Feels like a long time since I did a Primark haul, but that’d be because it’s been a long time since I’ve been to town – As ever, same reason, health is taking its toll and I’ve been stuck in the house a lot. But more, joyful, blood tests early last week meant we were near town, anyway, so Primark seemed like an obvious choice. 

I didn’t buy much because I’ve bought a few pieces of clothing since I put weight on, to give myself some more comfortable things to wear. But I’m now back to losing a bit of weight and feel like I’m in between sizes a bit. That said, I am loving oversized clothing so going to work from the premise that I’ll keep wearing them when I am back down a size, or at least that’s the hope. 

I bought a few tops, whilst I was in the store, they’re all perfect for summer and the warm weather was my justification, even though it’s now gone. I picked up this white, lace, oversized tee for £4 which was surprisingly cheap. I have a few lace tops but they’re all in the far too small section of my clothing so I was really pleased to find something to replace them with (for now). I plan on wearing this with a colour vest top underneath and with skinny jeans. 

This vest top was a bit of a surprise, when I got it home. I picked it up from a pile right next to some lace trim vests, thinking that this was the same style but a different colour. As such I was a bit disappointed to find that it was plain, but I do really like the colour. Weirdly the colour absolutely refused to show up properly, whatever I did with the camera – It’s a deep purple/red colour with a hint of the cool brown tones that you can see in the pic, who knows why it’s showing up like this. Although the lack of lace was a disappointment, this may be the answer to which vest to wear below the lace top. I got this in a size 12 (everything I bought that day was), though I’m thinking I could have got away with a size 10. It was a rather bargainous £2. 
There was a few patterns which I liked on these basic, short sleeved tees, which were all £3, but I opted for this one as it reminds me of the sort of lovely patterns I love to colour in my colouring books. Again, I probably could’ve got away with this in a size 10, but the problem I’m having is if something isn’t oversized, I struggle even more than normal to get them on and off due to the mobility, so over sized things mean I can wear them, even if they’re a little bigger on the torso than they need to be. This is in a blush pink which is showing up paler here than it is in real life, but I like it a lot. 
To say I needed pyjama trousers would be an, absolute, lie but I did need some pyjama trousers in This fabric. If you know Primark pyjamas you’ll know they do a super light fabric which feels fantastic and is amazingly light weight for the summer, these are made of that. I first bought two pairs back when I was pregnant with Ethan (so they’re over 5 years old), I still wear them but they’re getting pretty old, and worn now. I also have a pair that are cream with a floral pattern and they’re still in nice shape so I thought I’d get these to make up for the plain black and grey pairs that are going to go. These have improved massively since I last bought this type, they have many more beautiful patterns and I absolutely love the antique, cream lace detailing on the pockets (yes, I love pj trousers with pockets!). 
So, a mini haul, but I think I picked up some nice things. There was lots of great items in the store but I was a little worse for wear after the blood tests so I wasn’t in there long. Don’t know what I’d do without Primark, these days, all other stores seem So expensive now, haha!

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I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted about geek tees. I posted, a long time back, about some Disney and Doctor Who mash-up tees which I fell in love with and, then a fantastic Big Bang Theory tee, and had every intention of posting regular posts about my awesome finds. And then I didn’t. Believe it or not I’ve bought a lot of geek tees since then, we buy from sites that tend to do two-four designs a day (sometimes two), and then once they’re gone they’re gone. 
If I have an impressive geek tee collection then Azii has an astronomical one, it’s probably the thing he’s bought most of over the past three years. Lucky him, though, can still wear all of his, a lot of mine are in the size small and I’m not a small any more. I’m a medium, except I’ve taken to wearing a large because my restricted mobility in my arms means that getting something fitted on and off is very, very difficult. 
I need to go through and see which tees I can and can’t still wear and maybe put together a bit of a post of my favourites to share with you some of the finds I’ve had over the years. 
But, as always, I digress. Today I am here to talk to you about geek tees from a particular brand. When I was given the chance to review tees for you… my goodness I couldn’t say ‘Yes Please!’ quick enough! 

Tostadora is a company that doesn’t do one off designs, they do a Lot of designs – Their search feature looks through 142,800 t-shirts whenever you do a search! Their prices are a little more than some of the other sites I use, but when they give so so many options to pick from you can understand why they charge that bit more. Plus they offer free postage if you buy 2 or more items. 
I spent a Lot of time doing searches, on their site, looking at Disney, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and many other fandoms that I subscribe to. I had to stop, after a while, though, as I had too many tabs open, so I decided to try and whittle the ones I’d already found, down to one. 
That didn’t work… Instead I wrote to the company and asked if they’d pick which of the two to send me because I just couldn’t decide. Imagine my surprise when they said they’d like to send me both! I felt very lucky on that day, you can be sure. 
I asked for both of the t-shirts in women’s fit, large, for the reasons I mentioned above. They’re a good sized large and have plenty of room in (I’m a size 12), I could easily have fit a medium but the getting them on and off would’ve been tough so I’m happy to wear them oversized.  

