The Air Motion Pro hairbrush – Our review

This post isn’t My review, alone, today because it’s for a product that I’ve been using with Ethan. When we were offered an Air Motion Pro hairbrush to trial I instantly cut, in my head, to the images of Ethan shrieking every time I put a brush through those curly, messy locks of his – Instantly I said Yes Please! 

The ‘Air Motion Pro’ hair brush is, without a doubt, the most ‘sciency’ (yes, that is now a word) hair brush that I’ve seen – The frosted packaging has a really sleek look to it and I think it’s a big improvement upon the clear packaging you see for most products like this. 
As you can see there’s a lot of terms used to explain the how and why’s of this brush, it has ‘contour sensitive hair science’, ‘Airshock absorption’, 3 bristle lengths and offers stress free de-tangling. I’m not sure about you but I’d never really pondered the science behind a hair brush, before, but these guys Really have and here’s the thing… it works. 
This is the hair I’m greeted with, most mornings, from the one we call Ethan – It’s not tight, almost ringlets like it used to be but it still definitely has a lot of body and curl to it and it does err on the side of tangling. He does Not like his hair being brushed but he also doesn’t want it cutting off (I don’t want to cut it off, either, but if he wanted to then that’d be his choice) so it’s been a fun game, over the past few years, to try and get him out of the house whilst not looking like a scarecrow! 
Without a doubt the fanciest looking hairbrush I’ve ever owned, the Air Motion Pro is all sleek curves and gentle contours. As you can just tell, from looking at the handle, it bends up a little and the whole thing has a slight angle to it which is really helpful when it comes to using it as it seems to prevent all of those weird twisted positions you need to get in to to reach all of the hair – It, sort of, ‘fits the head’ and the hand. With my health problems I can often get painful hands and this brush feels like an absolute dream to hold, it’s ergonomically sound, to a tee. 
You can get the brush in a bright pink, or in the white that we have – Ethan would’ve been happy with either as he loves pink. It’s definitely been considerably stylised but, for this product, that really works – It screams quality and feels strong and durable. 

And here are those bristles, with their three different lengths – It’s these which are supposed to help get through hair by reaching all of the different depths at the same time. You can also see, just to the bottom of the picture, the little bubbles in the head of the brush; these, quite nicely, represent the shock absorbing qualities of the brush – It has a real lightness to it. 
Obviously, the big question is this… does it work? And that’s a simple one, yes, it does. I was amazed at this brush. We’ve used other brands which are supposed to get through the hair more easily, and they were better than a standard brush, but this is better than that again. When I run it through Ethan’s hair, even on the most tangley of days,  it meets such little resistance and it goes through the areas that are harder with absolute ease. It doesn’t tug on the hair, or yank it, it just gently goes through it – From my point of view it’s an absolute miracle. 
What does Ethan think? Well he’s a sensitive wee soul and he still insists it hurts but then this is the child that got upset because Daddy put a cushion on him the other day… In all honesty it’s so so much better than any other type of brush we’ve used. And although he still winces at every tiny little tug, if I offer to go get the other brush to do it with he instantly protests because he knows How much better this one is. 
The brushes are £11.95, which I don’t think is bad at all. If you, or your little one, struggle with tough tangles then this is an investment which I think you’ll appreciate. They can be bought from the Air Motion Pro shop or sites like Look Fantastic and Beauty Crowd

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  1. Kim Carberry May 11, 2015 / 10:10 am

    I have been using this brush and I love it too….It is by far the best we've ever used!

    • admin May 11, 2015 / 10:15 am

      We used a tangle teaser before and it was good, but this blows it out of the water – Very very impressed

  2. Rachel Marie May 14, 2015 / 2:18 pm

    This sounds so good! I use a tangle teaser at the moment but I definitely need to give this a go!
    Rachel Coco

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