Primark Haul – April 2015

So, it’s Primark haul time – I’m so glad I’ve made it to town once a month or so, recently, as I’ve found some real gems in Primark. Here’s hoping I get the chance to go next month too!
I bought a mix of things, some for Ethan and some for me – Azii also picked up a few bits, as you can see above. He bought Ethan a Pez dispenser and re-fills and he got Skye a cute little giraffe toy. 
We were a bit torn with what to get, in terms of the Pez dispenser as they had My Little Pony ones, as well as star wars and Ethan’s favourite things at the moment are Star Wars, MLP, Minecraft and Lego. Darth Vader won out, though, because he’s Darth Vader, Ethan thinks Darth Vader is cool. 
Skye’s giraffe was a much easier decision, she loves giraffes, cats and bunnies, especially stuffed toys of them all and who could possibly have enough stuffed toy giraffes?! He’s a very cute addition to her collection, though – Both the Pez items and the giraffe were £1 each.

Next up is the first of the two tees that I bought for Ethan – We loved Big Hero 6 when we went to see it with friends, and Ethan loved it when he went to see it with my Grandparents so seeing a Big Hero 6 tee in Primark was fab. It’s in a really nice, light fabric which is perfect for the lovely weather we’ve been getting and it was only £5.

You may have noticed the previous mention of Ethan loving lego, above, so this Lego Movie tee was an absolute must have, too, at £6. He loves everything lego at the moment and we all love the movie.

The items for me are next – As well as what I’ve pictured I bought some underwear but I left them out of the photos this time. I was spending what was left of my birthday money from Azii and, thankfully, they had some lovely things to invest in. 
Sensible, first, though, as you can see above I picked up a couple of plain, cotton vests. These were £1.50, I think, and I went for a charcoal colour and a creamy beige colour. I got these because I have a few tees which are a bit too loose, and low, at the front or have see through bits in just the wrong places. These vests will make those tops wearable.

This tee is, possibly, one of my favourite ever t-shirts. It’s a nice, loose fitting design which makes it really comfortable and it’s light weight for the summer. But as well as that, just look how pretty it is! I love the pattern so, so much that I just had to get it. I Think this one was £5.

Azii assures me that we saw this Lion King t-shirt the last time we went in to Primark but that I was ‘sensible’ and didn’t get it. Well no way was that happening again – The Lion King is my favourite Disney and I love this tee. As above it’s a nice, loose fit and light fabric so it’s really comfortable to wear.  I think this was £6, I think.

The last item that I got was a really pretty purse. I was, first, drawn in by the dusky purple shade and then by the pretty butterfly hardware. I love the cut out detail, too and it has more then enough space inside for all the endless amounts of stuff that gets carted around in my purse. This cost £5.

So that’s my latest Primark haul. I still have a number of other posts that I need to catch up on so I’ll do that soon, hopefully. I’m really pleased with my new tablet, and keyboard, too – I sorted out the pictures on my laptop then was able to move over to the tablet to do the writing which is just So much easier to do (Will be even easier when I have a case for my tablet but that’s a whole different story).

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  1. Caroline Cooch April 22, 2015 / 12:09 pm

    Oh I do love a good Primarni haul. Love the Big Hero 6 t-shirt, am going to have to get one of these for my little one

  2. Hunter Rose April 22, 2015 / 7:56 pm

    I love the Lion King T-Shirt! Thank you for sharing this as I now feel the need to go on a small primark spree!

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