As you can see, in the top picture, the first design of the two is a Big Hero 6 one, the design is called Big Hug and it costs £15.40. I already have a Baymax tee but my goodness I fell in love with this design straight away – I love how cute it is and how it represents the film so well. The transfers feel like good quality and they’ve washed fine. They recommend not tumble trying them, which of course I managed to forget the first time so they got tumbled for about 30 minutes before I took them out to air dry. 

And this is the second design, it’s called ‘Throne of Bones’ and costs £17.10. I Love Lion King and I Love Game of Thrones, so to get a mash-up is just perfect. I’ve seen a number of plays upon the Iron Throne but I’d never seen this design before. I’m really pleased that I’ve ended up with one funny tee and one cute tee, my collection is a balance of the two and it’s nice to have got one of each for the purposes of this post. 
The t-shirts themselves are thinner than I’ve had from other companies but they still feel well made and, to be honest, I’m looking forward to the thinner fabric as the warmer weather sets in. They’ve both washed really well and not lost their shape at all which is always a relief. I’m sorry there’s no pictures of me wearing the t-shirts, I’ve been so incredibly run down recently due to tonsilitus, fibro being bad and various other things, that I’ve just not felt much like getting in front of a camera – I do expect to be doing some shots in the coming weeks, though, and I feel like one of these will be featuring in there so watch this space!
I’m really pleased with my Tostadora tees, though I do think that the discovery of yet another geek tee site could be rather dangerous for Azii and I! Hopefully we’ll manage to be selective but I think they’ll be fantastic for Birthday and Christmas times because it’ll mean being able to search out ones that we specifically like, rather than relying on there being designs on one of the one day sites (Which is why it took months for Azii to get the hoody I bought him at Christmas this year!)

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This post contains press samples – Please see my disclaimer. 

I’m really pleased to be able to take part in a fantastic giveaway that gives all of you the chance to win a fantastic prize. With summer making itself known we all want to be able to have fresh, glowing skin, and one of the most popular ways to get this is by using a facial brush, such as the Magnitone Lucid. 
A group of us have come together to give you the chance to win one of these, and I’m loving it because this is something I’ve been using for the past few weeks and it’s done wonders for my skin. Less breakouts, smoother and brighter looking skin has actually happened for me, and believe me I hadn’t wanted to hope too much when I started using it. It’s, also, rechargeable, it takes 12 hours to charge but lasts for around 2 weeks on that charge – I love that it’s rechargeable as I hate wasting money on batteries in items like this.  
The Magnitone Lucid comes in at an RRP of £69.99, but of course this is a competition, so thanks to the following bloggers, and of course myself, one of you lucky people will be winning one instead!
To be in with a chance of winning just let us know:
What is your best skincare tip?
Good luck!
(The question is the only mandatory entry but all of the others do, of course, give you more chances to win).

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If you’ve already seen my Freedom Makeup first haul post you’ll know I’ve got a number of great products to share with you over the coming week. I decided that I’d show you some more detailed pictures, and some swatches, of the lip products that I picked up in my order as I thought you’d like to see the formulas and the shades.

If you saw my Pro Red Lipstick collection post then you’ll know I really liked the formula of the Freedom Makeup lipsticks but that I wanted some shades which were a little more me. So, in step, ‘Whispers’ and ‘Sooner or Later’ (L-R)
These lipsticks are an astonishing £1 each, so it’s easy to end up finding yourself adding more and more to the basket. I have a scary lip product collection, though, so am very proud of myself for only sticking to two! 
‘Whispers’ is a gorgeous rosy pink shade and it’s just the sort of pink I enjoy to wear, I can’t wear pinks that are too bubble gum, or too barbie pink, but this one is just right. 

This one is ‘Sooner or Later’ which is the perfect nude shade for me. I have a few nudes which are almost concealer coloured and I just can’t wear them, but this pinky nude sort of shade is really flattering on my skin tone. 

And here they, both, are swatched – Same order as a above. ‘Whispers’ is the slightly more pigmented of the two but ‘Sooner or Later’ still has plenty of colour and works really nicely along side the natural tone of your lips. For £1 these are great. 

You might see a, slight, theme with shades in this post. I, really, am trying to push myself to go back to reds and corals, peaches and plums but I keep being drawn to those rose-pinks and pinky nudes, I just can’t seem to help myself! This is so bad that I ended up getting the same shade in the two different lip lacquer formulas because it was the one I liked the most, even though logic would say I should’ve got different shades in each of them, oops!
I really, really, like the packaging of these. There’s something about the simplicity of the white lid and the gold text, it looks really classy and high quality. These are both in the shade ‘D-Ream’ but one is a Butters lip gloss and the other a Melts,
The Pro Butters in ‘D-Ream’ first – As you’d expect this has a lighter, slightly more sheer formula of the two, and the shades actually have a slightly different tone to them but I like both. 

And here’s the swatch – Although it’s slightly sheer there’s no doubting it’s got a great level of pigmentation for something that’s meant to be a buttery formula. I’ve worn this one and was amazed at the way it felt on the lips. I was expecting something glossy and light but, instead, it almost felt like there was nothing on my lips as it dried. I was very, very impressed. These are £3 each. 

