Introducing the Makeup Revolution ‘Pro Go Set’ – Mini brushes, perfect for travel

When I saw these on Instagram I was intrigued, and when they arrived through my post box I was in love – Makeup Revolution have another, new, release and that’s their ‘Pro Go’ set of mini brushes. I love it whenever a Makeup Revolution review item arrives, there’s always so much to love about the products and it’s no different this time.

The set is smaller than I thought, when I first saw the picture, the handles and ferrules together come to around 3 inches. The tiny, wee size is fantastic, though, as these are the ultimate in travel set. More than that, they’re the ultimate in handbag sized – How often do you find yourself taking certain beauty items with you in your handbag because they don’t need brushes? Well, with this kit, there’s no need to do that any more. You can fit this tiny set in to a small handbag sized make up bag, or even straight in to the hand bag itself (in the little plastic wallet they come in) for re-touching your makeup throughout the day or when you’re away for a weekend, just to do the basics. 

Obviously the size means these won’t work as well as a bigger brush, but these are so so nice. The brushes themselves are really, really soft and the bristles seem nice and secure in the ferrules; I’ve not used all of them yet but I’ve stroked them plenty so hairs could easily have come out if they were going to (as has happened with other brands in the past) 
The set comes with (from top to bottom) a mini face brush, a mini foundation brush, a mini angled brush and a mini eyeshadow brush. As I said above, the brushes won’t be as effective as their full sized counterparts, but I think they’re fantastic for something of their diminutive size. The face brush would be great for blush or highlight, the foundation brush would take a long time to do foundation but it’d be possible, and it’d also be fab for concealer. I’ve used the eyeshadow brush and it was lovely for applying shadow, though took some time – It was, obviously, harder to blend shadows with such a simple brush but with a bit of work it actually worked and I was pleased with the result, considering they’re a travel set. The angled brush could  be used for brows (though might be a bit thick if you have really narrow brows) or for blending shadow in to the crease (I haven’t tried it yet, I wanted to do the look with just the shadow brush).

I really like the brushes – You could definitely put together a look with these, and they’d be ideal for lunch time, or after work touch ups. They’re made with synthetic, duo-fibre bristles so you don’t need to worry about animals, they’re totally safe with these. And, don’t forget, the set looks just beautiful too with the standard black and rose gold colouring that you get from Makeup Revolution.

Oh, and what do you need to pay for such a fab little set? Well only £4.95, as it happens, I couldn’t believe how affordable this little set was. I can imagine that these will live in the handbags of many beauty addicts to come.

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I was sent this product for the purpose of review but all opinions are honest and are my own. 


  1. Angela Landskron April 18, 2015 / 6:23 am

    They really do seem perfect for touch ups on the go and the fact that they take up a minimal amount of space in your handbag is awesome!

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