Birchbox UK – June 2015 – Unboxing / Review

Subscription box time is here again, yay. Birchbox made it here, first, this month and they did so with a rather beautiful box! There was a choice of boxes, this month, and I was very pleased to get the water colour floral box that I had asked for. The box also came with a shoe bag in a matching fabric which is beautiful (It may become home for my camera cleaning kit as the bag for that has just broken)

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Isn’t it beautiful? The other designs were lovely, too, but this one was definitely my favourite. 

First up we have a 5g Model Co ‘Power Lash’ mascara – I have a lot of mascaras so I’m not in any hurry to try this one out, I’ve got it coming out of my ears at the moment. Mascara is nice to get in boxes, though, as it’s good to try out before you buy, being so personal to us all. I can’t, quite, work out the value of this one but Model Co is normally moderately priced, making this a good value sample. 

Another great brand, next, I do love Balance Me so I’m always pleased to get one of their items. Today is the ‘Super Moisturising Body Wash’ in a 100ml tube, which is a very impressive sample size, the full size is 200ml and costs £9 which means this isn’t the most high value sample ever but it’s such a good size that it more than makes up for it. I really want to give this a smell but it’s sealed and I don’t want to break the seal until I’m ready to use it. 

Ren, next, another brand that I’m always pleased to see in boxes. This is a wee 10ml tube but it should be a sample that lasts a good time because, being a serum, you only need to use a few drops at a time. I’m definitely intrigued by this as I’ve normally used their masks before, never used one of their serums. A full size of the ‘Instant Firming Beauty Shot’ costs £36 and is 30ml which makes this a hefty £12 sample!

This is listed as an ‘Extra beauty bonus’ in the Birchbox leaflet, this month (with the patterned bag being a lifestyle bonus) and it’s a rather interesting extra to get. I’ve seen these, beautiful gold temporary tattoos a number of times online but it’s not something I’ve ever considered buying myself. I’m not sure I’m chic and fashionable enough to pull these off (with my geek tees and skinny jeans) but my goodness they are rather beautiful. They can be used on the nails or the skin, I may well try them on both. These, in the leaflet, are worth £7.99.

Perfume sample, next, the Penhaligon’s ‘Iris Prima’ is a nice, soft scent. It’s not one that I’d buy but I can see it appealing to a lot of different people. I know we’re all done with tiny perfume samples in boxes but when there’s so many other items in there I don’t mind at all. 

Lastly we have HIP’s ‘Ultra shine shampoo’ in a 30ml tube. I’m  not a huge fan of shampoos in beauty boxes because it’s hard to judge them without both shampoo and conditioner, but it’ll be nice enough to use and there’s plenty of product in there. The full size of this is 200ml and costs a rather large £15 a bottle. 
There’s a nice range of samples, this month, with most being from well known brands. The sizes of samples is pretty impressive, too, considering the smallest sample is only a third of the size of its full size counterpart (if you ignore the perfume sample). I like the box, I haven’t been blown away because I have samples coming out of my ears at the moment, but as far as boxes go, this is a good one. The sheer amount of things in it is amazing with 5 samples, tattoos and a bag – A good month, I think. 
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    • admin June 5, 2015 / 4:18 pm

      Yeah, I agree with that, sometimes there's a new brand or a surprising one but there's often lots of the same. It's nice when it's, at least, a different Type of product from the same brands though (such as the Ren and Balance me) – I have samples up to my eye balls, haha xx

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