This one is ‘D-Ream’ in the Pro Melts Lipgloss formula – As I expected this has a much thicker formula and it goes on much more like a lipstick. I was expecting it to dry matte, but it looks much more like a lipstick. I’ve not worn it for long do don’t know how long it’ll last, just yet.

And here’s the shade, you can see how much denser the shade is for this one and it’s definitely the bolder of the two when worn. I really like both of these formulas. These ones are also £3 each. 
So that’s my lip products, so far. I do look forward to seeing what other lip products they bring out, and I’m sure I’ll be tempted by more shades in the future. I want to wear the lipsticks for a bit longer to see how they hold out, it’ll  be tough to decide which shade I’ll go for. 
Which formula do you think you’d go for? 

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I’m looking out the window and I can’t help but smile, Summer is well and truly breaking through the grey. I never used to be a summer person, hayfever and super pale skin made me want to hide in the house all of the time but, these days, I love the warmth that comes with Summer, the feeling of sunlight on my skin (though I still can’t cope when it gets too hot). I think most of us are, totally, aware of how dangerous that feeling of sun on your skin is, though.
Sun care products are so, so important at this time of year, and when we have such fantastic beauty products that can give us a gorgeous tan rather than risking the sun exposure, it seems crazy to not invest in some products that’ll keep you skin safe. I have some favourite body and facial skin care products, already, so when I was asked to look at beauty products that House of Fraser offer which have sun care in them I couldn’t wait to look in to what cosmetics could give us that extra layer of protection.

One of the obvious beauty products to contain spf are foundations, tinted moisturisers and BB creams but it’s easy to forget about concealers. The eye area, and damaged skin (such as blemishes) are such sensitive places so it makes perfect sense to add even more sun care protection to them and, with some concealers, that’s exactly what you can do.


I hadn’t even thought about concealers, until I started looking at products, so I was thrilled to see that the Mac ‘Studio Finish Concealer’ has an spf of 35!


It’s a thick, high coverage concealer so it’ll help cover up those under eye bags and blemishes, as well as protecting from the sun. It might be a little too thick if you have a dry under eye area but if you pamper your eyes with a good eye cream (maybe one with an spf!) then that’ll help keep the area more suitable for a heavier duty concealer. I do find that most concealers settle in the lines under my eyes but I am trying to remember to use a setting powder and often find that patting product back in helps settle those lines.
It’s not the cheapest concealer on the market but for £15.50 you’re getting a high quality concealer that’ll also protect your skin from the sun!


Lip balm is another product which contains spf and the lips are something we really need to protect as they’re such a sensitive area of the body. This Kiehl’s lip balm is clear and thick, you might not want to wear it under lipstick but it’d be a great base under a lip gloss or if you were having a no makeup day. It feels fantastic on the lips and is really, really moisturising. It doesn’t have the highest spf ever but it has an spf of 4, and every little helps when it comes to these things. This lip balm is £9.50 and you only need the tiniest amount so it should last for ages.
Lastly, I wanted to find a product that adds to the finish of a look, rather than a base product, which had an spf. And in steps the Clinique ‘High Impact Lip Colour’ which has an spf of 15.


I struggled to find online swatches of the shades I liked the sound of, with these, so I had to go by faith in the website’s colour blocks. I went for ‘Honey Blush’ neutral but with the orangey tones that make it spring/summer worthy as well as a slight autumnal feel to it. I know that’s massively contradictory but I feel like this fits all of those seasons.


I’ve never owned a lipstick that’s quite this attractive, and sleek. Just look at that brushed metal tube! It feels amazing in the hands and there’s no doubting the quality, which I think you’d expect for a £17.50 lipstick.


One thing I hadn’t expected, when I picked the lipstick, was that it’d have a really fine glittery/shimmer in it. I have to admit, initially I was concerned. But look at that stunning colour!



As you can see the colour is a fantastic balance between a coral/orange nude and an autumnal orange nude – I think it’s the golden shimmer that gives it that autumnal feel. It’s so so beautiful. You can still see the glitter in the bottom swatch but it’s less obvious than in the tube and, rather than making it look glittery, it gives it a real light.


And here’s some on lip swatches (I’m not wearing any other make up in the photos so please forgive the red splodges and the pores). I used a couple of the photos as one shows the warmer tones and the other shows it in more of a neutral light.
You can see that the shimmer doesn’t show up as shimmer, at all, once on the lips, it just adds a radiance which is stunning. This isn’t a moisturising lipstick and it does take a little work to get it to sit perfectly on the lips but to balance that out this Is a Very long lasting lipstick. This is probably the most long lasting lipstick that I have (that isn’t a stain or a matte), it just stays and stays. I love the shade, I love the longevity and I love that it keeps my lips safe from the sun too!
So, I hope the post has helped you consider some more ‘out of the box’ ideas for sun protection. Skin care is, obviously, the perfect start at keeping your skin safe, foundation and something that covers your whole face is a great second step but there’s other little details, finishing steps, which add an extra layer of protection between you, and the damaging sun.

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This post contains press samples – See disclaimer here.