#SafestoreYourMemories – Keeping your treasured memories safe

Safestore, the self storage company that I’m sure many of you have heard of, are currently spending some time thinking about the idea of keeping our  memories safe. They’re talking about the idea of not just burying away your memories in a drawer, or the attic, but displaying, them scrapbooking them or, if not possible, keeping them packed away somewhere safe for the future. You  can read more about the concept, here, as I think they’ve got some really nice ideas. 

Safestore have asked some of us, bloggers, to put together a sort of time capsule, a box of memories that we want to treasure, spend some time with, but most importantly keep safe. (I’ve not been paid for this post but it is a competition entry) – I jumped at the idea to do this because our life is in disarray at the moment; our bedroom is a bomb site, our things are everywhere and I constantly worry about things getting damaged or lost.

You can use any box to store your memories, Safestore have sent us one of their small cardboard storage boxes which I’m planning on prettying up with some wrapping paper (I say I am, I mean my Mum, she’s so much better at things like that than me, I’d make a mess).

There’s a lot of items that I’d have wanted to include but they’re either up in the attic (which I couldn’t get to at the moment) or in our room in an inaccessible place – It’s funny, really, we’re the exact reason why things like this are necessary, we can’t get to our treasured memories and it’s a real shame. Thankfully, there’s still plenty of bits and bobs I could get hold of which are really important to me, too.

I have stacks and stacks of old tube tickets, cinema tickets and gig tickets. I have included gig tickets in this (and one stage show) because gigs were a really big part of my life before Ethan was born, and before my health took a nose dive, and they really do mean a lot because of the people I went with and the experiences I had.

I’ve got Kamelot, Iron Maiden and Nightwish in there because they’re three of my favourite live bands (Though there are others, without a doubt), my Download wrist band for one year is there as I have made some great memories at the couple of festivals I attended many years back. Les Misrables is in there because I’ve been to a number of stage shows, I love musicals, and Les Mis is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing ones I’ve been to.

Prog Power UK ’06 just had to go in there as it symbolises the first time that Cheltenham had its own progressive and power metal festival! The bands were amazing and I met some fantastic people… festival in Cheltenham, ah those were the days.

Yes, you may notice that I haven’t mentioned My Chemical Romance – That’s because I do Not like My Chemical Romance. Why on Earth did I see them, then? And why is the ticket in here? Well, this one is less about the concert and more about who I went with. This was one of the first times I met my best friend – We met on the internet when I was 15 but it took a number of years for us to meet in real life; we met a couple of times before this but this was one of the first and I have an actual ticket to commemorate it.

Ideally I’d have had one of Ethan’s first pieces of clothing in here, but they’re packed away up in the attic – I do have some important things of his to hand, though. The little baggie of hair is some of the curls from his first hair cut, I miss his crazy head of curls so I’m so pleased I have this. I also have some of his earlier drawings which I dated so that I could remember them. 

And the picture album which you can see in the above picture contains pictures from the first year of Ethan’s life. It even includes one of the scan pictures we had done when I was about 19 weeks pregnant, as you can see it looks like he was sucking his thumb. The picture on the left is one of his earlier smiling pics, I love this one a Lot. 

And this is Baby Bear. He’d not go in to a box any time soon because he’s still Ethan’s favourite teddy but I hope that he stays in one piece so that he can go somewhere safe, one day, as he was among the first stuffed toys that Ethan got at birth and he is his absolute favourite. He means so much. 
I would, without a doubt, put some wedding photos in the box but ever since I gave everyone the ones I printed off for them… well our copies have gone in to hiding! See what I mean about needing to have somewhere to keep our things safe.

I do, though, have my wedding bouquet and some of the table posies which we have on display in the living room – I’d definitely want, at least one, of these to go in to a safe box because time, sunlight, dust etc would weather them a little over time and it’d be nice to keep one as nice as possible – Just look how beautiful they are.

Another item I’d include, to get out and look at from time to time, is this lovely photo book that we have – It’s got lots of lovely pics of Ethan as well as pics of Azii and I, and all of us together. (Sorry, it’s a bit blurry, taking photos of photos isn’t too easy)
I’ve got some things from my childhood that mean a lot, too. I had wanted to include Ethan’s baby book but it’s been put somewhere safe… yeah that sort of ‘somewhere safe’ – It’ll definitely go in once I get it back, though.
My baby book has some lovely snippets of my childhood in, one of my favourite things in it, though, is this photo of me and my Dad, when I was a baby. I don’t see my Dad’s side of the family as much as I’d like but I’m really close to them. This picture just makes me smile So much. 

And this is what’s in the little ‘Lovely Laura’ book  – I used the book when it was the end of school as a little ‘leavers book’ which lots of my friends and some of my teachers wrote in. My friends were a little bit crazy (still are) and the quote from one of my favourite teachers still makes me smile. 

And this is what’s in the jewellery box – We’re not a family that has lots of heirlooms but my Mum made a new one when I turned 18. The heart shaped diamond is from the engagement ring that my Mum had for her marriage to my Step Dad and, now that she doesn’t need it, she got it re-set in to a beautiful necklace for me. I always planned on wearing it for my wedding but the pearl effect necklace I had fit better with my dress so I’m still waiting for the best time to wear this.
It’s been so so lovely thinking of things to include in the box, I love sitting down and looking through old memories. Of course our memories are always there but sometimes it’s nice to have a trigger, something to remind us of some of the many things which are important to us. 
I’m so pleased that Safestore asked me to take part in this competition as it’s felt so lovely to put together – If you take a look at the bottom of the post I shared, above, you’ll see that Safestyle are asking us all to tweet our favourite memories and photos to @SafestoreLtd with the hashtag #safestoreyourmemories

If you take part I’d love a comment to let me know what you’re enjoying looking back upon!

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I wasn’t paid for this post, it’s a competition entry. 


  1. beautyqueenuk March 6, 2015 / 10:25 pm

    This is such a lovely idea. I have a memory box I keep old tickets and things in x

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