My gentle attempts at weight loss in 2015

This post has been on the back-burner for a while, now, as I’ve had a few attempts to lose some weight but it’s felt, somewhat, impossible due to some of the medication I was on. As such, now that I’m not able to take that medication anymore, I feel like I can talk more confidently about my weight loss because I have, actually, lost some weight! 

I’ve tried a few different things; I’m somewhat limited in what I can attempt due to our home set-up and needing to feed more than just myself, plus the exercise that I can do is very limited by my reduced mobility. As such I wanted to share some of my attempts with you, and explain what they are, how they work and my thoughts on them. 

Firstly I want to mention 5:2 diets. I’ve heard a lot about them, I know a lot of people who succeed with them and a lot that don’t (which is a recurring theme with ‘dieting’ because we’re all so different). A 5:2 diet means eating healthily, within the normal daily calorie limit, 5 days a week and then reducing your calories down to 500 a day for two days a week. I didn’t do too well with this method because I suffer from low blood sugar levels, and because the medication I was on gave me hunger pangs so strong that I was in so much pain it made me miserable. But this is a system I’d like to try again in the future because, now that my appetite is better, I feel like I might have a chance.

As well as doing a 5:2 diet by researching low calorie meals/snacks for your 500 calorie day you can take part in a system, such as Saints & Slimmers, in which you are using their meal replacement products to get you through your two fasting days. I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to stick with the S&S because, it seems, my mild intolerance to dairy has become oh so much stronger and, so, I felt very poorly after using them. But I was impressed with how interesting they made the products and how filling they were, considering you were eating so little, so this sort of plan may well work for someone who’s not too adventurous in the kitchen, or if you have a family you’re already cooking for and you don’t want to cook something separate for yourself on your fasting days. I wish I’d been able to keep up with it! 
Another method of weight loss, which can be very gentle is teatoxes. You may know that I’ve done a couple of these, in the past, and really enjoyed how they help with bloating and digestion – They’ve never made me shed pounds and pounds but then I’ve been eating normally and not able to exercise like mad, so they were hardly going to. They’re a great way of adding something to your daily routine, though, that reduces bloating and helps make you Feel much better. There’s two types of teatoxes, some will have an evening tea that may have some laxative effects (such as the Slimming Solutions one below) or there’s some which don’t have that (the laxative effects are only supposed to last for a few days, though, and help cleanse the system). 
My last method, which I’ll be writing a bigger post on in the future, is very different from all other weight loss ideas – It’s not a diet, but goes a lot deeper than that. It’s called ‘Thinking Slimmer’ in which you listen to a recording every day which helps you to change the way you think, and feel, about food. I’ve done a Thinking Slimmer programme, before, to help me get in to my wedding dress, and it worked, so when I found out they were looking for more people to work with on a general weight loss programme I wanted to get involved. 
The Slimpod, which you listen to, is something which slips easily in to your life and becomes enjoyable to listen to as you can, before long, start to drift off to sleep with it. As well as being easy, it definitely works for a good number of people. Some of the people in my test group have had amazing success, and some of us have had slower success but since my medication changed I’ve noticed a real improvement. I definitely want to write in more detail about the slim pods, with Thinking Slimmer, but I want to wait a bit longer because the changes have only just begun becoming more apparent thanks to the medication changes. 
I’ve not lost tonnes of weight, but I have made some good steps. I’m starting to feel a bit more like myself when I look in to the mirror and a lot less unhappy with the way I am. I feel like if I carry on with the Slim pod, and maybe do another teatox, whilst continuing with the smaller portions, there may be hope yet! 
Slow and steady is my goal, I don’t want to lose too much weight but I do want to feel better and I want to be able to maintain any success that I have. 
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