretty vest underneath it’ll add an extra element of colour, yay.


Absolutely in love with this, we didn’t think we could find it in the right size so I was over the moon when we did. Again, butterflies, but with a beautiful pink, purple and green pastel pattern this time – This is possibly one of my favourite tops and it’ll be beautiful for spring/summer.


Before we went to Primark I watched a lot of haul videos on youtube and these vests with chain straps were something that I saw lots of – I didn’t see them in this blurred floral print though and when I saw this in the store I instantly wanted it. I’d love to have one of the plain black ones, too, so I hope that they have those next time we go in. Would’ve expected these to be more than £5 but, yay, real bargain.


For some reason, due to how the light fell, my camera wants to make this look black and white when, in truth, it’s more of a soft pink/shell sort of shade. I love this damask pattern and needed a new dress in a size 12 as my current ones are all 10’s and I can still wear them but not as comfortably.

I love these skater dresses, and the longer sleeved ones are perfect for spring when it’s warmer but not hot yet.

Here’s a close-up of the beautiful pattern – It’s one of my favourite dresses, now, it’s just beautiful.


This little night dress is something else which didn’t translate to camera too well, it’s actually more of a red/purple than this true purple. But either way, I love it. It’s a light fabric that’ll be nice and comfortable in the warmer weather and it looks really pretty. When we go back I’m hoping they’ll have these in more colours, still, as I want another one.


Not very exciting but the last thing that I got were these grey jogging bottoms. I need these for around the house so that I can be dressed, but not in something restrictive, and something that’s easy to wear, on some of my worse days. I have a charcoal pair so wanted a paler grey pair, too, and these are a lighter fabric than my other pair (which are furry and warm inside). These are super comfy and will be my go-to joggers for warmer weather. I know they’re not the height of fashion but when you have chronic pain you have to adapt – I think I may do a ‘spoonie’ fashion post in the future, when I have more suitable clothing that’ll still look nice.
Anyway, that’s my March haul. I’m really hoping we get to town next week, but we’ll see – Fingers crossed. I do love a good Primark haul.

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  1. Jessica Edmunds March 12, 2015 / 11:51 am

    I love primark homeware its always so pretty especially the laundry hamper and getting tracksuit bottoms in there is the best, it's comfortable and cheap xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. Kate Musgrove March 12, 2015 / 7:40 pm

    I went to Primark the other day and picked up a few bits too. I don't think my local Primark is as great as many others… I saw your haul and Zoe's the other day and both your items are fab and certainly weren't in my primark. Manchester Primark is in order for the next time I go to one x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

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