Freedom Makeup – First Thoughts and swatches – Lipsticks, Pro Melts and Pro Butter glosses

If you’ve already seen my Freedom Makeup first haul post you’ll know I’ve got a number of great products to share with you over the coming week. I decided that I’d show you some more detailed pictures, and some swatches, of the lip products that I picked up in my order as I thought you’d like to see the formulas and the shades.

If you saw my Pro Red Lipstick collection post then you’ll know I really liked the formula of the Freedom Makeup lipsticks but that I wanted some shades which were a little more me. So, in step, ‘Whispers’ and ‘Sooner or Later’ (L-R)
These lipsticks are an astonishing £1 each, so it’s easy to end up finding yourself adding more and more to the basket. I have a scary lip product collection, though, so am very proud of myself for only sticking to two! 
‘Whispers’ is a gorgeous rosy pink shade and it’s just the sort of pink I enjoy to wear, I can’t wear pinks that are too bubble gum, or too barbie pink, but this one is just right. 

This one is ‘Sooner or Later’ which is the perfect nude shade for me. I have a few nudes which are almost concealer coloured and I just can’t wear them, but this pinky nude sort of shade is really flattering on my skin tone. 

And here they, both, are swatched – Same order as a above. ‘Whispers’ is the slightly more pigmented of the two but ‘Sooner or Later’ still has plenty of colour and works really nicely along side the natural tone of your lips. For £1 these are great. 

You might see a, slight, theme with shades in this post. I, really, am trying to push myself to go back to reds and corals, peaches and plums but I keep being drawn to those rose-pinks and pinky nudes, I just can’t seem to help myself! This is so bad that I ended up getting the same shade in the two different lip lacquer formulas because it was the one I liked the most, even though logic would say I should’ve got different shades in each of them, oops!
I really, really, like the packaging of these. There’s something about the simplicity of the white lid and the gold text, it looks really classy and high quality. These are both in the shade ‘D-Ream’ but one is a Butters lip gloss and the other a Melts,
The Pro Butters in ‘D-Ream’ first – As you’d expect this has a lighter, slightly more sheer formula of the two, and the shades actually have a slightly different tone to them but I like both. 

And here’s the swatch – Although it’s slightly sheer there’s no doubting it’s got a great level of pigmentation for something that’s meant to be a buttery formula. I’ve worn this one and was amazed at the way it felt on the lips. I was expecting something glossy and light but, instead, it almost felt like there was nothing on my lips as it dried. I was very, very impressed. These are £3 each. 

This one is ‘D-Ream’ in the Pro Melts Lipgloss formula – As I expected this has a much thicker formula and it goes on much more like a lipstick. I was expecting it to dry matte, but it looks much more like a lipstick. I’ve not worn it for long do don’t know how long it’ll last, just yet.

And here’s the shade, you can see how much denser the shade is for this one and it’s definitely the bolder of the two when worn. I really like both of these formulas. These ones are also £3 each. 
So that’s my lip products, so far. I do look forward to seeing what other lip products they bring out, and I’m sure I’ll be tempted by more shades in the future. I want to wear the lipsticks for a bit longer to see how they hold out, it’ll  be tough to decide which shade I’ll go for. 
Which formula do you think you’d go for? 

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  1. beautyqueenuk June 16, 2015 / 2:39 pm

    Ooh now Sooner or Later would be a shade I am more likely to go for, all the time x

    • admin June 16, 2015 / 2:53 pm

      Think I'm going to wear it when we go to the cinema tonight, ok so no one will be able to see me but I'll like it haha xx

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