A little test post – Writing on my new Asus tablet

Ok so this is just the simplest of little test posts. You may remember that I did a blog competition, a short while ago, and I was lucky enough to win £300 of Amazon vouchers – The vouchers have, mostly, gone on books, the odd toy for Ethan, some makeup and various other bits and bobs but I decided to spend a chunk of it on a little tablet. I used to use a high value sony tablet which rivalled an i-pad but it became a bit big and heavy and I couldn’t use it for blogging so it got left by the way side. 

That’s why I decided to invest in this, along with a blue tooth, wireless keyboard. It’s only a 9″ keyboard, so it’ll take some getting used to but it’s a really nice little thing and makes it so easy to work on this wee 7″ tab. 

The main thing that I won’t be able to do on the tablet is deal with photos (as you can see from the pic, above, the quality isn’t awful but it’s not good enough to want to do my day-to-day blog post pics on), so I’ll have to use the laptop to sort those, and then I can come on here and write the words, it’s so much eaiser than a laptop, or the older bigger tablet, yay! 

I got an Asus Memopad 7 and the keyboard is the medium sized one by TechGear on Amazon – I’ll try to get a review up, sometime, once I’ve put them through their paces. 

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