Brainwavz S1 In Ear Noise Isolating Headphone – My review

I had one of those great moment where things just all come together at the right time, don’t you love those? I really needed to get some new, in ear, headphones because my old ones have disappeared. Not to mention the fact that I was just about to start a new Slim Pod and I just wanted something more easily transportable that allows me to have only one ear in at once. I ordered some cheap ones from Amazon for about £10 and thought nothing more of it. 

Until… A few hours later I got an email in response to an ad that I’d replied to a number of weeks before (which I’d clearly forgotten about) telling me that they’d love me to review their in ear headphones. Oh the scramble to get on Amazon and delete my order, for the cheapy pair, before they got dispatched! Of course I could’ve returned the Amazon ones but my goodness I didn’t want the hassle – Thankfully I got there just in time and was able to cancel them and, then, go back to arrange to be sent these intriguing looking headphones by Brainwavz. 

The box is rather beautiful, in of itself, with a matte black finish, a strong build and plenty of information – It’s classy and has a really good quality look to it. The headphones are the S1 model by Brainwavz and are available on (for $54.50) and (for £37.00). There’s a whole host of, really interesting, features about these which, as far as I’m concerned, justify getting them over a much cheaper pair. 
Now I’m not one for lazy blogging but when it comes to the mechanics behind something like earphones I think the best people to explain it are the builders, I really know very little about how headphones are built but I will admit that the explanation in the photo above, and the list of features definitely suggests good things. I love that the ear bud is housed in metal as it’s a quality which makes them feel robust and really rather special (not to mention making them look rather striking). 
I thought I’d share the specifications with you, for those of you who are in to the more technical side of something like headphones. One thing I do know, though, is that copper wiring for audio equipment is very good so I was really pleased to find out that that’s what these were made of. 
The headphones come in a really handy, hard shelled, case which is something that I was very relieved by; I do have a tendency to lose headphones, or for them to break, so this was a definite bonus. I was even more pleased when I opened it up and found the little pouches inside which provides a home for all of the accessories that come with them. 
You can see, in the left pouch, there’s an adaptor which is an aeroplane adaptor – I had no idea that there was a need for adaptors on aeroplanes (you learn something new every day) but I imagine it is something that comes in handy for a lot of people and it saves them picking one up before travel. 
In the right hand pouch is a whole selection of ear buds. There’s 3 sets of grey silicone ear buds (in s, m and l), and then the same in black as well as a pair of bi-flange buds and a set of tri-flange buds. In the little bag is the set of soft memory phone ear buds which is something else I’ve never heard of but I was, absolutely, intrigued to try them out. 
It’s fantastic that there’s so many sets of ends, for these earphones, I know that I tend to lose them a lot and I’m sure I’m not alone in that (though of course it’ll be easier to keep hold of them when they’re safe in the protective case). I’ve tried a few of the ends out, I’m a small in the standard silicone buds, and both the bi-flange and tri-flange buds fit comfortably in my ears. All of the silicone buds had a great sound to them and were good at noise isolation, I’ll definitely be able to make a lot of use of them all. 
I do have to say that my favourites, though, are the memory foam. They feel a little weird, at first, and it takes a bit of time for them to mould to your ears (they do have a tendency to squish out of shape when you put them away, but they always go back to a good shape when you wear them). Once they fit your ears, though, they’re really comfortable and they offer the best noise isolation that I’ve ever experienced – It’s like ear plugs but with music! 
As you can see the earphones, themselves, look rather beautiful with their chrome coloured housing and grey wires – I absolutely love the purple detailing on them, purple is my favourite colour and it looks really attractive on these. The ear piece has a slight bend to it so that they fit perfectly in to the ear. 
The flat cable offers to stop tangling, which I was a little sceptical of, but I was wrong. It doesn’t matter how I wrap these, it only takes a few shakes for them to unravel and be completely tangle free, it’s just fantastic. 
I am in love with the sound quality of these and the bass is just amazing, the noise isolation makes these fantastic for listening to something whilst your other half is listening to something different, or whilst your outside and wanting to block out the noise of traffic. They’ve been fantastic for when I’m listening to my Slim Pod and great for listening with one ear whilst Ethan is otherwise occupied and I want to listen to something separate from him. It’s had me listening to music more, again, and it’s brought to life songs that I’ve not listened to in ages, that sound so so good with these. They are, without a doubt, the best in ear headphones I’ve ever had. I love them and I love that I can chuck the hard case in to any bag and they’ll be safe, and easy to grab whenever they’re needed. 
I was sent these for my consideration for review purposes but all opinions are totally honest and are my own. 


  1. beautyqueenuk April 11, 2015 / 7:38 am

    I think my mister could do with these, especially as he hates other peoples noise x

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