Gorgeous illuminated mirrors from Pebble Grey*

Pebble Grey (this is a Sponsored post) is a company that sells absolutely gorgeous bathroom items that just scream glamour and sophistication. Their mirrors are just beautiful so imagine how hard it was, for me, to only be able to ask for one of the compacts when I was asked to write about them, and offered a review item as well. I’d Love one of their amazing wall mounted mirrors but we have absolutely nowhere to put one. Thankfully the compact mirrors are fantastic, too, and I’m really, really pleased with mine.

You know you’re getting a good product when it comes in a well made, strong, branded box – I know things like that don’t matter but I dunno, it definitely speaks to a customer when a product comes well packaged.
The little velveteen bag that it comes in has the same effect, and more, really because not only is this great packaging but it’s useful – It keeps the compact safe, of course, but also when you’re feeling around in your bag it’s often hard to find yet another plastic feeling item if you have loads in there (inhaler, hand sanitiser etc, lots of smooth plastic objects) but this soft bag with strings attached is so much easier to grab hold of when you can’t see in to the depths of your bag.


The same beautiful font of the logo appears on the top of the compact. It’s got a nice, rounded outside but the rectangular shape works really well to give you more surface area than you’d get with a smaller, round mirror, and also it works really well when you see it with the lights inside.


And just look at that. The bottom half of the mirror is just a plane, rectangular surface, but the top half opens up to these beautiful little LED’s – Doesn’t that just look like a miniature dressing room mirror? And, because it’s LEDs the light that is produced is bright and very white, fantastic for doing your makeup.

There’s loads of reasons you might want one of these, if you go on a lot of nights out then it’s ideal (I remember back when I used to have nights out, all crowding around one mirror in a hall way because it had Some light but not much), no more squinting in to a dark mirror with strangers either side. With this you can hide away in a corner and sort yourself out with ease. But it’s not just that, this is great if you’re in the habit of lighting your room softly in the evening but want to do a touch up, or how about in the evening, when you’ve just got a lamp on because you’re about to get in to bed and then you realise you’ve not removed your makeup? With this you don’t need to go put the light back on, grab your micellar water or whatever other cleanser and get to it because this little compact gives you a fantastic amount of light (can you tell this happens to me a lot?).

It comes with batteries, which are replaceable, and it’s well made. This is a great little item for beauty addicts, and if you have a loved one and are struggling for a gift for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas then this could be ideal. The mirrors are £24.99 (but currently £19.99 on 3rd June) so they aren’t cheap but with the good quality LED light you’d have to expect to pay a bit more.

Now I just have to stop wishing I had one of the beautiful wall mounted ones, too, we have no wall space, none!

*This is a sponsored post and contains a press sample – Please see my disclaimer for more details.

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  1. Caroline Bartholomew June 3, 2015 / 1:10 pm

    lovely post and omg loving the blog too, this mirror is cute love the bag it comes in.
    the mirror is abit like the one I have from flo accessories.
    cant wait to see more of your posts very soon.

    caroline x

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