Limited Edition Spring Teas from Bluebird Tea Co – Candyfloss and Hot Cross Bun tea!

I feel really bad that I’m only just posting about this, now, as I’ve had these teas for a good few weeks but I’ve had problems with my sense of smell for quite a while so I didn’t want to trial these until I could smell and taste them properly. Thankfully, though, despite them being limited edition, both of the teas I’ve been sent to review, from Bluebird Tea Co, are available until the end of May so there’s plenty of time for you to check them out. I was sent two amazingly interesting tea concoctions in the form of ‘Candy Floss’ and ‘Hot Cross Bun’.

The teas come packaged in these really simple, but visually appealing, resealable pouches. I love the brown paper look, with the white labels; it’s a great way to store them and I can imagine having a little section to keep a stack of them if you’re a real tea fan.
The first flavour I got is Candy Floss and it’s, definitely, my favourite of the two. As you can see, above, it’s got Chinese white tea, hibiscus, apple, elderberries, rosehip, pineapple, red + blue cornflowers, stevia and strawberry flavour in it and this beautiful, sweet, slightly floral combination comes together beautifully to make a really authentic smelling tea. It Does smell like candy floss.


I also had to photograph the blend as I think it looks just beautiful with the pretty coloured flowers in it – When you steep this is becomes a beautiful pink shade which really made me smile. The flavour of this one is just delicious, it’s light and sweet and tastes really good. You definitely want to have your sense of smell working with this one as the scent really adds to the effect – It’s one of my favourite tea experiences to date. I was worried that I’d notice the stevia as I’m normally quite hyper aware of even natural sweeteners, but in this instance it didn’t bother me at all.
I was sent a 0.02kg pouch, but you can buy them in pouches starting from a sample pouch for £3 which should give you around 10 cups, to a 150g pouch, or tin, which would give you around 100 cups (a tin costs £18 and a re-fill pouch £16.20).


The second tea that I was sent is the Hot Cross Bun – Obviously the plan was to post this before Easter but these things happen and there’s no reason why you can’t indulge in this Hot Cross Bun flavoured treat even after Easter has passed. As you can see, above, this tea has a Rooibos tea in it as well as Ceylon black tea, cinnamon, hibiscus, apple, rosehip, orange peel, lapsang souchong tea, vanilla and cranberry flavour.
I enjoyed this tea but it isn’t something I could drink regularly. It definitely had a taste, and scent, of a hot cross bun, it’s amazing how they build these flavours with the fantastic ingredients. The taste of cinnamon was definitely predominant, with this, whilst the fruity flavours are more of a background hint. I drank this with no milk, as I don’t take milk in my tea, and it had a lovely warming effect, whilst still reminding me of spring.
The pouches of tea all come with instructions on how long they need to be brewed as well as their expiry date which is great as it means all of the info is exactly where you need it to be when you come to make your beverage. I’m off to browse the rest of their site so that I can see if there’s anything else I want to try – They have free delivery over £30, but I don’t think I’m quite ready for that much tea, maybe in the future, though, you never know!

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I was sent these for the purpose of review but all opinions are honest and are my own.

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